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Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Microsoft's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1997 title, "Microsoft Flight Simulator 98" (PC).

The company has been involved titles released on the Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, Power Mac, Xbox, Gizmondo, Game Boy Color, C64 and Apple II. Of these, "Age of Empires III" (PC), "Age Of Empires Gold Edition" (PC), "Project Gotham Racing 2" (Xbox), "Halo 2" (Xbox), "Forza Motorsport" (Xbox) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2016 release "Minecraft" (Xbox One).

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Linkpost: Strike Fear with the Shinobi Sleep Mask News

Plus; Dictator sues Activision, old Batman does new Batman game, tamper-free Rapture

16 Jul 2014

Microsoft Shuts Ouya Game Server News

Chess 2 The Sequel taken out of the game via court order

03 Jul 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Guns Beat Fists News

Sniping violence beats kicking and punching violence in UK video game charts

30 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: UFC Dogs Ubisoft News

Watch_Dogs gets a proper kicking from EA's kicking and punching game...

23 Jun 2014

PS4 Beating Xbox One Again in the USA News

Console hardware sales stats are in from the USA and Sony is in the lead.

17 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Watch Dogs Bite FIFA News

The World Cup in Brazil still can't kick FIFA 14 to the top of the Chart-Track Charts

16 Jun 2014

Sony Claims Xbox and Wii Owners Switching to PS4 News

Sony quotes research to back up its claims.

13 Jun 2014

On Film: The Master Chief Collection News

Let's see how this repackaging of some old favourites comes together.

12 Jun 2014

E3 Live: Microsoft's Xbox Event News

Let's all hope it's as exciting as last years!

09 Jun 2014

Sony Winning Console War News

First time in nearly a decade sees Sony topping hardware sales

09 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Nintendo's Huge Boost! News

Ubisoft triumphs ahead of Mario Kart 8 but Nintendo reaps huge rewards

02 Jun 2014

Microsoft Not Selling Xbox Division News

Vote of confidence from the board into the Xbox Division

28 May 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Nazi Death Squad News

Wolfenstein manages to dislodge EA's grip on the charts

27 May 2014

Kinect-Free Xbox One Selling Well News

Gamestop announces that its doing well with console sales

23 May 2014

The Xbox One Designer and Building In Kinect News

Also a rather tired Mountain Dew and Doritos reference from Microsoft

22 May 2014

Xbox One Update: External Storage and More News

June update for the Microsoft system incoming - see more here

21 May 2014

Official: Halo 5: Guardians Hitting Xbox One in 2015 News

But there's something coming in 2014, too

16 May 2014

PS4 Outselling Xbox One Despite Titanfall Success News

Xbox/PC title still can't bring the Xbox One into contention Stateside.

16 May 2014

Microsoft's Amazing Kinect Claim News

"in five years, we will laugh at any computing device you can’t walk up to and talk to..."

15 May 2014

Xbox Gold Members Offered Refund News

Users of video apps such as Netflix can claim back

14 May 2014

Kinect-Free Xbox One Announced News

Microsoft bows to demand and offers a no-Kinect alternative

13 May 2014

Xbox Gold Dropped for Media Streaming News

Several reports confirm Microsoft's plan to make the Xbox brand a genuine media steaming wonder

13 May 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Titanfall Rises Again News

Despite a week-on-week fall in sales, EA's shooter hit #1

12 May 2014

Xbox One Update Tweaks Party Chat News

Changes update feature

12 May 2014

Microsoft E3 2014 Keynote to Stream Live News

Can't make it to L.A.? Don't you worry

06 May 2014

Bill Gates Would Support Microsoft Xbox Sell-Off News

But Microsoft claims he is mistaken

06 May 2014

Xbox One Prepares for HUGE Sales Rise News

China opens up to Microsoft and the race is on for first mover

30 Apr 2014

Xbox Originals: Microsoft Barges Games Aside News

At long, long last the truth of the Xbox as the Trojan Horse in your living room becomes clear

28 Apr 2014

Microsoft Spins Xbox 360 Sales over Slow Xbox One News

"Xbox 360 sales exceeded our expectations this quarter..."

25 Apr 2014

Xbox One Landing in Japan News

At long last, Microsoft names the date

23 Apr 2014

Xbox One Update is Go! News

Friend sign-in notifications abound

15 Apr 2014

Xbox One Price Slashed by ASDA News

TitanFall bundle reduced

11 Apr 2014

More Xbox One Update Details News

Video output, controllers, headsets all affected

08 Apr 2014

Xbox and Channel 4 Team Up for Sci Fi Drama Series Humans News

Adapts Swedish drama for simultaneous US/UK launch

07 Apr 2014

Video: The 5 Year Old Who Cracked Xbox Live Security News

And his dad works in computer security

04 Apr 2014

Microsoft: PlayStation Has Not Won! News

Phil Spencer refuses to answer a simple question

03 Apr 2014

Xbox Division Gets Taken Over by Spencer News

Gets a bit of a re-shuffle

01 Apr 2014

Microsoft Makes Xbox Live Reputations Count News

Microsoft wants to help you with your reputation

27 Mar 2014

Indie Games - Microsoft's Honesty Deal News

Phil Spencer opens up regarding that Day One Parity clause

25 Mar 2014

TitanFall Xbox One Price Cut News

Microsoft in the USA officially cuts the price of the Titanfall bundle

25 Mar 2014

Xbox One - Japanese Studio Exclusive News

Phil Spencer gets massively over-excited

24 Mar 2014

Internet Abuse: Just Deal with It News

The designer who said, "F*ck Halo" speaks out

24 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - PS4 Exclusive Wins News

Titanfall is toppled from the #1 Spot

24 Mar 2014

Phil Harrison: How Xbox One will Win News

Microsoft man lays out the future in the face of 'harsh' questioning.

21 Mar 2014

UK: Xbox One has Outsold PS4 News

PS4 maintaining a lead but the sales spike for Microsoft occurred pre-Titanfall

21 Mar 2014

Microsoft Game Builder Open to All News

Project Spark comes to all Xbox One owners.

18 Mar 2014

Xbox One Loses Another Leader News

Xbox’s chief product officer jumps ship...

18 Mar 2014

Huge Boost to Xbox One Sales News

96% boost in sales for Microsoft's console

17 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - TitanFall Lands News

Dark Souls II can't make it to #1...

17 Mar 2014

UK Game Charts - South Park Rules News

Thief is banged up...

10 Mar 2014

Now Update Your Xbox One Controller News

Well, do so if you want to make the most of your lovely new stereo headset

07 Mar 2014

Xbox Live for Android and Apple News

Microsoft wants to extend its reach to mobile beyond Windows

05 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Stolen News

Thief takes the top spot from LEGO

03 Mar 2014

British Spies Studied Kinect News

GCHQ looked at the Microsoft Xbox add-on for mass observation

28 Feb 2014

Xbox One March Update - TV Fix News

Lots of party chat stuff too.. but mostly your TV will display properly

28 Feb 2014

More Halo News at E3 2014 News

We bet its going to be a LEGO Halo Movie

28 Feb 2014

Japan: Wii U Passes Xbox 360 Lifetime Sales News

But PS4 rules the Japanese roost on launch week

26 Feb 2014

Full Twitch Comes to Xbox One News

Update to bring game capture via third-party to Xbox One and Kinnect

25 Feb 2014

Xbox Gets New Boss News

Microsoft appoints ex-Nokia man as head of Devices Division

25 Feb 2014

Microsoft: Forget Pixels and Polygon Counts News

But Xbox One fully supports 1080p at 60 frames-per-second

24 Feb 2014

Official: Xbox One Price Slashed News

Sub-£400 Xbox One and TitanFall bundle is confirmed

24 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Everything is Awesome News

LEGO movie tie-on remains on top of an illusion of choice.

24 Feb 2014

Xbox One TV Remote Outed News

Even more television watching plans for your Xbox.

20 Feb 2014

Microsoft Rejected PS4 Exclusive News

Rime and yet also reason from Microsoft

20 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 14 Broken by LEGO News

The Lego Movie Videogame has shaken up the Top 20 of the UK video game charts

17 Feb 2014

PS4 Murdering Xbox One in North America News

NPD stats are in and the PS4 is ruling the USA!

14 Feb 2014

Microsoft "Metacritic is a Complicated Topic" News

Game was "a showcase experience that demonstrated the new visual fidelity and capabilities of the system..."

14 Feb 2014

No Halo 5 This Year, But Maybe Some Halo 2 Anniversary Action News

The voice of the Chief speaks

14 Feb 2014

Microsoft's Xbox Europe Head Resigns News

Chris Lewis leaving Microsoft - shares must have vested or making way for a new broom?

13 Feb 2014

Microsoft Points Dead on March 1st News

Yes, finally here... only currency to be used.

13 Feb 2014

Xbox Entertainment to Make Rapper Life Story TV Show News

New series to be 'broadcast' via your game's about Nas

12 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts - FIFA's Back News

10 weeks at the #1 spot for the footy title

10 Feb 2014

Amazon's Game Console Launch More Likely News

Killer Instinct Developer Double Helix Games Bought By Amazon

06 Feb 2014

Microsoft's Xbox One Update Flagged Up News

Marc Whitten makes a statement about how great the Xbox One is.

05 Feb 2014

New Microsoft CEO Named and Bill Gates Takes Hand-On Role News

He joined the company because "because he saw how clearly Microsoft empowers people to do magical things and ultimately make the world a better place"...

04 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA Tackled by Lara Croft News

At last! A reboot unseats a sequel from the Number 1 spot.

03 Feb 2014

Killer Instinct Gets Fresh Update - Introducing 'Jail' News

Update notes! Get your update notes here

31 Jan 2014

Sony Claims PS4 is Outselling Xbox One by Big Margin News

Fanboys... start your engines

30 Jan 2014

Microsoft's 1TB White and Disc-Free Xbox Ones News

Time for Microsoft to really get those leaks out there

30 Jan 2014

New Gears of War: 'Emotional Engagement' and Multi-Screen News

Black Tusk Studio tasked with really pepping up that bromancing.

28 Jan 2014

Microsoft Buys Gears of War Outright News

Lets Epic move on and Microsoft reap rewards

27 Jan 2014

Microsoft Shipped 3.9 Million Xbox Ones in 2013 News

Reports 'record' profits

24 Jan 2014

Xbox One in Machinima Cash-for-Comment Furore News

Microsoft enticing Youtubers with cash for Xbox One mentions

21 Jan 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Still FIFA 14 News

Post-Xmas torpor means no real changes in the games charts

21 Jan 2014

Microsoft: No Plans for a Halo Movie News

No Ridley Scott, then

14 Jan 2014

Project Spark Beta Could Be Coming In February News

It could also... not be coming in February

10 Jan 2014

WWE Streaming Service Announced For Xbox and PlayStation News

Allows users to stream both live shows, and archived content

09 Jan 2014

First Big Xbox One Update to Fix Social Features News

Game streaming further off

09 Jan 2014

Xbox One - Sales Figures Announced News

Microsoft not unhappy with the performance of its entertainment centre - erm, games machine.

06 Jan 2014

"Xbox One is a Gateway For Porn" Says Porn King News

'Xbone' doesn't live up to it's abbreviation *snigger*

03 Jan 2014

Microsoft Wanted a Disc-Free Xbox One News

Microsoft considered scrapping the optical disc drive altogether

03 Jan 2014

PS4 166k Consoles Ahead of Xbox One in UK News

But physical game sales down

02 Jan 2014

Last UK Video Game Charts of 2013 News

Does bang! Bang! Pew! Wooosh! beat "I say ref!"?

30 Dec 2013

Xbox Moves into Content Creation with an Atari Documentary News

We knew Microsoft needs content for its devices .... so it's started making some and Xbox is at the forefront

19 Dec 2013

OnFilm: Xbox One DRM Screws Killer Instinct News

Not just that... it does it during a pro qualifying tournament

18 Dec 2013

First Xbox One Indie Games Date Hinted News

Early next year announced with a three month window

17 Dec 2013

Xbox Original Programming to Kick off in Early 2014 News

Hollywood unsure of model

16 Dec 2013

Forza 5 - Microsoft Changes the Economy News

Major Update to the Xbox One racing game rings the cha-ching changes

13 Dec 2013

Microsoft's Indie Man Refuses to Answer Parity Question News

Chris Charla stonewalls on simple Xbox One indie question

12 Dec 2013

Fable Anniversary Rehash Dated News

There are new costume packs and, erm, better graphics

12 Dec 2013

Microsoft's Xbox One: 2 Million Sold in 18 Days News

Official announcement of Xbox One sales figures goes big - and it has a better online than PS4

11 Dec 2013

Steve Ballmer: Xbox "My Decision, My Accountability" News

As Microsoft CEO leaves so does the impetus behind Xbox

11 Dec 2013

Xbox One Update - Multiplayer 'Issues' Dealt With News

Big update for Xbox One coming down the line to your console

11 Dec 2013

Microsoft Hikes Prices of Xbox One Games Pre-Xmas News

Twas the weeks before Xmas and Microsoft did this!

11 Dec 2013

PS4 Sales Walloping Xbox One in the USA says Pachter News

Analyst Michael Pachter gets his figures out

09 Dec 2013

NSA Using Xbox Live and World of Warcraft to Spy on Gamers News

Documents from Edward Snowden horde reveal extent that gamers are being snooped on

09 Dec 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Gran Turismo 6 Crashes News

Sony's PS3-only title has a terrible opening

09 Dec 2013

Microsoft Tightening Security Against Government Snooping News

Xbox One to get security boost as a consequence

06 Dec 2013

Easy to Use Xbox One Get Video to Show You It's Easy to Use It Is News

Xbox One trying to make your Xbox one experience more Xboxier

05 Dec 2013

Microsoft Xbox One Yells 'Record Breaker' Too News

The war between Xbox One and PS4 gets even sillier

04 Dec 2013

Develop Mode Could Kill Your Xbox One News

Problems arising for bedroom devs as Microsoft admits to faults

03 Dec 2013

Xbox One Loses to PS4 as UK's Fastest Ever Seller News

First shots fired in console war sees Sony taking the high ground

02 Dec 2013

Want to See What PS4 Pack the VIPs Got News

Also - who got PS4 and who got Xbox One?

29 Nov 2013

Launch Madness: Sony Positions PS4 as Soft Porn Model News

And Microsoft says 'Congratulations on launch'

29 Nov 2013

Microsoft Issues 'Swearing Bans' to Xbox One Users News

WTF as nice language attempts to make the world a better place by removing 'privileges' from Xbox One owners

27 Nov 2013

Free Game for Owners of Faulty Xbox Ones News

The few faulty Xbox Ones that are out in the wild are to be replaced in the USA

26 Nov 2013

PS4 Users Charged Nearly £60 for EA Digital Downloads News

Xbox One owners pay £5 less

26 Nov 2013

Xbox One TV Integration's Joyless Judder News

But there is a fix in place for Xbox One TV fans.

26 Nov 2013

Xbox One Snagged by Launch Fault News

Reports suggest disc drive is failure-prone

25 Nov 2013

Watch Out Microsoft! Apple Now Owns Kinect Maker News

Details of the deal finally released to the world as Apple now owns a major player in Xbox One success

25 Nov 2013

Microsoft Xbox One Equals PS4 Sales Number News

Amazing one million sale conincidence

25 Nov 2013

Microsoft Xbox One Kills KSI Connection News

Controversial Youtube "personality" came as a surprise to Microsoft Management

23 Nov 2013

Foul! EA Admits to FIFA 14 Next Gen Console Bugs News

The teeniest pong of 'rush job' takes over from the yell of 'Rush Goalie!"

22 Nov 2013

In Pictures: Microsoft Xbox One Launch "Setup a Bit Misleading" News

Our man on the spot reports back from the Big Apple

21 Nov 2013

Phil Harrison's Bloody Xbox One BBC Interview News

And who owns the biometric data you give to Xbox One? Is it the NSA?

21 Nov 2013

Let's Unbox an Xbox One News

Simply put, we had our review hardware and some launch titles for Xbox One delivered today.

20 Nov 2013

Xbox One - Kinect Game Save Problem Arises News

Reviews of the hardware beginning to show some cracks

20 Nov 2013

Xbox One Controller Cost $100 Million News

The damned thing also pongs a bit... which is apt

19 Nov 2013

Watch Southpark: PS4 vs Xbox One - Get some Perspective News

It's all a big laugh to some people who get theirs for free yo

14 Nov 2013

Calls Mount for Microsoft to Sell Off Xbox Business News

Paul Allen now taking against the business

13 Nov 2013

Microsoft Xbox One - an Apology News

We're very sorry to have be snarky about a thing that the new console can't do...

13 Nov 2013

PS4 to Outsell Xbox One by Millions says Analyst News

Analyst sees all and tells all

12 Nov 2013

Xbox One Native 1080p Games Get Addition News

Graphics addicts cheer and yell, more pixel perfection is coming your way

12 Nov 2013

No 3D Blu-ray for Xbox One News

Well not at launch anyway

11 Nov 2013

No Xbox One Backwards Compatibility and Microsoft Sony Can Do PS4's Either News

No backwards compatibility for you!

11 Nov 2013

Possible New Microsoft CEO Could Sell Off Xbox News

Microsoft needs new ideas, but this shouldn't be one of them

08 Nov 2013

Microsoft Should Spin Out of Cash Bleeding Xbox News

Microsoft losing $2.5 billion on Skype, Xbox, and Windows Phone

07 Nov 2013

Microsoft: Xbox One Will Start Ahead and Stay Ahead News

Microsoft man slaps Sony and goes jargon kerrrrazy

07 Nov 2013

Xbox One Cloud Updates Could Break Your Session News

Beware of automated updating says Microsoft exec

06 Nov 2013

Truth Break: PS4 and Xbox One Overheating News

Rumours of high heat next gen consoles are already leaking out. But are they true?

06 Nov 2013

Xbox One - Three Power States - One Planet Killer? News

And stand-by for more info...

04 Nov 2013

Next Gears Of War 'May Not Be Made By Epic' News

Microsoft talks about Gears Of War on Xbox One

01 Nov 2013

Xbox One: Players 'Should not Expect any Level of Privacy' When Communicating In-Game News

Microsoft outlines Xbox One Kinect privacy settings

01 Nov 2013

Xbox One Goes On Tour News

And you can go with it!

31 Oct 2013

GAME Offers "Fast Lane" To Your Next-Gen Console News

Jump the queue on launch night

30 Oct 2013

PS4 and Xbox One to Sell 10 Million at Launch says EA News

So says EAs Chief Operations Officer

30 Oct 2013

Xbox Live Using Your Third-Party Online Account Info News

New Xbox Live terms of use updated compares and contrasts... for your safety.

29 Oct 2013

Microsoft Gaming Hires Jonathan Ross News

Aiming for that... erm... Saturday night chat show demographic

29 Oct 2013

Sony PS4 Controller Works with Enemy Xbox 360 News

At least this video you're about to see asserts that DualShock 4 works with Xbox 360

28 Oct 2013

Xbox One Multitask Video - NeoGaf Comments Cut News

A new video showing Xbox One's media playing focus snubs NeoGaf and N4G

28 Oct 2013

Xbox One Advert Is Inviting Nibble

25 Oct 2013

Colour-Coded Xbox One Achievements News

Players choose their own colour

23 Oct 2013

Xbox One Auto Records FIFA 14 - PS4 Does Not News

Key moments from EA's soccer game are automatically saved by one console...

23 Oct 2013

Xbox Helps Stop Real Locust Plagues News

Kinect helps kill insect nightmare in Africa

22 Oct 2013

Video: Microsoft Shows Off Xbox One Friends App News

Or: 'how you can become an Xbox celeb'

14 Oct 2013

Caught on Film: Forza 5 Gets a New Stig News

Top Gear plays up its videogaming cred in new Forza / Xbox One film featuring Digital Stig.

11 Oct 2013

Xbox One Will Sell More than PS4 says UK Retail News

John Lewis more comfortable with Microsoft than Sony

10 Oct 2013

Cross Platform PC - Xbox One Play on the Cards News

Microsoft's Phil Spencer tips the wink down under

09 Oct 2013

Major Nelson - Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox One News

Larry hints at more inputs for the new console

09 Oct 2013

Microsoft Firefighting NuAd Xbox One Blunder News

Advertising called NuAds reporting loads of data back from Xbox One.

07 Oct 2013

Microsoft Calling in the Xbox One Unboxing Vid News

The son of a Microsoft exec drops his parent in it...

07 Oct 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Viva FIFA 14 News

More new entries than you can shake a stick at

07 Oct 2013

Caught on Film: Xbox One Kinect ... Braiiiiiiins News

Microsoft going big style on the much unloved Kinect

03 Oct 2013

PS4 Set to Outsell Xbox One News

So says the International Data Corporation

02 Oct 2013

Xbox One Day One Patch is HUGE News

Microsoft fesses up to the fact that they forgot to pack a few things...

01 Oct 2013

Xbox One Tour Hitting London Just in Time for Launch News

Live music and ID checks promised

30 Sep 2013

China to Lift Games Console Ban News

Shanghai free trade zone opens the territory

27 Sep 2013

Xbox Fitness Announced as an Ongoing Service News

Free for the first year

27 Sep 2013

No Single-Player Save Ports for Xbox One or PS4 News

Multiplayer carry-over only for Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4

27 Sep 2013

Xbox One Video Capture Only Shareable On XBL News

At least until 2014 it is

23 Sep 2013

Xbone Vertical Orientation - "Do It At Your Own Risk" News

"We just didn't design the drive for vertical"

20 Sep 2013

Gears of War for Xbox One News

Microsoft wants to bring the ancient series to the new console

18 Sep 2013

Tokyo: Microsoft Confirms 2014 for Xbox One News

Japan getting it late - details to follow

17 Sep 2013

UK Video Game Chart - Hold Your Breath News

As Saints Row holds on - the GTA V storm is about to break

16 Sep 2013

Xbox Halo AI to Rival Apple's Siri News

Named after Master Chief's own "Cortana"

13 Sep 2013

Why Does Microsoft Encourage Indie Games? News

Just in case you thought it was something to do with creativity

11 Sep 2013

Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show is Low News

As apposed to Sony's massive 19 titles

11 Sep 2013

UK Video Game Charts - The GTA V Effect News

Farming Simulator joins other new releases in the last week before GTA V releases

09 Sep 2013

Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Launch Date - Video Here News

Misses PS4 in the USA by going after it. Launches on 8th Anniversary of Xbox 360 launch

04 Sep 2013

Microsoft - 100 New Xbox 360 Games to Come News

And three years more support

04 Sep 2013

Xbox One November Launch Day Confirmed Today News

Big week for Microsoft could see console launch date announced today at 2pm

04 Sep 2013

Microsoft: "Most People" who Hate Kinect Haven't Used It News

So, that's the problem with Kinect - it's your fault.

04 Sep 2013

Xbox One Reputation System Won't Carry Xbox 360 Data News

But it's not quite a fresh start

03 Sep 2013

Microsoft Buys Nokia For £4.6 billion News

Deal brings 32,000 new staff

03 Sep 2013

Xbox One Connects to Eight Controllers at Once News

Plus: range revealed

03 Sep 2013

Now Only Xbox One Day One Editions Get Free FIFA 14 News

Microsoft changes plans

02 Sep 2013

Xbox One Probably Won't Get Illumiroom News

"For an average customer it's thousands of dollars [for the set up]."

02 Sep 2013

Minecraft Goes All Mass Effect-y - Video and Screens Here News

Coming September 4th for $3.99

02 Sep 2013

'Late' November for Xbox One Launch? News

Doritos and Mountain Dew say yes

02 Sep 2013

Farewell Xbox Live Marketplace News

As the new console comes along, so the marketplace changes

30 Aug 2013

Xbox One Voice Chat Gets Skypey News

Let's compare and contrast the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One

30 Aug 2013

The Xbox One Day One Edition is Available Again at GAME News

GAME has magicked up new stock

29 Aug 2013

Xbox One Delays in Europe not a Volume Problem News

Some areas are just too local

28 Aug 2013

Xbox One: Major UK Retailer Stops Day One Pre-Orders News

Also no guarantees on day one standard edition

28 Aug 2013

Have 2 Million New Xbox Live Members Joined Since April? News

Confusion of figures indicates either huge growth or major problems with counting inside Microsoft

28 Aug 2013

Xbox One - Let's See It Unboxed Here News

Not just a black box?

28 Aug 2013

Rumour: Microsoft Employees Getting White Xbox One News

Will it be available to the rest of us?

27 Aug 2013

Xbox One US Launch Date Leaked? News

Aims to trump the PS4

27 Aug 2013

Steve Ballmer Quitting Microsoft News

CEO to skip the ship sometime in the next 12 months

23 Aug 2013

Microsoft Harrison Hints at New Xbox One Launch Window News

"Marketing reasons" for no launch date announcement

21 Aug 2013

Microsoft's Xbox One Launch Titles Nailed News

Here's the full list of Xbox One launch titles

20 Aug 2013

Microsoft Clarifies Xbox One 'Self Publishing' News

Phil Harrison does the spin... you listen

20 Aug 2013

Microsoft Gets Mojang's Next Game News

Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360 are all about the Indie love

20 Aug 2013

Pictured: Microsoft at gamescom 2014 News

Microsoft kicks of gamescom with FIFA, self-publishing and more

20 Aug 2013

Microsoft Games for Windows Live Death Sentence Confirmed News

It then rushes to unconfirm it

20 Aug 2013

FIFA 14 Bundled Free with Xbox One News

Rumour has it that Microsoft and EA are teaming up for an exclusive launch deal

20 Aug 2013

Cologne gamescom 2013 the Calendar News

When to expect what from the era ending video games conference

20 Aug 2013

Xbox One Video Claims 'The Best Exclusives' News

New Gen Console Wars hot up

19 Aug 2013

UK Video Game Chart - Pay Day for Minecraft News

505 Games comes in big...

19 Aug 2013

Microsoft Proving a Small Point with Xbox One Picture News

Just how much space would you need for Kinect 2

16 Aug 2013

No Microsoft PC Games Marketplace for You! News

Microsoft hires Steam man and closes Games for Windows Marketplace.

15 Aug 2013

Rumour: Microsoft Resurrecting Blake's 7 for Xbox Live News

Musty IP gets new lease of life

15 Aug 2013

There is 100% No Chance of Kinect Free Xbox One News

Major Nelson himself has made the point.

15 Aug 2013

Xbox One Season Pass Guarantee Rolls Over 360 DLC News

Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts involved

15 Aug 2013

Former Steam Leader Moves to Microsoft News

Jason Holtman takes his magic touch to the competition

15 Aug 2013

Microsoft's Xbox One Delayed Until 2014 News

Eight European markets face delays on the new console

15 Aug 2013

Xbox One Controller to Go PC News

Microsoft expanding its controller user-base in 2014

14 Aug 2013

No Plans for a Kinect-Free Xbox One Confirmed News

You can, however, turn the peripheral off

13 Aug 2013

Peter Molyneux Talks Sense About Online News

Online is inevitable but its doesn't have to be rubbish

12 Aug 2013

GamesCom Announces Microsoft's Spencer to Keynote News

Xbox One man gets to open the carnival

12 Aug 2013

The UK Videogames Charts: Minecraft is Still Dug in News

FIFA 13 pushing up behind it

12 Aug 2013

Xbox One: An Unboxing News

Major Nelson talks us through it

08 Aug 2013

UK Video Games Chart: So Long Pikmin News

Minecraft maintains its top spot

05 Aug 2013

PS3 vs Xbox One: All the Launch Titles News

Video describes the console battles ahead

02 Aug 2013

Microsoft Confirms Current Headsets for Xbox One Use News

You will need an accessory - as yet unpriced

31 Jul 2013

Sony Hands Out PS4 Dev Kits "Like Candy" News

Microsoft will charge a fee

25 Jul 2013

Microsoft Denies Kinect-Less Xbox Ones News

Company sticking with much maligned peripheral

25 Jul 2013

Xbox One vs PS4: The Specs Nibble

25 Jul 2013

Xbox One Can Be Used as Dev Kit News

Microsoft's amazing decision brings new hope

25 Jul 2013

Two Kinect-Free Xbox One Bundles Hinted News

Two new SKUs coming summer 2014, apparently

24 Jul 2013

PS4 vs Xbox One War Hots Up News

Microsoft confirms Xbox One game pricing

24 Jul 2013

EA - Waiting for Sony and Microsoft Before Game Pricing News

Peter Moore stalls when talking game costs for Xbox One and PS4

24 Jul 2013

Microsoft says Kinect Won't Snoop on You News

All those with tinfoil helmets on can relax about Xbox One

23 Jul 2013

Xbox One Will Record Your Last 5 Minutes of Gameplay News

PS4 will record extra time

22 Jul 2013

Xbox One in Scramble for Indie Games News

Lionhead's creative director Gary Carr talks up "indies"

18 Jul 2013

Forza 5 Requires The Internet At Least Once News

Mandatory day one download

17 Jul 2013

Watch Out Microsoft - Apple is Looking to Buy Kinect Makers News

For some reason, Microsoft never bought the Kinect company...

16 Jul 2013

Microsoft on Xbox One: Shame News

Top executive not happy with way console message was told

15 Jul 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Mario & Luigi Can't Do It News

Nintendo's Dream Team can't dislodge PS3 exclusive

15 Jul 2013

Steve Ballmer Confirms New Xbox Head News

Our story confirmed by Ballmer press release

12 Jul 2013

Microsoft Points Out, New Rewards In News

Starting August 2013

11 Jul 2013

Game Changer as China Aims to Unban Foreign Consoles News

Vast opportunity opening up for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

11 Jul 2013

The Xbox One(s) You Could Have Had News

Early designs revealed

11 Jul 2013

Microsoft to Reimburse Some Xbox 360 Users News

Unintended Xbox price rise was an error as MS Points removal comes into play

11 Jul 2013

Xbox 360: Microsoft Points Removal Leads to Higher Game Prices News

Beta users are breaking NDA to complain.

10 Jul 2013

Microsoft: Releasing Xbox One in Japan 'As Is' Would Be Difficult News

May undergo revisions before being released in Japan

08 Jul 2013

UK Games Charts: PlayStation Exclusive Beats Xbox Exclusive News

The Last of Us does battle with Minecraft

08 Jul 2013

Rumour: Mattrick Tried to Buy Zynga for Microsoft News

Suspicious Bloomberg piece seems ready-made to bad mouth Mattrick

08 Jul 2013

Microsoft Opens Registrations for Xbox Live Update Beta News

Goodbye, Microsoft Points!

05 Jul 2013

Xbox One: Built to Advertise News

New console built with advertising in mind

04 Jul 2013

Xbox One Getting Added Hardware Incentive... Maybe News

Microsoft changing the offering for Xbone once again.

04 Jul 2013

Don Mattrick Replacement Likely to be Current Head of Microsoft Windows News

Windows chief Julie Larson-Green moves in one games

04 Jul 2013

Microsoft Japan: Please Report Nicely on Xbox One No Show News

More details on Asian territories are coming soon.

02 Jul 2013

No Xbox One for Japan Nibble

02 Jul 2013

Ballmer Takes Over Xbox One News

Don Matrick's early exit brings in the big gun

02 Jul 2013

Report: Xbox Boss to Leave Microsoft and Join Zynga News

Announcement expected today.

01 Jul 2013

UK Chart: Minecraft Creeps After The Last of Us News

Sony's blockbuster thriller stays at top, though.

01 Jul 2013

Xbox One's Kinect Won't Work on PC News

Next-gen Kinect for Windows being developed separately

28 Jun 2013

Xbox 360 Poised to Beat Wii as Best-Selling UK Console News

Still a distance away from PS2, though.

27 Jun 2013

Microsoft: We're Discussing Halo 2 Anniversary News

But it's about what's appropriate.

27 Jun 2013

Microsoft Waives Re-Certification Fees for Xbox 360 Title Updates News

Should make indies a little bit happier.

27 Jun 2013

Will Wright Impressed With Microsoft's DRM U-Turn News

DRM should not be used at expense of consumers.

26 Jun 2013

Microsoft Teases Crackdown's Return for Xbox One News

Could use the cloud.

26 Jun 2013

Xbox One Won't Come With Headset, Because it Has Kinect News

You'll need to buy a headset separately.

26 Jun 2013

Microsoft Investing $700m in Xbox Live Server Farm News

Will go some way to meet expected demand.

24 Jun 2013

We Are Watching You Bill Could Impact Xbox One's Kinect Integration News

If passed, console could get a complete rethink.

24 Jun 2013

Microsoft Debunks Amazon's Xbox One November 27 Launch Date News

It's just a placeholder.

24 Jun 2013

Microsoft: We're Still Heading for an Xbox One Digital Future News

Company won't shift on console's price point.

20 Jun 2013

Microsoft Mattrick Confirms Xbox One DRM Changes News

Huge about turn outlines "some" changes - Full Statement here

19 Jun 2013

Microsoft Rumoured to Drop Xbox One DRM News

Sources close to Microsoft state a total about turn

19 Jun 2013

GAME Bucks the Hatred - Opens Xbox Only Store in Hipster Central News

Proves yet what we all thought about Xbox One

18 Jun 2013

Microsoft: 'We're Over-Delivering Value' With Xbox One News

Thousands of dollars worth of value in the $499 package.

17 Jun 2013

Microsoft Now Discussing Minecraft X360 Save Transfers to Xbox One News

Perhaps the two aren't so different after all.

17 Jun 2013

Undead Labs Apologises for Unhelpful State of Decay Patch News

A mix-up between studio and Microsoft led to patch not fixing anything.

17 Jun 2013

Microsoft: Xbox One Minecraft Incompatible with Xbox 360 Version News

It's a whole new experience.

14 Jun 2013

Microsoft: Xbox One Policies Won't Concern 'Broader Set of Community' News

Because they 'don't pay attention to a lot of the details.'

13 Jun 2013

No Xbox One for Japan News

Asia loses out on initial 2013 launch window.

13 Jun 2013

Microsoft Xbox One - "Don Mattrick Does Care About Gamers" News

Microsoft Veep acts to calm fears.

13 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Microsoft Defends Xbox One Connectivity News

Mattrick thinks that people are wrong in worldwide internet usage.

12 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Killer Instinct 'Free-to-Play', Includes One Character News

Rare isn't lead developer on project.

11 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Xbox One Launches November, Priced £429 News

$499 US, €499 Europe.

10 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Microsoft Studios Roundup - Minecraft, D4, Project Spark News

Project Spark aims to compete with LittleBigPlanet

10 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Xbox 360 Redesigned, Gold Gets Free Games News

Two free games every month for Gold subscribers.

10 Jun 2013

E3 2013 CONFERENCE VIDEOS: Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony News

Watch all of Monday's conferences right here!

10 Jun 2013

Kinect 2 - Your Personal Data Can Be Sent News

"By recognizing you, Xbox One can tailor personal experiences and customize content just for you..." scared yet?

07 Jun 2013

Xbox One - Connect Once a Day or Don't Play News

You don't own the games - You must connect to the Internet

07 Jun 2013

Microsoft Emphasises TV Focus in Reported Sky Deal News

Vastly reduced-price Xbox One with Sky subscription.

06 Jun 2013

Rumour: Microsoft Cancels E3 Post-Conference Roundtable News

Journalist shares email to press... at his own peril.

06 Jun 2013

Microsoft CEO Courting Hollywood for Xbox One TV Content News

Exclusive video content could be on the way.

05 Jun 2013

E3 Conference Schedule: Get Your Times Here! News

Exciting times ahead.

04 Jun 2013

Analyst: PS4 to Sell at $349, Xbox One at $399 News

Subsidised consoles could be the future.

03 Jun 2013

Microsoft Secretly Registers Halo: Spartan Assault Domains News

Is it the TV show, or a new product entirely?

03 Jun 2013

Microsoft: We Will Address Xbox One DRM Concerns News

Major Nelson insists that the company is listening.

31 May 2013

Double Fine: It's Critical That Microsoft Changes Indie Stance News

Sony is really welcoming to indie developers.

31 May 2013

Quantum Break to Merge TV and Gaming Experiences Together News

Looks set to start a trend, no doubt.

30 May 2013

Microsoft Investigating TV Achievements News

Rewards for interacting with adverts.

28 May 2013

German Authorities Express Xbox One Privacy Concerns News

Microsoft counters - you can turn Kinect off.

28 May 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Feature Kinect Voice Commands News

But Microsoft needs to find its gaming voice.

24 May 2013

Report: Microsoft's Kinect DRM Patent to be Implemented in Xbox One News

Sources claim it's more than just a harmless patent.

24 May 2013

Microsoft's Pre-Owned-Killing Scheme Unveiled in Report News

Publishers and platform holder will make cut of second hand sales.

24 May 2013

Microsoft Registers 'Kinect One', 'Kinect Fitness' Domains News

Motion games likely to feature prominently at E3.

23 May 2013

Curve Studios Unhappy With Xbox One Indie Approach News

MD says Microsoft is handing all the creativity to Sony.

23 May 2013

Microsoft: Games "Absolutely Critical" to Xbox One News

Insists that TV is just one part of the equation.

23 May 2013

Microsoft: If You're Backwards Compatible, You're Really Backwards News

Mattrick rules out future implementation.

22 May 2013

Ryse Confirmed as Xbox One Exclusive News

More to show at E3.

22 May 2013

Xbox One Kinect Will Always Be Listening News

But Microsoft is aware of privacy concerns.

22 May 2013

Xbox One Marks End to Xbox Live Arcade News

All games will be treated equal.

22 May 2013

Xbox One: Indies Won't Be Able to Self-Publish Games News

Microsoft sticking to its current digital strategy.

22 May 2013

Xbox One: All the Hardware Pix in One Place News

Lots of image but how much content?

22 May 2013

Xbox One Microsoft Points Transfer: 'No News' News

Will MSP even exist on the Xbox One?

22 May 2013

Microsoft: Xbox One Game Licenses "No Different" to Today's Discs News

A little bit of logical gymnastics at work, here.

22 May 2013

Microsoft Teases Rare Xbox One Title at E3 News

Let's hope it's not Kinect Sports.

22 May 2013

GAME Opens Pre-Orders for Xbox One News

Just £20 and the reserve is yours.

22 May 2013

Xbox One: Pre-Owned Chaos Rules News

It does allow pre-owned, you just can't share games with mates.

22 May 2013

Microsoft Studios Announces 15 Games, Plus Spielberg Halo News

NFL interactive TV show planned too.

21 May 2013

EA Sports Unveils Four Xbox One Games News

Introduces new EA Ignite Engine.

21 May 2013

Xbox One Tech Specs Confirm Blu-ray! News

Here they are folks

21 May 2013

Next-Generation Kinect Can Read Your Heartbeat News

Rocket-Science level stuff.

21 May 2013

Instant App Switching on Xbox One News

Grab your apps by the waist and shrink them.

21 May 2013

Xbox One Announced - PIX GALLERY Amaze! News

"The ultimate home entertainment system"

21 May 2013

Watch the Next Xbox Reveal Here News

Check back in at 6:00pm

21 May 2013

Death of Microsoft Points Confirmed for Xbox News

It's about time.

15 May 2013

Next Xbox Name Hard Rumoured News

"Xbox Infinity" set to take title as dumb guesswork escalates.

10 May 2013

Sony: 'Always-Online' Never Considered for PS4 News

Exec puts pressure on Microsoft to comment on Xbox.

08 May 2013

Kojima on Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection: Maybe on Next Xbox News

No release on Xbox 360 though.

03 May 2013

Microsoft Xbox 'Fusion' Domain Existed Since 2004 News

Another red herring in the Xbox 720 fishing trip?

01 May 2013

Rumour: Respawn's New Game to be Xbox-Exclusive News

A major coup, according to latest reports.

30 Apr 2013

Microsoft Books Galen Center Ahead of E3 Press Conference News

Galen Center confirms booking.

30 Apr 2013

Video: Microsoft's IllumiRoom Technology Heads for Next-Gen News

Proof-of-concept video inside.

29 Apr 2013

Xbox 720 Reveal Date Confirmed News

Major Nelson announces the date of the announcement

24 Apr 2013

Microsoft-Owned Indie Dev Champions Microsoft's Indie Dev Relations News

But Press Play is "aware" that Microsoft is moving away from XBLA.

24 Apr 2013

Microsoft Xbox Division Not a Trojan Horse Now News

Hardware down... Xbox Live up, up and away!

19 Apr 2013

Xbox Live Problems Not a Hack - Surely Kills Always On Consoles For Good News

This weekend's Xbox Live outage looks more like cock-up than conspiracy and kills Always On Internet Xbox 720

15 Apr 2013

New Durango Rumours Backtrack on 'Always Online' Requirement News

Two rumours from the same source contradict each other.

11 Apr 2013

Xbox 720 - Disc Format Not Backwardly Compatible News

Microsoft plans a May 21 event to launch the system

09 Apr 2013

Rumour: Next Xbox Announcement on May 21 News

Tech blogger reveals all in podcast.

08 Apr 2013

Xbox 720: Always On - Deal with It says Microsoft Man News

Creative director at Microsoft Studios makes vapid comparisons to insult potential consumers

05 Apr 2013

Xbox 360 Owners Best at Sex - PC Gamers Basically Terrible News

Look don't blame us... we've got Amigas

04 Apr 2013

Xbox 720 "Aligned" in Tech with PS4 Says Ubisoft News

Yannis Mallat pleased with what he's seen

04 Apr 2013

Gamestop Outs Xbox 720 But Claims People Want PS4 More Than "All The Other Things They Could Buy"! News

Executive at game retailer has seen the legendary device... it's hot

03 Apr 2013

UK Games Charts - BioShocked as Lara Kicks Gears News

No surprise at multiformat #1 from 2K....

02 Apr 2013

UK Charts: Gears of War Judgment Takes Top Spot News

Tomb Raider settles for second.

25 Mar 2013

Microsoft: Retail Needs to Fit into Shift Towards Digital News

Explains Games on Demand release delay.

25 Mar 2013

Rumour: Next Xbox 'Always-Online', Requires Game Installs News

Fears for anti-preowned future grow stronger.

20 Mar 2013

Braid Creator Concerned by Microsoft's Next-Gen Approach News

Makes more sense to release The Witness on PS4.

11 Mar 2013

Japanese Hardware Chart: PS Vita Smashes 60,000 Units After Price Cut News

Phantasy Star Online 2 release also helps beef up numbers.

07 Mar 2013

Don't Expect Third-Party Creativity to Expand on Xbox 720 News

Also, Steambox No Threat to Microsoft says Microsoft

06 Mar 2013

Microsoft Wants a Kinect Future - Motion Sensing in Every Device News

Starting with the next Xbox?

05 Mar 2013

Rumour: Next Xbox Could Be Revealed to Press This Week News

That's a bit sudden.

04 Mar 2013

SpaceTop Transparent 3D Computer - The Future of Games? News

Is our future a bit Minority Report?

28 Feb 2013

Microsoft and EA in 'Exclusivity' Agreement for Next Xbox Rumoured News

If Activision can team up with Sony then Nya, Nya, nya, nya, nyaaa!

27 Feb 2013

Microsoft Kicks Off Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale News

Halo going for cheap.

26 Feb 2013

Microsoft Denies Involvement in Durango Leaker Raid News

Its name appears on the warrant, though.

25 Feb 2013

Rumour: Microsoft to Unveil Next Xbox in April News

Company apparently surprised by Sony's early move.

22 Feb 2013

On PS4 Day Yet More Microsoft Xbox 'Durango' Kinect 2.0 Specs Leak News

Just do not call it Xbox 720 ok. Not Xbox 720 on PlayStation 4 day... no way.

20 Feb 2013

Gears of War Judgment Leaked Online Already News

A whole month ahead of its official release.

19 Feb 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Aliens Murder Reviewers News

Aliens: Colonial Marines defies the critics to go top of the charts!

18 Feb 2013

Gears of War Tactics: Images of Kinect-Based RTS Surface News

Report suggests move to next Xbox console.

15 Feb 2013

US Chart: Microsoft Outsells Wii U Once Again News

Leap year provides some interesting statistics.

15 Feb 2013

Xbox 360 Poised to Overtake Wii Sales in UK News

Company issues 'leadership' statement.

14 Feb 2013

Xbox Founder Slams Microsoft for "Jumping its Own Shark" News

It's 'living in a naive dream-world'.

13 Feb 2013

Xbox 360 Worldwide Sales Reach 76 Million Units News

Three times that of the original Xbox.

12 Feb 2013

Rumour: Next Xbox Won't Function Without Connected Kinect News

Mandatory installs also on the way.

12 Feb 2013

Microsoft Confirms Killing Indy Developer Favourite News

XNA Game Studio no longer supported

01 Feb 2013

PS4 and Xbox 720 To Release in 2013 Say "People Familiar with The Matter" News

All bets are on... as Rupert Murdoch's organ breaks the news...

01 Feb 2013

Microsoft Xbox 360 Life-to-Date Sales to Overtake Nintendo Wii UK News

So says a Gfk Chart-Track report

29 Jan 2013

Chinese Government Currently Reviewing Video Games Ban News

Could open the floodgates for console manufacturers.

28 Jan 2013

Microsoft Financials: Profits Up, Revenues Down as Xbox Sales Slide News

Consumers eager to hear about the next Xbox now.

25 Jan 2013

Report States That Microsoft in Billion Dollar Talks with Dell News

That's Next Gen Talk: Microsoft Spending Billions on Dell Buy Out

24 Jan 2013

Former Microsoft Exec Joins the 'Sack Ballmer' Brigade News

Former Xbox executive 'had no room to breathe'.

22 Jan 2013

Rumour: Apparent Xbox 'Durango' Specs "Leaked" in Report News

Pretty thorough specs.

22 Jan 2013

Hirai on PS4 Launch: Why Release Before Our Competitors? News

CEO considering letting Microsoft launch first.

21 Jan 2013

Rumour Mill Churns into Overdrive: Which Next-Gen Console is More Powerful? News

Two different reports claim totally different things.

17 Jan 2013

'PLAY' Service to Bring More XBLA Games to Windows 8 News

Rebranding of current titles, preparing for a bigger push?

16 Jan 2013

Analyst: Sony, Microsoft Could Sell Next-Gen Consoles for $400 News

Based on meetings at CES.

14 Jan 2013

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 13 Keeps It Up News

Anarchy Reigns debuts at 16.

14 Jan 2013

Phil Harrison to Valve and Nvidia: "It's very hard to launch hardware" News

Mass-market appeal will cost millions.

11 Jan 2013

Xbox 360 Dominates US Christmas Console Charts News

Sold double the number of its nearest competitor.

11 Jan 2013

Microsoft Sees Xbox Future in the Cloud News

Ex-Sony man Phil Harrison lays out the plan

10 Jan 2013

Microsoft's "IllumiRoom" Looks to Extend Xbox 360 News

CES lets Microsoft show off new tech

10 Jan 2013

PS3 has Shipped More than Xbox 360 Globally News

Such is the claim made in a reputable report

10 Jan 2013

Microsoft Hails Success of Xbox Live Ads, More Planned News

Gamers seem to love them!

09 Jan 2013

Microsoft Xbox Group Beats Apple and Google to Buy Secretive Start-Up News

Microsoft acquires Blake Krikorian's remote controller start-up

03 Jan 2013

Microsoft Hypes Up E3 2013 Countdown News

Next Xbox announcement expected.

03 Jan 2013

Microsoft Puts Numbers on Halo 4 Perma-Bans News

And you won't be surprised at how low ...

18 Dec 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Pre-Xmas Black Ops II Win News

Much much Xmas cheer as shooter remains top

17 Dec 2012

Nintendo 3DS Outsells PS3 Lifetime Sales in Japan News

Nintendo Wii has fantastic launch week.

13 Dec 2012

UK Video Game Charts - No Joy for Nintendo News

Black Ops II rules the roost still

10 Dec 2012

Xbox 360 Still King of US Console Sales News

But industry revenue down 11%

07 Dec 2012

Report: Windows 8 "Hasn't Stimulated" PC Games Market News

Valve and NPD statistics suggest slow start for Windows 8.

05 Dec 2012

Microsoft Denied Killer Instinct Trademark Renewal News

Thanks to a rubbish TV show.

04 Dec 2012

Microsoft to Bring 'Cutting Edge' TV to Xbox Live and Kinect News

Hiring a television producer

03 Dec 2012

Xbox Music Could be Heading to SkyDrive News

Cloud service to get music player, with streaming capabilities.

03 Dec 2012

New Microsoft Studio Aiming to "Build the Next Halo" News

Focusing on Xbox 360 development.

29 Nov 2012

Microsoft Improves SmartGlass With New Xbox 360 Update News

Now you're playing with power! Or something.

27 Nov 2012

Nintendo: Sony and Microsoft Need to React to Us News

"Need to figure out what their innovation will be."

27 Nov 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops II Holds Fast Against Hitman News

PlayStation All-Stars hits a low.

26 Nov 2012

Microsoft London Studio "Won't Make Retail Games" News

Will focus on free-to-play.

22 Nov 2012

Microsoft Working on 'Xbox TV' Device to Rival Apple News

Streaming-only box to be a cheaper version of next Xbox.

22 Nov 2012

Pay-Per-Hour Karaoke Channel Coming to Xbox 360 News

More than 8,000 tracks available.

20 Nov 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Call of Duty Black Ops II Takes Top Spot News

Fourth biggest launch in the UK, ever!

19 Nov 2012

Bungie: Xbox LIVE Wouldn't Have Made It Without Us News

Halo series pushed the service further.

16 Nov 2012

Happy Birthday Xbox LIVE! Free Game! News

Let's all have a right proper party to celebrate 10 years

15 Nov 2012

Japan: Nintendo 3DS Lifetime Sales Closing on PS3 News

Handheld mocked outside of Japan is selling well at home

15 Nov 2012

Microsoft Locks Out Windows 7 Users From New Direct X Update News

3D support and more exclusive to Windows 8

12 Nov 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Halo 4 Hits Before Black Ops II Bursts Out News

Halo 4 makes its mark in the week before multi-format Black Ops II releases

12 Nov 2012

Massive News for Game Consoles as China Looks to Drop Decade Old Hardware Ban News

PlayStation 3 gets official certification from Chinese government

09 Nov 2012

Japanese Chart: Tales of Xillia 2 Leads Charge News

PS3 takes software chart, Nintendo 3DS takes hardware.

08 Nov 2012

Now Halo 4 is Partnered With American Express News

Special offers for achievements.

07 Nov 2012

Xbox SmartGlass App Now Available on iOS News

Now we can all use it!

07 Nov 2012

Big Brother: Kinect Could Police Xbox Content With New Patent News

Microsoft patent is equal parts bizarre and creepy.

06 Nov 2012

UK Charts - New Entries Battle with Assassin's Creed III News

Best first day selling title for Ubisoft ever as major releases clear the decks for CoD Blops 2

05 Nov 2012

Rockstar Confirms Pre-Orders for GTA V News

Actual news follows tweeted and deleted shots

31 Oct 2012

SmartGlass Hits with Forza Horizon News

An 'experience' is revealed... do not call it a 'product'

30 Oct 2012

Microsoft: Forza Motorsport May Return News

A future for both Motorsport and Horizon.

26 Oct 2012

Windows 8 Will Support Naughty Video Games After All News

Yay for sex and violence on your MicroSoft Surface!

26 Oct 2012

Microsoft's SmartGlass App Launching October 26 News

Compatible games listed here.

23 Oct 2012

Microsoft Removes Twitter and Facebook from Xbox 360 Dashboard News

Internet Explorer is apparently the way to go

19 Oct 2012

Microsoft Readies Surface ARM Tablet - Prices Below iPad News

£399 for Windows RT tablet with 32GB storage.

17 Oct 2012

Xbox LIVE Users Vote Romney in Debate 1 - Switch to Obama for Debate 2 News

Undecided voters... are... undecided says Microsoft

17 Oct 2012

Lionhead Lay Offs Follow Fable Release News

Kinect pushing title done. As are staff.

16 Oct 2012

Halo 4 Leaked - 343 Industries 'Unsurprised' News

Microsoft investigating the source of the leak.

15 Oct 2012

Late to the Party: Microsoft's Xbox Music Launches Tomorrow News

Only compatible with Windows devices for now.

15 Oct 2012

Microsoft Bans PEGI 18 Games on Windows 8 Marketplace News

Shooting itself in the foot.

12 Oct 2012

Sony Joy as PS3 Gets Massive Japanese Sales Boost News

Xbox 360 also benefits from a bounce

12 Oct 2012

Halo 4 Launch Trailer Gets Hollywood Talent News

Because video games need Hollywood talent?

10 Oct 2012

Microsoft Not Dropping Points for Cash on Xbox LIVE Yet News

Rumours squashed yet again about move to real money

10 Oct 2012

Microsoft Plans Four-Day Road Trip for Forza Horizon News

Starts in Paris, finishes at Top Gear Live show.

04 Oct 2012

Microsoft Ramping Up Security Ahead of Next Xbox Reveal News

Restricted access established at Interactive Entertainment Business Division on campus.

02 Oct 2012

Xbox Achievements Now Unlock Discounts and Rewards News

Includes birthday gifts!

28 Sep 2012

Fable The Journey Trailer - Will Kinect Connect? News

Gamers try and work it all out

25 Sep 2012

Indies Suffer as UK Halo 4 Pre-Order Incentives Sweep Retail News

Everybody but the Indies to benefit

19 Sep 2012

Microsoft Confirms Renewed XBLA Trademark for Killer Instinct News

Return of a classic franchise in the works.

18 Sep 2012

Ex-Rare Director Heads New Microsoft London Studio News

Phil Harrison launches new studio for Microsoft tablets in London

14 Sep 2012

Microsoft Planning 'Holodeck' for Kinect - the Patent Details News

United States Patent Application 20120223885 details future of Kinect

12 Sep 2012

Gabe Newell on How Microsoft Will Hasten its Own Decline News

Also - how EA nearly bought Valve

10 Sep 2012

GameStop: Only One Console Will Launch in 2013 News

Sony and Microsoft will apparently not go head to head.

04 Sep 2012

Xbox Brand Moves from Console as Microsoft Unveils First Windows 8 Games News

Xbox brand moving away from console.

04 Sep 2012

Halo 4 Script, Story Details Spoiled by New Official Trailer News

Plus some details about the upcoming novel, too!

03 Sep 2012

Microsoft Details Xbox for Windows 8 Games News

Ramping up the Windows 8 + Xbox relationship...

31 Aug 2012

EA's Gibeau Dates New Console Hardware News

Opens mouth... world goes craaaazy

31 Aug 2012

Kinect Gets a Price Cut News

For everywhere except Europe, Japan, Middle East and Africa.

23 Aug 2012

Sky Now TV Comes to Xbox Live News

On demand telly from SKY

22 Aug 2012

Halo 4 Limited Edition and Maps and Multi-Player and More! News

Microsoft literally drenches you in Halo 4 stuff

15 Aug 2012

Microsoft Surface to be Sub-$200 Says 'Source' News

Single source states closed meeting revealed release and price

15 Aug 2012

Rumour: First Image of Kinect 2 Development Tool News

Much more sophisticated.

10 Aug 2012

Microsoft: Xbox Live Real Money Prices an "Error" News

Sticking with Microsoft Points. Honest.

09 Aug 2012

Microsoft Job Ad Suggests Next Xbox Release Window News

Before 2014, it would appear.

09 Aug 2012

No New Xbox as Microsoft Man Taken Out of Context News

Brian Hall's up you could call it...

08 Aug 2012

PC Developers Agree: Windows 8 is Cause for Concern News

Agree with Gabe Newell's recent comments on the matter.

07 Aug 2012

Microsoft Man Talks "New Xbox" News

And we bet that he's now sobbing as he awaits human resources to call

06 Aug 2012

Microsoft and Train2Game Gun for Game Jam Record News

Students gather for gaming greatness

02 Aug 2012

Xbox 720 'Durango' Dev Kit for Sale News

Durango kit appears to be genuine stuff.

30 Jul 2012

Microsoft Opening New UK Studio News

Possible focus on casual gaming and free-to-play.

27 Jul 2012

Redundancies as Microsoft Cancels Two Projects at Vancouver Studio News

Microsoft Flight and unannounced Kinect shooter gets the chop.

26 Jul 2012

Valve: "No ETA" for Xbox 360 Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream DLC News

PC and Mac version free, already available.

25 Jul 2012

Next Gen Kinect in Works News

Let's hope they're working hard on Xbox 1440 too then!

25 Jul 2012

Microsoft Offered Help to Fund Fez Patch News

Phil Fish not doing himself many favours.

23 Jul 2012

Microsoft Posts First Loss Since 1986 - Don't Blame Xbox Division News

Mad amounts of business waffle translated.

20 Jul 2012

No New Patch for XBLA Fez Due to Microsoft Costs News

Polytron says that charges from platform holder are too high.

19 Jul 2012

Microsoft Considering 'Phone Contract Model' for Xbox 360 in UK News

Waiting to see what customers think.

17 Jul 2012

Control Your Xbox 360 With an iPad Using Microsoft App News

iPhone app now iPad friendly!

17 Jul 2012

Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Bundle Unveiled News

It lights up blue instead of green!

16 Jul 2012

Vivendi Struggling to Sell Activision/Blizzard News

A $1.8 Billion holding in a games company is not easy to shift.

16 Jul 2012

Xbox 360 Suffers Less than Most in USA for June News

Sales slightly up for Xbox 360

13 Jul 2012

Next Xbox "Priced Like a Smart Phone" News

Analyst makes prediction... so do we.

11 Jul 2012

PlayStation Vita and the Improving Sales Tale News

Yes, we're going with good news on Japanese hardware sales... what of it?

05 Jul 2012

PlayStation vs Xbox: More PS3 Gamers Pay for Digital Content News

Xbox gamers, get your wallets out!

28 Jun 2012

Microsoft Smartglass Baseball Game Matches Leaked Doc News

Just like the game from *that* document.

21 Jun 2012

Microsoft Rejects Motorola Settlement as Xbox 360 Ban Looms News

Negotiations on use of patents fall through in latest twist to landmark case.

21 Jun 2012

Microsoft Claims Ownership of Leaked Xbox 720 Document News

Attempts a sleight of hand with official statement.

21 Jun 2012

Microsoft's New Surface Tablet - Ruse? News

Try as we might, we're finding it a problem to tie gaming to Surface. Pics and specs here...

19 Jun 2012

That 56 Page Xbox 720 Document Leak says $299 in 2013 News

No one knows, everybody says...

18 Jun 2012

Microsoft Not Going to gamescom or Tokyo 2012 News

XBL = Microsoft Xbox Local it seems

14 Jun 2012

Microsoft's Phil Harrison Says Don't Worry Core Gamers News

Just because Xbox 360 seems to be about anything but games, there is no need to fret.

14 Jun 2012

Molyneux Worries about PlayStation Development News

Ex-Microsoft man frets for Sony

13 Jun 2012

Halo 4 TV Advert - Live Action no Football News

Live action is well thrilling...

12 Jun 2012

Microsoft Wants SmartGlass for all Xbox Brand Releases News

Pushing hard at SmartGlass for the end user

12 Jun 2012

Extended Halo 4 Trailer Hits During England vs France Euro Game News

Get someone else to make tea as you settle down with space shooting

11 Jun 2012

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Has 'Legs for a Long Time' News

And in this world that means at least two years apparently

08 Jun 2012

Annoying BT Infinity 'Students' All Over Xbox Live News

As BT and Microsoft team up for an advertising experience....

07 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Three New XBLA Exclusives for 2013 News

A racer, fantasy brawler and puzzler.

04 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Microsoft Reveals Tablet and Smartphone System for Xbox 360 News

Microsoft Unveils Xbox Smartglass

04 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Microsoft Brings Internet Explorer to Xbox News

It looks like a kiosk version to us... but Xbox 360 finally gets a browser

04 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Microsoft Announces Xbox Music News

Zune gets replaced

04 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Microsoft Hits Out with Forza Horizon Screens News

Brrrm Brrrrm cars are awesome

04 Jun 2012

E3 2012: New Gears of War Confirmed for 2013 News

Named, not-so-shamed

04 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Splinter Cell Blacklist Takes Cues from Assassins Creed News

More agile Sam Fisher can perform bullet-time executions.

04 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Microsoft Showcases Halo 4 News

E3 impressions here

04 Jun 2012

E3 2012: Microsoft Press Conference Live and Here News

Watch Microsoft's E3 2012 press conference live video at SPOnG

04 Jun 2012

Report: Microsoft Preparing Xbox Music Relaunch News

Zune hasn't exactly done as well as it has hoped.

31 May 2012

PS4 and Xbox 720 Will Retain Discs News

Wall Street journal cracks open the 'download-only' myth and lays it to rest.

30 May 2012

No Skype for Xbox in 2012 Nibble

29 May 2012

Kinect to be Used in Latest Nano-Satellite News

Will use its motion-sensing tech to dock with other satellites.

28 May 2012

Minecraft Beats Call of Duty Black Ops in Xbox Live News

Who says gamers are mindless shooter fans?

25 May 2012

ITC Judge Rules for Xbox Sales Ban Over Patent Violations News

Video codecs and wireless technology patents allegedly violated.

23 May 2012

Microsoft Apologises for Minecraft Error, Offers Refunds News

Not got an HDTV? Get ready to cash in.

22 May 2012

UK Video Game Charts - No Change is Good. No Change is Good. Repeat News

Sniper Elite V2 retains the top spot.

14 May 2012

Robbie Bach: Xbox 360's Success Down to Sony's Mistakes News

Admits Microsoft got a bit lucky with publisher support.

14 May 2012

Report: Xbox 360 'Most Popular Video Player in US' News

Says an advertising company.

11 May 2012

US Senator Wants Xbox Comcast Investigated News

Sen Al Franken finds nothing funny about Microsoft now...

09 May 2012

Inside Xbox UK has been Discontinued News

The end of an era.

09 May 2012

Minecraft Hits XBLA Today Nibble

09 May 2012

Xbox 360 Not Banned in Germany as Judge Slams Microsoft and Motorola News

US judge tells Motorola to cool its jets

08 May 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Sniper Elite V2 Storms to Top Spot News

Pushes [PROTOTYPE 2] down a peg.

08 May 2012

Microsoft Xbox 360 Finally Priced to Sell a Service News

The $99 Xbox 360 offer from Microsoft finally turns it into a set-top box and relegates games

08 May 2012

US Inside Xbox Video Content Cancelled News

European content still hangs in the balance.

03 May 2012

Germany "Bans" Microsoft Xbox 360 and Windows 7 News

Motorola court case causes OTT headlines until the appeal comes in

02 May 2012

Halo 4 to Get Live Action Series News

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn web series to get life!

30 Apr 2012

Joy Ride Sequel Announced, Drops Kinect Support News

Places future on traditional controller support.

30 Apr 2012

Nintendo Forgets Apple as It Announces Competitor Hardware Sales News

PS3 leading in Europe according to figures used at Nintendo shareholder meet

27 Apr 2012

Microsoft Redefines the Word 'Choice' with Games on Demand Strategy News

Having customers wait six months is a choice, apparently.

26 Apr 2012

Microsoft to "Expand TV-Like Advertising on Xbox LIVE" News

Yes, lots and lots of lovely new ads for Xbox Live

25 Apr 2012

Microsoft Service Coming to Sony PlayStation News

Skype hitting PlayStation Vita on April 2012

24 Apr 2012

Microsoft Blames 'Soft Gaming Console Market' for Loss News

"Xbox Division" falls flat in latest figs

23 Apr 2012

UK Video Games Charts: Witcher 2 is the New Skyrim News

Well, it debuts at #1 and has fans squeeee'ing about it.

23 Apr 2012

Xbox 360 Sales Drop Nearly 50% News

Xbox Live revenue up

20 Apr 2012

Microsoft: Minecraft on Xbox Live Updates When They're Ready News

No worries about updates for Minecraft on console then

18 Apr 2012

Xbox Live Apps for the Gold Free This Weekend News, LoveFilm, Daily Motion and more

18 Apr 2012

Halo 4 Release Date Not a Rumour Now News

Everybody say "Ohhhh, Day One Purch fow show" now please.

17 Apr 2012

E3 2012: Sony and Microsoft Dates Revealed News

Let's all get ready for E3!

17 Apr 2012

Prepare for Large Halo 4 Announcement News

Release date for next in the Halo series touted

17 Apr 2012

Kinect Kontrol Knews: Official - Skyrim Gets Flailing About Support! News

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - yes, Xbox 360 gets Kinect control

12 Apr 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Kinect Star Wars is No.1 News

The Force is... no, we won't do it.

10 Apr 2012

Sex Offenders 'Purged' from Xbox Live & PlayStation Network News

Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers, Disney Interactive, Blizzard and Apple also involved as paedophiles have accounts suspended in New York State

06 Apr 2012

Microsoft Xbox 720 - Two GPUs and Blu-ray News

It's... "like two PCs taped together..."

02 Apr 2012

Xbox 360 Entertainment Apps Beat Multiplayer Gaming News

Microsoft's big TV push pays off.

28 Mar 2012

Xbox 720 "Lite" Gets E3 2012 Rumour Rumble News

ARM-based Xbox on its way too.

27 Mar 2012

Social Games Giant Zynga Hints at Xbox Presence News

Boss mentions Microsoft's console as potential gaming device.

20 Mar 2012

BBC iPlayer Finally Arrives on Xbox 360 News

Microsoft relents on forcing people to pay for access.

20 Mar 2012

No Xbox 720 for E3 2012 News

Official word comes out of Microsoft ahead of E3

16 Mar 2012

Forza Developer Recruiting for Next Gen Gaming News

Let's face it... the Next Gen console is coming

15 Mar 2012

GAME Group Leak: Microsoft and Activision Gone News

The saga of the UK video game retailer goes from bad to badder

15 Mar 2012

Rumour: BBC iPlayer for Xbox 360 Next Week News

So says a rumour... "At last!" says us.

14 Mar 2012

Microsoft's Resolution for Mass GamerScore Deletions News

"Okay, try re-downloading the profile and see if that helps..."

13 Mar 2012

Phil Harrison to Step into Peter Molyneux's Shoes News

Seriously, as one door closes another one is opened by Phil Harrison - 4pm confirmation expected

13 Mar 2012

Rumour: Next Xbox to Lose Disc Drive, Support Card Media News

2013 launch, apparently.

09 Mar 2012

Forget Kinect and Move - New Game Controller is Skin Stretcher News

Let's face it... we all want feedback

06 Mar 2012

Activision Grabs Microsoft Senior Gaming Exec News

Thomas Tippl moves out of CFO role.

06 Mar 2012

Halo 4 Screens Leaked News

343 Industries claim it's the "best looking game on Xbox"

05 Mar 2012

Microsoft: No Release Date for Halo 4 Yet News

Fake trailer got people all excited.

28 Feb 2012

Project Draco Renamed: Crimson Dragon Hitting XBLA in 2012 News

Panzer Dragoon team impresses Japanese media.

27 Feb 2012

New Xbox Dashboard Promotes Indie Games News

Microsoft trying to address developer concerns.

20 Feb 2012

Microsoft has Extended the Xbox 360 Life-Cycle News

Microsoft's figures keep the native console in top spot

10 Feb 2012

Kinect Star Wars Dated - Gets 'Dance Mode' - Stop Screaming! News

A million voices cry out in pain... again...

07 Feb 2012

Free-to-Play Microsoft Flight Reboot Dated News

Along with first content pack.

07 Feb 2012

Xbox Live's Stephen Toulouse Resigns from Microsoft News

Seeking other opportunities in "positive" departure.

03 Feb 2012

Game On as Apple Snaffles Key Xbox Live Exec News

Robin Burrowes skips over to iOS world...

02 Feb 2012

Not One but Two New Xbox '720s' Rumoured News

Full-blown gaming console and smaller TV-Xbox

01 Feb 2012

Microsoft Joins Sony in Denying New Generation Consoles News

Nothing from Microsoft at E3 in terms of new consoles

31 Jan 2012

Industry Chinese Whispers: 2 + 4 = Xbox 720 News

Blu-rays, disc-less consoles, Kinect 2...

26 Jan 2012

Rumour: Next Xbox "Six Times More Powerful" Than Current Gen News

Will outpace the Wii U.

25 Jan 2012

Source States that 'Microsoft Points' to Die this Year News

Regional currency transactions for Xbox 360 users... at last!

24 Jan 2012

Microsoft's Swipes at Sony's HD Remakes News

Xbox is the place for hardcore gamers...

23 Jan 2012

Microsoft's Well Happy with Xbox Division Results News

Earnings actually up and up!

20 Jan 2012

Microsoft: Xbox "Growing Out" of Game-Centric Box News

Forget what you've heard - Xbox 720 will be cloudy and will grow out of games

19 Jan 2012

Fox News Doesn't Slam Xbox - Gets an App Instead News

And Metro dashboard gets App usage up hugel

18 Jan 2012

Microsoft: New Xbox Dashboard IS All About the Adverts News

Xbox LIVE ads director says service will transform TV advertising.

17 Jan 2012

Microsoft Denies Security Snafu News

This time surrounding security on the Xbox website.

16 Jan 2012

Microsoft Optimistic as US Suffers December Sales Slump News

Hardware down 21 per cent, Microsoft celebrates console sales win.

13 Jan 2012

Microsoft Subscription TV 'On Hold' News

If they built it... advertisers wouldn't come

12 Jan 2012

Xbox 360 Scoops Innovation Accolade News

After seven years in store, Microsoft's console is 'Innovative'... but why?

11 Jan 2012

Kinect for Windows Targets Developers, Costs More than Xbox Kinect News

No license fee for Windows coders.

10 Jan 2012

Microsoft Bores CES - but Sells 18 Million Kinects News

Steve Ballmer and Ryan Seacrest lead Microsoft's last CES keynote.

10 Jan 2012

Rumour: Next Xbox Could Function With Tablets News

Churning that rumour mill...

09 Jan 2012

Microsoft Denies Xbox Live Hack (Again) News

But admits the need to make customer service improvements.

09 Jan 2012

Xbox Live Hacking Scandal Flares Again News

Microsoft adamant that security is solid.

06 Jan 2012

Report: Next Xbox and PlayStation 4 to be Unveiled at E3 2012 News

Platform Manufacturer Smackdown!

06 Jan 2012

Microsoft and Datel Kiss, Make Up, Settle Lawsuits News

Patent infringement and antitrust arguments cleared up.

05 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Scores in Final Minutes of 2011 News

The Top 10 is full of threes.

03 Jan 2012

Microsoft Working on Xbox Live Fix... Honest News

The company is aware that the new Xbox Experience has been stopping users getting on Xbox Live

23 Dec 2011

Channel 4 OD & Daily Motion Comes to Xbox 360 News

More Kinect apps for Xmas

21 Dec 2011

Xbox 360's Bloody Impressive Xmas Game Sale Starts News

Let's start with Bastion at 50% off!

20 Dec 2011

New Xbox 360 and the Mystery of the Broken Video Playback News

Report states that video playback in the 'Metro' dash is not up to snuff

19 Dec 2011

Microsoft Gears Up for New Console with New Xbox Design Leadership News

The woman responsible for the new game-relegating Xbox dashboard takes over in overall design.

15 Dec 2011

New Xbox Live Apps Livening Up Today News

Still no iPlayer but we live in hope for Xbox LIVE

14 Dec 2011

Xbox Live Gold - Free Weekend is Go News

Featuring LOVEFiLM (30 day free trial included), Video Kinect, Facebook ... oh, and something called 'Video Games'

09 Dec 2011

Xbox 360: Tomorrow's Dashboard Update Relegates Games News

"The Future of TV Begins Now on Xbox 360" yells the information

05 Dec 2011

Windows Phone and Xbox 360 Bridge Coming Soon News

Xbox Companion for Windows Phone coming December 6th

05 Dec 2011

Microsoft Sold Over 900,000 Xbox 360s Last Week News

750,000 Kinects sold during Black Friday week.

30 Nov 2011

Microsoft's Next Kinect to Lip Read, Detect Emotions News

Will do away with USB.

29 Nov 2011

Japanese Hardware: New Bundles See Sony Sales Double News

Nintendo 3DS still on top.

25 Nov 2011

Xbox Live Hack Issue Grows as Microsoft Denies System Intrusion News

Microsoft re-states that there is no hack to its systems.

24 Nov 2011

Microsoft: There Isn't an Xbox Live Hack News

Microsoft 'spokesperson' tells us that "we currently understand that this is a phishing scam."

22 Nov 2011

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update is Dated News

Xbox 360 dashboard update brings new wonders to behold

22 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Charts - Skyrim vs Assassin's Creed News

And yes, Modern Warfare 3 is still Number 1

21 Nov 2011

Sony, Microsoft, Activision in MW3 Love Fest as Records Fall News

MW3 in a huge number of records...

17 Nov 2011

Next Gen Xbox and Announcement for January 2012 - PS4 Shortly After News

French site says CES 2012 reveal for Xbox 720 or whatever it's called and also the PS4

15 Nov 2011

Decadence Alert! Xbox is 10 Years Old Today News

A console that was a genuine game changer deserves our applause

15 Nov 2011

Cloud-Specific Apps for Xbox 360 News

Internet Cloud coming to console

14 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Battlefield Fends off Uncharted News

Sonic Generations debuts at #10.

07 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Battlefield 3 Takes Command News

Skylanders debuts at #9.

31 Oct 2011

Kinect to be Adopted in Healthcare, Education News

Car manufacturer showreels, patient records...

31 Oct 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Batman Scores Over Soccer News

Rocksteady's Batman goes straight to the top.

24 Oct 2011

Microsoft: Xbox Sales Down but Revenues Up News

Microsoft declares Q1 figures... Mmmm

21 Oct 2011

Microsoft Responds to FIFA Xbox Live User Hacks News

"We take the security of our service seriously..." says Microsoft on Xbox hacks

18 Oct 2011

Halo Anniversary Getting Kinect Integration News

It was only a matter of time.

17 Oct 2011

USA Games Hardware Figures: PS3 Up vs Xbox 306 Down News

Oh and Nintendo sells some units too.

14 Oct 2011

Xbox Live New Dashboard Preview is Public - Party Chat Remains News

Lots of lovely new Xbox Live apps and things for you

13 Oct 2011

CVs Reveal Development of Next Xbox News

Microsoft employees working on new console since at least January.

10 Oct 2011

Rumour: Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Hitting 25th November News

Report supposedly reveals, then pulls, date of launch.

10 Oct 2011

PlayStation Network "More Popular Than Xbox Live" with Game Developers News

How to skew your numbers, lesson 103a

07 Oct 2011

Control Your Xbox With Your Windows Phone News

Turn your phone into a glorified telly remote.

06 Oct 2011

Microsoft Declares "A new Era in TV" with Xbox Live News

Lot of new reasons not to play games?

06 Oct 2011

Microsoft Kills Zune News

Stop making them... makes Windows Phone instead

05 Oct 2011

Movie Madness Sees Xbox 720 Coming in 2020 News

Bad news: You have to wait until 2020. And it's fake.

05 Oct 2011

Forza 4 Demo Races To Xbox Live News

Come on, like the headline would be anything else.

03 Oct 2011

Xbox Autumn Dashboard Update Sneaks Out in Silence News

The creepiest leak you will ever see.

03 Oct 2011

Gears 3 Sells Three Million Copies Worldwide News

Marcus and Dom join the billion dollar club

29 Sep 2011

Ballmer Wants Sony Pictures on Xbox 360 News

And it's Bing for Xmas

29 Sep 2011

Manufacturing Move Means Microsoft to Cut Xbox 360 Price by 40% News

Price cut in Brazil as country joins China in making 360s

28 Sep 2011

Steam On 360? Valve Reckons So News

Never going to happen but it's still fun to listen to crazy talk.

28 Sep 2011

Microsoft Admits Screw-Up with Xbox Live Bannings News

Promises of unbannings and free stuff to assuage the rage

26 Sep 2011

Revealed Microsoft's Handheld Gaming Bet News

New patent application points the way to new technology

26 Sep 2011

Meet the First Ever UK Gears of War 3 Player News

Jon Aston gets his hands on a 40” widescreen TV for his Epic wait.

20 Sep 2011

Horde Gathers for Gears of War 3 London Launch News

400 fans gather outside flagship GAME store.

20 Sep 2011

Kinect Zoom Due for UK Gamers Cursed with Tiny Rooms News

Device promises to cut down play area by nearly half

16 Sep 2011

NPD Wants to Own Video Gaming Language News

US company attempts to put words in your mouth

15 Sep 2011

Grasshopper Takes To The Field with Diabolical Pitch News

Suda51 remains a glorious nutter

15 Sep 2011

Dom Santiago to Appear at Gears of War 3 UK Launch Party News

He'll be signing stuff!

14 Sep 2011

Xbox Live Integrated into Windows 8 News

Will run on tablets and PCs.

14 Sep 2011

GAMEfest to Host Halo Anniversary Edition, Arkham City Demos News

Bumper list of announcements inside.

09 Sep 2011

US Video Game Chart: 3DS Beats PS3 in Price Cut Wars News

Both platforms see sales surge following cuts however.

09 Sep 2011

Fight! Zen Studios Calls Out Team Meat, Defends Microsoft News

Team Meat say it's bad! Zen say it's OK! Jonathon Blow says shut up!

09 Sep 2011

Tsunoda: Kinect "Can Help People's Physical Well-Being" News

Kudo is "super jazzed" as always.

08 Sep 2011

Halo 4 Creative Director Jumps Ship News

From Corporate to Creativity in one (not so) easy leap

06 Sep 2011

Valve and Blizzard Want Console Makers To Grow Up News

Play your games your way.

06 Sep 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Remasters of the Universe News

Monster Hunter dominates charts on a whole new platform.

05 Sep 2011

No Torchwood On Demand for Xbox 360, a Nation Weeps News

Netflix and Starz Split Up, Sadness Ensues

02 Sep 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Nintendo Keeps its Rhythm News

3DS still top of hardware, Rhythm Heaven Wii takes back software chart.

25 Aug 2011

Kinect Star Wars and R2D2 Xbox 360 Delayed News

You have yet to reach your "full potential," Jedi.

24 Aug 2011

Sonic CD Hitting Xbox Live Arcade News

Who knew?

23 Aug 2011

Skype and Xbox Integration Not in the Near Future News

Will we see it on the current generation of hardware?

22 Aug 2011

Japanese Hardware Chart: Nintendo 3DS Bounces Back News

Price cut does the trick.

19 Aug 2011

Microsoft Committed to Xbox 360 in Japan News

Statement of the year: "users love using their own body"

19 Aug 2011

Next Xbox Could Launch Within 360's 10-Year Lifespan News

Kinect keeping 360 afloat right now though.

17 Aug 2011

Xbox 360 Going From Glossy to Matte in a Matter of Weeks News

Plus wanky business speak.

15 Aug 2011

Japanese Hardware Chart: 3DS Sales Plummet by 70% News

Nintendo handheld sees 70% drop.

12 Aug 2011

Jonathan Blow: XBLA a 'Pain in the Ass' for Indie Developers News

Money lost can be made back on Steam and iOS.

11 Aug 2011

iPlayer Updated for PS3 - No New Hope for Xbox 360 News

Beeb repeats Xbox Gold claims from 2009

08 Aug 2011

Microsoft Briefly Reduces Gamertag Change Charge - Gamers React News

People are less than amused

03 Aug 2011

Wii U Will Force Sony and Microsoft to "Rethink Schedules" for Next Gen News

Also, "smartphones and handheld consoles will eventually converge"

27 Jul 2011

PlayStation 3 to Beat Xbox 360 for Second Place News

Analysts predict a bright future for Sony

26 Jul 2011

Japanese Video Game Charts: Baseball Beats All News

Nintendo 3DS takes control of hardware chart.

22 Jul 2011

Microsoft-Sony Domain Registrations a "Defensive Hold" News

The two companies are great partners.

18 Jul 2011

Microsoft's Strange New Domains Uses Sony Name News

Weird move from Redmond

15 Jul 2011

Microsoft to Kill Windows - Bring Single OS for PCs and Xbox News

That's the inside skinny.

15 Jul 2011

Japanese Video Game Charts: L.A. Noire Hits #1 News

Leads Western assault on Top 10.

15 Jul 2011

Kinect for Smartphones Rumoured News

Chip maker

14 Jul 2011

Molyneux Raises Kinect Defences with Amiga Reference News

Kinect defence getting a little bit desperate?

12 Jul 2011

NPD Says U.S.A. Game Spending Actually Up News

Changes its mind a bit on USA games spend

12 Jul 2011

Pete Donaldson Presents: SPOnG's Gaming Vidcast News

Hitman, bad box art, Bioshock Infinite... and more

11 Jul 2011

Cloud Saves Arrive for Xbox 360 News

Like PlayStation Plus but different

05 Jul 2011

Crytek Almost Became a Microsoft First-Party Studio News

Microsoft approached the studio years ago.

05 Jul 2011

Microsoft Says 3D Gaming Not Necessary... Again News

The more you talk about something...

29 Jun 2011

Rumour: Microsoft to Unveil New Xbox at E3 2012 News

Oh look, it's non-committal star-gazing time.

28 Jun 2011

Forza 4 Collectors' Edition Detailed: £59.99 News

And yes, Top Gear

27 Jun 2011

Microsoft "Doing What it Can" to Secure Xbox 360 Online News

Comments on PlayStation Network hack

23 Jun 2011

Xbox Kinect - Interactive In-Game Ads Explained with a Vid News

Will change the way you watch TV etc and so on

22 Jun 2011

EFF: "Microsoft Misusing The Law" in Xbox 360 Memory Card Case News

Misuse of Digital Millennium Copyright Act claimed

21 Jun 2011

Halo 4: Not a New Engine - No New Halo Each Year Either News

More Halo 4 facts ahoy

14 Jun 2011

Xbox 360 'Wins' the USA in May News

Despite market being down

14 Jun 2011

Relentless Move for Buzz Dev to Microsoft News

Also working with Chillingo

07 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Halo 4 Announced News

The starts of a brand new trilogy.

06 Jun 2011

E3 2011 - Kinect Funlabs Brings Item Scanning + Finger Tracking News

Is it what you've been waiting for?

06 Jun 2011

Microsoft @ E3: Tomb Raider Exclusive Reveal News

Claustrophobic gameplay experiences.

06 Jun 2011

Microsoft @ E3: New Modern Warfare 3 Stage Revealed News

Submarine assaults.

06 Jun 2011

Video: Microsoft Shines Some Light Sabres on Star Wars Kinect News

And LucasArts piles in as well

06 Jun 2011

Microsoft Teases Forza 4 Head-Tracking News


01 Jun 2011

Microsoft Hints at Non-Gaming Future for Xbox 360 News

More as an entertainment brand.

01 Jun 2011

Comcast to Use Xbox 360 for TV Delivery News

Testing new service at MIT

27 May 2011

Forza 4 Pre-Order Cars Detailed News

Mustangs sally!

26 May 2011

Microsoft Working on Fixing Xbox Live Marketplace Issues News

No Content Available.

25 May 2011

Last Xbox Founder Leaves Microsoft News

Seeks new opportunities.

25 May 2011

Jacques: Why Does Microsoft Allow Custom Soundtracks? News

Composer details frustration in Custom Soundtracks.

19 May 2011

Microsoft Updates on Xbox 360 New Format Errors News

Not related to update

19 May 2011

New Xbox 360 Disc Format Incompatible With Some Older Consoles News

Problems occur in beta testing.

18 May 2011

Xbox @ E3 2011 - Events - Hosts 'Activision Party' + Forza 4 News

Lots of things to see and do...

18 May 2011

NPD: Nintendo Consoles See Sales Drop News

Sony and Microsoft see gains.

16 May 2011

Gears of War 3 Special Editions Revealed News

£100 edition comes complete with Marcus Fenix statue.

16 May 2011

Xbox Live Gold - Six Months for Six Bucks News

So say reports of offer screw-up

16 May 2011

Microsoft Buys Skype - Next Treat for Xbox Users? News

Huge deal near as damn it finalised

10 May 2011

Xbox Live Spring Update Leaked - PayPal Pulls In News

More for Xbox Live users

10 May 2011

Microsoft Warning Users of Xbox Live Security Threat News

As PSN suffers... Microsoft issues warning

27 Apr 2011

Microsoft Unbans All Xbox 360s - Then Recovers News

Network fun in rumour form

27 Apr 2011

Microsoft Tightens Indie Games Ratings News

Makes it more business-like

19 Apr 2011

March 2011: Xbox 360 Rules the USA... Again News

Figures are sort of in

15 Apr 2011

GAME Slashes Price of Kinect News

It's a special offer really

13 Apr 2011

Carmac: PS3 'Crappier Debugging' but More Performance than Xbox 360 News

Still very diplomatic though

13 Apr 2011

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Beat Apple in Harris Poll News

Apple not king of the hill

13 Apr 2011

Rumour: Free-to-Play Xbox Live Games on the Way News

Microsoft reportedly jumping on the microtransaction bandwagon.

12 Apr 2011

New Xbox 360 Dev Kits Hints at Bigger Things News

More RAM won't get your goat

05 Apr 2011

PS3 Overtakes Xbox 360 Global Ownership says Report News

Reports do that though

04 Apr 2011

PS3 Overtakes Xbox 360 in Europe News

The US now Microsoft's sole stronghold.

01 Apr 2011

Microsoft Introducing "New Xbox 360 Disc Format" News

Additional space? Anti-piracy? I call that Pimm's o'clock.

30 Mar 2011

Linkedin Ad Wants Designer to Build Next Xbox '720' News

Someone To 'build The Next Generation Of Premium Xbox Entertainment Hardware'

21 Mar 2011

Former EA Man: Sony is in Games Hardware Trouble News

ngmoco founder weighs in

21 Mar 2011

Microsoft Rings Zune Death Knell News

No new hardware for Zune

15 Mar 2011

Xbox Kinect Outselling PS3 Move by 5-to-1 News

Says analyst of NPD figures

14 Mar 2011

Microsoft Downplays Xbox Points Scam - Goes on Hunt News

Not as bad as it looks...

11 Mar 2011

USA! USA! Xbox 360 Wins February Sales Race News

Overall video games market is up

11 Mar 2011

Kinect Faster Selling than Apple Says GWR News

Guinness Book of Records Touts Record Breaker

10 Mar 2011

Codename Orapa: Xbox 360/Kinect to get IPTV News

Probably not in the UK though, eh?

10 Mar 2011

Microsoft Readying Next Gen Xbox '720' News

Recruitment begins

08 Mar 2011

"Real People" Avatars in Dev for Xbox 360 News

Uncanny valley all over your system

02 Mar 2011

Meat Boy Dev: Microsoft Hurt Our F***ing Feelings News

No promotion, mo problems.

01 Mar 2011

Sony on PS3: "We Have a Very Aggressive Plan This Year" News

And beating Microsoft is a big part of it

22 Feb 2011

Sony Fights but Microsoft Welcomes Hardware Hackers News

MS to issue hacking kit

22 Feb 2011

Nokia and Microsoft Mobile Partnership Involves Xbox Live News

200G for playing Snake?

11 Feb 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Ace Attorney Investigates is Happy News

Four new entries take the Top 4.

10 Feb 2011

Game Retailer Trials Xbox Live In-Store Buys News

Got to be PSN next...

09 Feb 2011

Xbox 360 Chatpad Smacked Down by New Device? News

QWERTY inputs getting circular.

09 Feb 2011

Rumour: Gears of War Kinect Still Real News

Take me (back) to the hospital.

09 Feb 2011

Microsoft: Avoid Retail to Beat PC Piracy News

Brick and mortar only good for short-term hits apparently.

04 Feb 2011

Japanese Hardware: is it Time to Kill the PSP Go? News

Sells a teeny tiny 280 units.

04 Feb 2011

Kinect Halo Takes You to Bing News

Clever old Microsoft

03 Feb 2011

Microsoft Financial Growth Led by Xbox 360 News

Entertainment value.

28 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Sackboy Sacks off EA, Ubisoft and Activision News

LittleBigPlanet 2 Blow Black Ops

24 Jan 2011

Xbox 360 Update Killing CoD Pirates News

Mandatory kill action

20 Jan 2011

Microsoft Loves Up PS3 Hacker News

Windows 7 Phone development management all over him

20 Jan 2011

Gears Triple Pack Not for UK Says Microsoft News

No point in being the 51st State after all

19 Jan 2011

J Allard Lacks Courage Nibble

18 Jan 2011

Kinect + Projector + Street Fighter = Hadouken! News

Produce Augmented Reality Hadoukens with Kinect

18 Jan 2011

Steve Ballmer: Xbox is Not a Game Console News

It's also cool.

17 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Takes Back #1 News

DC Universe Online enters the Top 10.

17 Jan 2011

Nelson was Right: Xbox 360 Didn't Win December News

Wii did. Xbox 360 beats PS3 though.

14 Jan 2011

Japanese Hardware: PSP Slumps, PS3 Gains News

Monster Hunter reaching its peak?

14 Jan 2011

Microsoft Ran Out of Xbox 360s News

That's why it won't "win" December

13 Jan 2011

Infamous Analyst Throws Up Xbox vs PS3 Sales Estimates News

Yes, you know who it is.

11 Jan 2011

Microsoft to Help Create 4,000 UK Jobs News

Helps to stimulate economy

11 Jan 2011

NASA to Buy into Microsoft Kinect News

Follows Kinect hacker boom.

10 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Still Top of Table News

Fitness reigns.

10 Jan 2011

First Avatar Kinect Trailer Here Now News

Sit in a virtual park chatting with virtual friends.

07 Jan 2011

Ballmer: Xbox is "Most Popular Young Consumer Brand" News

More popular than iPhone and iPad, apparently.

07 Jan 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Nintendo Takes the Holidays News

Monster Hunter and PSP still lead the chart.

07 Jan 2011

Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone 7 Games Offensive News

Game Room, Fable III and PES on your mobile.

06 Jan 2011

Microsoft at CES - Kinect Figure Sold vs Shipped News

Netflix and Hulu Plus coming with hand-waving support.

06 Jan 2011

Microsoft CES Keynote Live Blogged Tonight News

Kinect and Internet TV announcements expected

04 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Takes Black Ops News

Final week of 2010 chart domination denied!

04 Jan 2011

Japan Hardware: PSP Level, Wii Sees Present-Buying Boost News

All platforms enjoy sales lift.

24 Dec 2010

EA: Microsoft Can't Compete With PlayStation Brand News

Sony still has an "almost-impossible-to-supercede headstart."

21 Dec 2010

Microsoft Aims to 'Quadruple' Kinect Accuracy News

Allow for tracking of fingers and wrists.

20 Dec 2010

Japan: Sony PSP Beats Nintendo DS for 2010 News

It's Sony's year

17 Dec 2010

Japanese Hardware: Nintendo Benefits From Holiday Spree News

Monster Hunter still pushes PSP ahead.

16 Dec 2010

Xbox 360 for the USA Hardware Win in November News

NPD figures are out...

10 Dec 2010

Japan Hardware: PSP Sales Quadruple over Monster Hunter News

Impressive run for a handheld so late in its life cycle.

09 Dec 2010

Microsoft: Hardware Launches are 'Never Managed' News

Strangely chaotic then

06 Dec 2010

After Legalities, Trial Against Xbox 360 Modder Goes Ahead News

Judge issued a delay, government gave green light.

02 Dec 2010

Xbox 360: Microsoft Gives in The Season Of Giving News

Time to get some free points for a change

02 Dec 2010

Microsoft Proudly Announces Xbox 360s Fifth Birthday News

Best-selling console in US and Europe for five months.

02 Dec 2010

Japan Hardware: GT5 Doubles PS3 Sales News

Wii and DS also see gains.

02 Dec 2010

Pachter: Sony's Move Numbers Actually Closer to 2.5m News

Microsoft has the edge, apparently.

01 Dec 2010

Microsoft Launches Xbox Live Rewards Scheme News

Get Points for spending Points.

01 Dec 2010

Microsoft in Talks to Provide Online TV for Xbox 360 News

Bit like how it does ESPN, but bigger.

30 Nov 2010

Kinect Sells Over 2.5 Million Worldwide News

Kinecting the world.

30 Nov 2010

Free Xbox Live Gold for One Weekend - This Weekend News

It's like getting you hooked...

26 Nov 2010

GamesMaster Takes Job at National Tabloid Newspaper News

Selling out to 'the man' or a good move?

26 Nov 2010

Japan: Microsoft Sells 26,000 Kinects News

Did better than expected.

26 Nov 2010

Students Hack Kinect to Control PC Web Browsers News

Hulk smash dropdown menus!

25 Nov 2010

Japanese Hardware: Kinect Helps Xbox 360 Sales News

PSP takes the lead in overall chart.

25 Nov 2010

Kinect "off to a Rough Start" in Japan News

Retailer predicts apathetic times.

24 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Black Ops Holds Off Assassin's Creed Brotherhood News

Potter makes it into the Top 20

22 Nov 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii Sales Rocket News

More than trebles last week's sales.

19 Nov 2010

Microsoft Brings Lync Video Chat to Kinect but Not Xbox 360 News

Can that make up for lack of hardcore games?

18 Nov 2010

NPD Figures: Xbox 360 King of Consoles News

Only platform to see annual growth.

17 Nov 2010

Microsoft: One Million Kinects Down - Four million to Go News

Sales targets approaching.

16 Nov 2010

Fable III - Understone DLC Detailed News

More Fable for your money...

15 Nov 2010

Xbox Indie Games Devs Plan Winter Uprising News

To save the service from mediocrity.

15 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Black Ops 1 vs Kinect 4 News

Kinect Sports highest placed Kinect game

15 Nov 2010

Microsoft: Can Target Ads at Number of People in Room Using Kinect News

Then it disagrees with itself

12 Nov 2010

Kinect Costs Revealed: Scope for Easter Price Cut? News

Bill of materials

12 Nov 2010

Tepid News: Windows 7 Phone: 40,000 Launch Sales News

Maybe not a huge gaming advance?

11 Nov 2010

Microsoft: No Plans for Another Xbox News

End of an era then.

10 Nov 2010

Treyarch's Olin & the Xbox Live Black Ops Million Player Claim News

Is he getting good intel?

10 Nov 2010

Star Wars Kinect due next Christmas News

Another E3 "Wow Factor" claim goes into next year

10 Nov 2010

Kinect's Eco Love Makes it Slightly Deaf News

Stop yelling at it to turn off

10 Nov 2010

Gamestop Touts Kinect As Motion Control Leader News

Throws its gauntlet into retail ring

09 Nov 2010

Microsoft: There is No Kinect Hack News

Turns tables on earlier verdict

09 Nov 2010

Microsoft Ballmer Sells Shares for the First Time Ever News

CEO shifts $1.3bn worth of stock

08 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Football Manager 2011 Tops the League News

Beats FIFA 11 to the throne of footy games.

08 Nov 2010

Kinect Hacked - Microsoft not Amused News

Those clever people at MIT want hardware to be free!

08 Nov 2010

Kinect Hybrid Titles Coming To Xbox 360 News

Hardcore appeal.

04 Nov 2010

Microsoft Raises Kinect Sales Estimate by 2 Million News

The Holidays sales up and up

03 Nov 2010

Microsoft on Xbox Live Price Rises News

It's infrastructure or exclusive content or time...

02 Nov 2010

Project Gotham Racing to Make a Return News

Microsoft searching for developers.

02 Nov 2010

Crackdown 2 DLC & Windows Phone 7 Add-On Details News

Co-op arcade mode....

02 Nov 2010

Major Kinect Launch Title Recalled in States News

Apparently a misprint has occured

01 Nov 2010

Xbox Live Update 'Live' News

Well, rolling out in the next few hours.

01 Nov 2010

Video: Kinect Unboxing 5 Minutes of Spiel + Packaging News

Bloke from Game unboxes Kinect

29 Oct 2010

Microsoft UK: We'll Sell Hundreds of Thousands of Kinects for Xmas News

Some honesty comes into play regarding "limited supply"

29 Oct 2010

Greenberg Sure Kinect Launch will Beat Wii News

Doesn't see device shifting in droves upon launch

29 Oct 2010

Microsoft has Xbox 360 to Thank for Revenue Rise News

And people said it could never happen.

29 Oct 2010

Apple's Jobs Turned Down Bungie Buy News

No idea why he was so angry then

27 Oct 2010

Microsoft Angered Apple With Bungie Buyout News

Business Evolved.

26 Oct 2010

No New Xbox 360 Dashboard Until November News

Don't expect anything today

26 Oct 2010

Microsoft: Kinect is as Important to 360 as Xbox Live News

Will be tightly integrated.

26 Oct 2010

Microsoft Spent Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Kinect says NYT News

August New York paper spills the cost.

25 Oct 2010

Microsoft Reboots Games for Windows Marketplace News

Direct Download revolution.

22 Oct 2010

Master Chief and Mario Best Buddies in 2010 Sales Figures News

NPD show franchises' success

21 Oct 2010

Molyneux Shows Demo to Epic - Internet Goes Ga-Ga for Gears of Milo! News

Apparently this means the Epic will surely make Milo

20 Oct 2010

Microsoft Xbox Exec Takes 3D Slap at Sony News

3D is a bit rubbish is basically the statement

20 Oct 2010

Kinect's $500m Marketing Blitz, Launch Titles News

Peripheral vision.

19 Oct 2010

USA: Video Games Sales Down Again - Xbox Up News

Microsoft has a happy hardware month

15 Oct 2010

New Fable III Trailer Promises Revolution News

Take the power back.

13 Oct 2010

New Live TV Service for Xbox 360 News

U-verse subscribers, rejoice.

13 Oct 2010

Kinect Launch Stock Already Low News

GAME has sold out but Argos can deliver to the Queen

13 Oct 2010

NPD Nixes Games Hardware Figures News

Be prepared for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to really start marketing guff

12 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: PES 2011 Crushed by FIFA 11 News

EA clinches top spot.

11 Oct 2010

Massive Blow: Microsoft to Close In-Game Ad Company News

Big investment not paying off

11 Oct 2010

Ballmer Uses Xbox to Defend Dismal Bing News

And beach volleyball is his favourite game

06 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 11 Top of the Table News

Kicking everyone's Electronic Arts.

04 Oct 2010

Head of Xbox: Mattrick takes over from Robbie Bach News

No one stepping up to J Allard's role though

04 Oct 2010

Microsoft: Kinect Will Be "Biggest Platform Launch in History" News

Won't be the next 32X, either.

29 Sep 2010

EA: Sony "Could Come Back" to Beat Microsoft News

Won't place bets on Kinect or Move.

27 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: F1 2010 Takes the Title News

Halo: Reach knocked off its perch.

27 Sep 2010

Xbox 360 Sky Player to Support Kinect News

Now you can wave those programmes away!

27 Sep 2010

Microsoft "Our Job To Lead The Way On PC Gaming" News

Fable III, Age of Empires Online and Microsoft Flight only the start.

24 Sep 2010

Super Meat Boy Offers Free DLC Via XBLA Loophole News

And Microsoft's not protesting.

24 Sep 2010

Win a Visit from Kinect News

Also gratuitous message from sultry Sophie Ellis Bextor

23 Sep 2010

Japan Hardware Sales: Pokemon Boost DSi Range News

DSi and DSi LL take top positions in overall chart.

23 Sep 2010

Japan Video Game Chart: Pokemon Black & White Smashes Records News

Best first week sales total in history - after only two days on sale!

23 Sep 2010

Rumour: Project Milo Cancelled News

Tech to be used in a future Fable game.

23 Sep 2010

Bizarre Creations: Working with Activision Helps Us Make Better Games News

James Bond 007: Blood Stone designer tells us what's what

22 Sep 2010

Halo Games Should be More Frequent says Microsoft News

The Halo games will continue to come says company exec.

22 Sep 2010

Japan: PS3 Beating Wii in 2010 News

Nintendo getting squeezed in both US and Japanese territories.

21 Sep 2010

Europe Xbox 360: iTunes Challenger Coming to 360 News

Zune Pass will allow music and film downloads for monthly fee

21 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Halo Reach vs PS3 Move News

PlayStation Move bringing up the rear.

20 Sep 2010

Microsoft's Greenberg Slams Move Games as Ports News

Move's games are "controller-based" with motion controls shoehorned into them.

20 Sep 2010

Microsoft: Kinect will take down iPad News

Says they will 'Blow Away' Apple's lifestyle tablet

17 Sep 2010

Xbox 360 S Make PS3 Slim Sales Seem Slight News

Higher sales increase following Microsoft's new platform launch than Sony's.

17 Sep 2010

Japan Hardware Sales: Xbox 360 Slim Sells 700 Units News

Only 700 units sold in its first week.

17 Sep 2010

Microsoft Goes Japan Crazy with New Kinect Titles News

"Legendary Japanese Creators" to the fore

16 Sep 2010

Halo Reach Beats Halo 3's UK Launch News

Figures are in

16 Sep 2010

Halo Reach $200m Day One Compared to Halo 3 News

Makes for interesting reading

16 Sep 2010

No Halo Reach Co-op Campaign for 4Gig Xbox 360 Owners News

Microsoft looking for a fix.

15 Sep 2010

Electronic Arts: No New Xbox, PlayStation Consoles for Years News

Pricing suggests we're in mid-cycle.

14 Sep 2010

Halo Reach: The Banhammer Looms! News

Bungie "Already Aware" of Halo: Reach Cheaters

14 Sep 2010

Microsoft Reveals Huge Japan Push with TGS Lineup News

Kinect, AAA third party titles, XBLA, online coverage... you are really spoiling us.

14 Sep 2010

Halo: Reach - Real Life Spartan Jetpacks Round Nelson's Column News

Really, not much more to be said.

13 Sep 2010

Japanese Games Hardware: Time to Kill PSP Go? News

Portable still doing good business in the Far East

13 Sep 2010

Halo: Reach on Sale Early - Stats Already Reset News

No need to worry about your online Spartan stats being wiped.

13 Sep 2010

England Captain "Officially Rubbish at Halo" News

Celebrity event results with shameful performance, ahead of midnight launch.

10 Sep 2010

USA: Video Games Sales Bomb News

Sales down on all aspects

10 Sep 2010

Kinect Drops Real to Virtual Objects Launch Feature News

Real-world objects to digital objects a no-go at launch

09 Sep 2010

Dr Kawashima Helping with Brain Training on Kinect News

The good doctor aids Microsoft's motion control device

09 Sep 2010

Final Fantasy XIII to See Xbox 360 Japan Release News

It sold well over here. It'll get sold over there.

09 Sep 2010

Microsoft Embarrassed by Another Xbox 360 Gay Gaff News

Bans a gamer for use of 'Gay'

08 Sep 2010

Microsoft Confirms Kinect Bundle News

No more secrecy over upcoming device and console bundle

08 Sep 2010

Amazon Snaps Up Microsoft Xbox Live Guru News


07 Sep 2010

Japan Hardware: Go PSP, Go! News

Monster Hunter help push the Sony portable along.

03 Sep 2010

Kinect Voice Activation to be Region Locked News

Voice control not coming to mainland Europe until Spring

01 Sep 2010

Kinect to Understand English, Japanese, Mexican at Launch News

But not European Spanish, curiously.

01 Sep 2010

Microsoft: We Have Plans For Core PC Gamers News

Those with gaming rigs won't be left in the cold.

31 Aug 2010

Xbox Live Gold Prices to Rise News

For UK, US, Mexico and Canada.

31 Aug 2010

Japan Video Games Hardware: Robots Secure PS3 Win News

Sony platforms dominate.

27 Aug 2010

WTF News: Kinect: $49 for a Cable Extension News

Hardware add-ons priced.

25 Aug 2010

Microsoft Confirms Voice Control At Kinect Launch News

No beating around the bush

24 Aug 2010

UPDATE: Microsoft Contests: Kinect Truly Dumb at Launch News

No voice control at launch contested

24 Aug 2010

Microsoft Unleashes Wrath on Halo: Reach Players News

Permanent console and Gamertag bans all around.

24 Aug 2010

Kinect is an Xbox 360 Life Extender News

Microsoft's Euro boss pipes up

24 Aug 2010

Halo Reach Gets Ground Zero Like Commemoration News

Monument of Light website commemorating the heroes of Noble Team and the planet Reach.

24 Aug 2010

Crackdown 2: Free and 'Premium' DLC News

Toy Box for Xbox Live

23 Aug 2010

Halo Reach Ad Campaign Lets You Control a Real Robot News

Microsoft Planning Biggest Ever Ad Push for Halo: Reach

23 Aug 2010

Amazon Cans XBox LIVE sales News

XBox Live Arcade and Games on Demand not to be sold anymore

23 Aug 2010

Halo: Reach Leaked! News

Microsoft is investigating.

23 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: Sales Up Despite Software Slump News

PSP and PS3 dominate.

20 Aug 2010

Avatars to be Redesigned for Kinect Use - Pic News

Proportions on current models just aren't cutting it.

18 Aug 2010

UK Ad Authority: PS3 FFXIII Better than Xbox 360 News

ASA upholds claim

18 Aug 2010

Why Ensemble Studios Died? Age of Empires Reborn as Social Game News

Ensemble debacle comes full circle.

17 Aug 2010

Video: Windows Phone 7 Evokes Xbox Live For Gamers News

Wants to distance itself from Apple.

17 Aug 2010

Kinect for the UK Dated not Feted News

Microsoft's controller comes in November

17 Aug 2010

Analyst: Microsoft has $99 Kinect Option for 2011 News

Market analyst believes Kinect will shift 4m for Christmas period

13 Aug 2010

NPD: Xbox 360 Storms Ahead in July News

Outsells Wii and PS3 in the US

13 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: PSP Plummets Despite Popular Releases News

PS2, DSi and DS Lite pick up the slack.

13 Aug 2010

Microsoft: No "E3-Style Big Announces" At Gamescom News

Platform holder clarifies Cologne call outs

13 Aug 2010

Molyneux Removing Own 'Good Ideas' in Fable III News

And demanding five million sales

12 Aug 2010

Huge Chinese Breakthrough for Xbox Coming News

Xbox 360 still hoping to see release in China in the future

11 Aug 2010

Kinect Dumbed Down - Disregards the Deaf News

Whispers abound it's because of a technology "dumb down."

11 Aug 2010

250Gb Kinect Bundle Spotted News

Details are spotted on side of packaging for 4Gb version in Australia

10 Aug 2010

Alan Wake Developer Talks "Full Blown" Sequel News

Remedy ready to talk to Microsoft

10 Aug 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 and PSP Sales Impress News

Sengoku Basara and Project Diva does good.

09 Aug 2010

Deaf People Can PWN You with Kinect News

Patent shows hearing impaired may be catered for with device

09 Aug 2010

Microsoft Talks "Things Like Kinect" and More News

Some truths and some reflections for the future of Kinect

06 Aug 2010

No Microsoft Kinect for Indies News

Microsoft in tight control of Kinect development.

06 Aug 2010

Retailer: Kinect Cheap for Multiplayer News

Not so much for the single player experience though

06 Aug 2010

Kinect: "As Many People as You Want" Could Play News

So says Xbox's General Manager

05 Aug 2010

Molyneux in Milo 'Mountain Climb' Over Child Interaction Concerns News

Milo 'appeals to all the dark thoughts of humanity'.

05 Aug 2010

Good News vs Bad New for Fable III News

A day of mixed fortunes for-bleeding-sooth!

03 Aug 2010

Good News! Microsoft Wins Xbox Live Law Suit News

Federal judge kicks out the competition

03 Aug 2010

Xbox Live Billing Site Denies Firefox Users News

False certification message

03 Aug 2010

Microsoft Spin Time: Kinect to Change Channel based on Your Shirt News

Manchester United fans... something to look forward to.

02 Aug 2010

Kinect Kudo Tsunoda: Core Gamer Definition "Weird to Me" News

Launch lineup does appeal to the 'core gamer.'

02 Aug 2010

UK Kinect Pre-Orders Going Well News

Industry journal reports from the front

30 Jul 2010

Japan Hardware: Handhelds Rule, Consoles Drool News

Wii and PS3 down, PSP 3000 and DSi up.

30 Jul 2010

Kinect Goes on UK Tour News

Try before you buy.

30 Jul 2010

Halo Reaches Out with Latest Action News

Lots and lots and lots and lots of space killing!

29 Jul 2010

Microsoft on Kinect Price: "Depends How You Look at it" News

That's what we call a free market.

29 Jul 2010

UK Game Charts: Woody Kicks the S*hit Out of Crackdown 2 News

You're my favourite deputy!

26 Jul 2010

HMV Lists Kinect For November 19th UK Launch News

Two weeks before the US, as well.

26 Jul 2010

Halo Reach Branded Xbox 360 Announced News

Silver finish, Halo insignias, custom sound effects... check!

23 Jul 2010

Microsoft - Xbox Division Makes Less of a Loss News

Microsoft declares figures.

23 Jul 2010

Japan Hardware: Nintendo Down, Sony Up News

PSP leaps over DSi LL.

23 Jul 2010

Rumour: Console Gamers Killed 360 vs PC Cross-Platform Play News

They just outright sucked, apparently.

22 Jul 2010

Gears of War 3 Character's Death Could Provide Charity Cash News

Kill Carmine or save him to help the kiddies.

21 Jul 2010

Microsoft Kinect Pricing + 4Gb Sub-Wii Priced Xbox 360 Confirmed News

The console war kicks off again.

20 Jul 2010

Sony, Microsoft Backing New DRM System News

'Digital locker' intends to allow playback of content across multiple devices.

20 Jul 2010

Japan Games Hardware: Wii Parties to the Top News

Distances itself from the PS3.

19 Jul 2010

Japanese Game Software Charts: Wii Like to Party News

White Knight Chronicles close behind new Nintendo hit.

19 Jul 2010

Xbox 360 S is UK's Best-Selling Console Revamp Ever News

Beats the PS2 Slim and PS3 Slim.

19 Jul 2010

UK Game Software Charts: Broadway Comes to Pacific City News

Crackdown 2 still #1 though.

19 Jul 2010

Dutch Microsoft Exec: Sony Doesn't Give a Sh*t About Move News

Ex PlayStation marketing man apparently breaks the news.

16 Jul 2010

US Games Industry in June Blues but Xbox Slim Saves Hardware News

Games down - hardware up

16 Jul 2010

Get Kinect-ed Up at Macy's Nibble

15 Jul 2010

Xbox 360 s Arcade Looks Set for 4GB Storage News

Retail listing offers up details

14 Jul 2010

Molyneux: Milo is 'a Trick that Works' News

TED talk reveals more Milo & Kate details

14 Jul 2010

Analyst: Microsoft Could Make $1bn from Kinect News

From $149 to $900 million.

13 Jul 2010

UK Software Charts: Crackdown Brings The Smackdown News

Super Mario Galaxy suffers as a result.

12 Jul 2010

Unboxing the UK Specific Xbox 360 Slim News

SPOnG's goes gaga for slim console unwrap

09 Jul 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii and PS3 Continue the Endless Fight News

DSi LL sales drop despite software domination.

09 Jul 2010

Microsoft Kinect "Measures your Thoughts" News

How to judge a piece of hardware

08 Jul 2010

Xbox 360 Destination Arcade is US Only News

Microsoft apologises

07 Jul 2010

Xbox Live 'Probably' Made $1Billion in 2010 News

Fiscal year 2010 that is.

07 Jul 2010

Xbox 360 Gets New Live Content Browser News

Major Nelson spills his beans

07 Jul 2010

Mystery Deepens: Kinect & the WiFi Cable News

It's to do things with stuff according to Microsoft.

07 Jul 2010

Japanese Developers Surprised By Kinect News

Not nearly as laggy as they thought.

05 Jul 2010

Microsoft Hiring For Next Halo Title News

Getting in there early.

02 Jul 2010

Japan Hardware: Xbox 360 On Level Playing Field News

Microsoft's console plays with the big boys.

02 Jul 2010

USA Videogames in May: Xbox 360 Red Dead Saves some Face News

Software saved by Red Dead Redemption

02 Jul 2010

Exclusive: Peter Molyneux: Milo & Kate Tech IS in Kinectimals News

Contradicts David Braben

01 Jul 2010

UK Retail CEO Angered but Confirms $149 Kinect Pricing News

Believe the US pricing rumours, apparently - CEO says they're real.

30 Jun 2010

Peter Molyneux on Groinal Touching and Aaron Greenberg News

And narrative for Milo

30 Jun 2010

Hulu Confirmed for Xbox 360 AND PS3 News

If you pay the subscription fee, of course.

30 Jun 2010

Kinect Specs: Why the WiFi? News

Comes with a Wifi extension cable says Play

30 Jun 2010

Microsoft's Greenberg Backtracks on 'No Milo Game' Comments News

It actually is coming out, apparently. Just not this year.

30 Jun 2010

Retail Kinect Kate & Milo Kaput News

Tech demo fails to make it to shops

29 Jun 2010

American McGee: Kinect will Fail without Shovelware News

Flip-flopping on control inputs make for "a pretty half-assed paradigm shift."

28 Jun 2010

Molyneux: Wii and PlayStation Move "Very Similar" News

Milo still in development

25 Jun 2010

Xbox 360 S Exhibits Overheating Problems, "Red Dot of Death" News

Microsoft 'confident of shipping a high quality product'.

25 Jun 2010

Microsoft Making Public Kinect-ions in the US News

Motion sensor on show in Microsoft Stores

25 Jun 2010

Kudo Tsunoda: Kinect Is Like Super Mario Bros. News

Would you consider Super Mario Bros a core or casual game? What about Kinect Adventures?

24 Jun 2010

Microsoft Prices Xbox Live Family Subscriptions News

Now four of you can get a Live account each, for £70.

24 Jun 2010

Microsoft: First Person Shooter for Kinect 'Someday' News

It is for the hardcore.... no it isn't... yes it is.

24 Jun 2010

Crackdown 2 Demo Suffers Infinite Time Limit Glitch News

Uh oh, spaghetti-os.

23 Jun 2010

Microsoft Store Prices Kinect at $150 News

Not $70... $150

22 Jun 2010

Microsoft Kinect: Insider says $150 Cost Price News

Somewhat different to Mr Pachter's guess

21 Jun 2010

Microsoft Kinect: $70 to Make - Still No Sell Price News

Analysts estimate - then firm fact

21 Jun 2010

Gears of War 3 Beast Mode Detailed News

It's Locust against COG - but different.

21 Jun 2010

Kinect Pricing to Benefit from Non-Gaming Use News

So say Microsoft partners in software solutions.

18 Jun 2010

Xbox 360 S Already Modded News

Making the shiny look shinier.

18 Jun 2010

Japan Hardware: Nintendo Gains Over E3 2010 News

All other platforms down.

18 Jun 2010

Kinect: $150 Pricing Indicators Grow News

Gamestop and Amazon offer pre-order pricing.

17 Jun 2010

New Xbox 360 Cannot RROD News

Red LEDs removed for revised model.

17 Jun 2010

Microsoft's Kinect to be Priced at Gamescom News

Apparently you talk about these things 'at the end.'

17 Jun 2010

Microsoft Kinect: Devs say No Stand Up Play News

Microsoft says yes, developers say no.

17 Jun 2010

Microsoft: Kinect Pricing to Be Announced Closer To November News

Wait and see approach isn't entirely obvious, much.

16 Jun 2010

Xbox 360 Gets Price Cut to Clear Stock pre July Slim Launch News

Decks ready for Slim clearance in USA, UK has questions to ask.

15 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Xbox 360 Slim Ships This Week - $299 / £199 - PIX News

Faster wifi, bigger drive

14 Jun 2010

E3 2010: November 4th in USA - 15 Titles - Forza Coming News

Confirmed details for the USA - still no price

14 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Xbox Live Gets ESPN News

Gold subscribers get sports coverage for free

14 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Kinect Achieves 'Reverse Latency'? News

First video of Star Wars begs questions

14 Jun 2010

Microsoft Goes on Attack Defence for Kinect News

Stephen Toulouse opines on name, Greenberg fibs.

14 Jun 2010

Xbox 360 'Slim' with Wifi Leaked News

It's not all about Kinect but it is compatible.

14 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Microsoft Natal Named Kinect - Games Previewed News

November launch confirmed

14 Jun 2010

Microsoft E3 Briefing Live in HD in Time Square News

Microsoft pulling out all the stops.

11 Jun 2010

Foxconn to Ship Microsoft Natal in Time for Halo Reach News

August shipping to retail says report

11 Jun 2010

Japan Hardware: Mario Edges Wii Closer to PS3 News

Wii and PS3 in galactic battle for top position.

04 Jun 2010

Project Natal Pre-Orders June 13th News

According to GAME

03 Jun 2010

Possible Microsoft Natal Retail Unit Pictured News

Small and perfectly formed.

03 Jun 2010

Japan Hardware: All Fall Down News

Except Xbox 360 and Wii. They go up a little.

28 May 2010

Microsoft Natal Renamed Wave - Rumour - Update News

Unnamed source spills bean

28 May 2010

PS3 Market Share Grows At Expense Of Xbox 360 News

It's the Slim wot dun it.

27 May 2010

Rumour: Project Natal Renamed at E3 News

Pricing also rumoured at $149

26 May 2010

Microsoft: We Lost as Much Money as We Wanted on Xbox News

Robbie Bach has a laugh

26 May 2010

Ballmer Email Apparenly Confirms Bach and Allard Exits News

Executive transitioning...

25 May 2010

Microsoft to 'Shake Up' Games Division News

J Allard rumours mount

25 May 2010

Xbox 360 Beats PS3 in Red Dead Redemption Race News

Microsoft's console wins shoot-out

24 May 2010

UK Software Charts: John Marston Most Popular Outlaw News

Red Dead Redemption shoots its way to #1.

24 May 2010

Aaron Greenberg Dismisses $200 Natal News

Greenberg speaks in straight line.

18 May 2010

Swedish Retailers Selling Natal for $200 News

Placeholder, bundle or complete guess?

17 May 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA 1, Wake 2 News

World Cup fever still has nation in vice grip.

17 May 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii And DS Only Gains News

PS3 and PSP platforms see significant drop.

14 May 2010

Rumour: PS3, 360, Wii Price Cuts Expected News

Fighting for Christmas supremacy.

11 May 2010

Xbox 360 Will Get 3D Gaming With LG Partnership News

Microsoft to partner with TV company to push technology.

11 May 2010

Japan Hardware: Boost For All Platforms News

Even the PlayStation 2.

07 May 2010

Pitfall & More for Xbox Live Games Room Update Wednesday News

Delays seemingly done and dusted

04 May 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA World Cup Scores Big News

Football fever strikes the high street.

04 May 2010

Nintendo Wii Awarded Most Valuable Gaming Brand News

Nintendo DS comes second.

30 Apr 2010

Bungie: We Showed Our New Project To Microsoft And Sony News

And both were naturally very keen on having it.

30 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: Sony Platforms Edge Victory News

RPGs help bolster PS3 and PSP sales.

30 Apr 2010

Microsoft Deal with Bungie 'Unchanged' by Activision News

No surprises there

29 Apr 2010

Datel Gets Green Light To Pursue Microsoft Lawsuit News

All but one legal claim passes through federal court.

27 Apr 2010

Rumour: Xbox 360 Slim, Metal Gear Solid Natal? News

Surfer Girl strikes again.

26 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 Maintains Lead News

PSP holds the top for handhelds

23 Apr 2010

Xbox 360 Sales Down "Inline with Overall Market" News

Bonus mystery: People pulling lifetime console sales from thin air.

23 Apr 2010

Natal Knows You Better than Your Mum Does News

In a Demon Seed kind of a way

23 Apr 2010

Lots and Lots and Lots of Halo Reach Screens and Art News

Latest Reach imagery here.

21 Apr 2010

Rumour: Microsoft In Xbox 360 TV Channel Talks News

Reruns and original content ahoy.

21 Apr 2010

Rumour: Pictures Of Natal Being Tested News

600 phrases being used to test voice recognition.

21 Apr 2010

Sony And Microsoft Respond To NPD Sales News

And they're both very happy indeed. Naturally.

16 Apr 2010

NPD Sales: God of War III, Nintendo DS Dominate March News

PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII fares better.

16 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 and Wii Gap Gets Tighter News

Week on week sales drop outs Sony level with Nintendo.

16 Apr 2010

Rumour: Ghost Recon Future Soldier To Be Natal-Enabled? News

Controller in one hand, flailing commands with the other.

14 Apr 2010

Reminder: Original Xbox Live Being Switched Off Tomorrow News

Get those final Halo 2 Slayer matches in.

14 Apr 2010

Xbox 360 Slim + Natal for $299 - Says Pachter News

Prediction time based on educated guessing FTW

13 Apr 2010

April 8th 2011 for Gears of War 3 Trailer Here News

Women soldiers as well

13 Apr 2010

Microsoft Points Change: Result of 'Community Feedback' News

Xbox 360 owners now have 400 problems, but leftover points ain't one.

12 Apr 2010

Japan Hardware: PS2 Is The Only Winner News

Every other platform sees drop in hardware sales.

09 Apr 2010

Modern Warfare 2 'Mapathy' Cure Sets Xbox Live Record News

Activision and Microsoft made the right diagnosis.

08 Apr 2010

New Alan Wake Trailer with added Jargon! News

Exciting stuff

07 Apr 2010

Xbox 360 USB Support Hacked Already? News

Nobody's willing to pay for it though.

07 Apr 2010

Microsoft Sues Datel For Copying Controller Layout News

Has it really come to this?

07 Apr 2010

Alan Wake Hits Europe Early News

Yes, a game comes early

07 Apr 2010

Xbox 360 USB Storage Support Live Today - Details News

Get your external hard drives and memory sticks ready!

06 Apr 2010

Heavy Rain Dev Says Microsoft Lying about Natal News

It's not feasible says Cage

06 Apr 2010

Microsoft Natal Based On 'Low Cost, Plug and Play, Usb-Powered Device' News

From a company called Primesense

31 Mar 2010

Modern Warfare 2 - Stimulus Pack: Now Players are Hit With Billing Errors News

Microsoft's Xbox Live Operations team explains what happened.

31 Mar 2010

Microsoft: Natal for 'Lifestyle Experiences' News

Remember when games were games?

31 Mar 2010

Major Nelson Victim Of Xbox Live Hack Attack News

Supposed culprit taking $60 offers to hack other people's accounts.

29 Mar 2010

Microsoft Phasing Out HDDs & Memory Units News

But adding USB storage support.

26 Mar 2010

Microsoft Pre-E3 Conference 'Natal Experience' News

Special event to take place the night before official E3 conference.

26 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 Torne A New One News

Digital video recorder and Yakuza 4 pumps up sales.

26 Mar 2010

Microsoft Closes Xbox 360 Modding Website News

Legal team puts the kibosh on "wilful infringement."

26 Mar 2010

Pachter: Microsoft's RPG Chase "Not Worth It" News

Final Fantasy XIII was about the only one to make a difference, says analyst.

24 Mar 2010

Microsoft: Natal is Okay for Bedsits News

Okay for most places in fact

24 Mar 2010

Microsoft Natal: Not for Bedsits News

Bad news for students

23 Mar 2010

Microsoft: Researchers Already Working on Natal II News

Natal to mark the end of 'me-too' consumer products.

22 Mar 2010

Molyneux: Fable III Combat vs Drama News

Peter gets worried, then cheers up

19 Mar 2010

USB Storage for Xbox 360 in Spring Update News

Quick expansion

18 Mar 2010

Xbox 360 'Slim' Touted News

New chip indicates new 360 form

17 Mar 2010

Peter Molyneux Calls Heavy Rain 'The Future' Of Gaming News

Fable creator a huge fan of Quantic Dream's story game.

17 Mar 2010

Greenberg Clarifies Xbox vs PS3 Install Base Comment News

No, he certainly didn't say or mean worldwide sales.

16 Mar 2010

Microsoft: No Blu-ray Helped Xbox 360 Double PS3 Install Base News

Apparently Microsoft is the only one betting on digital distribution.

16 Mar 2010

Microsoft 'Frenemy' Enables Xbox 360 Games on iPhone News

New technology can port XNA code over to Apple's phone.

15 Mar 2010

Microsoft Patents Automated DLC Purchases News

It's not as evil as it sounds, don't worry.

15 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: Pokemon Fails To Ignite DS Sales News

PSP gets ahead despite hosting the lower profile game.

12 Mar 2010

Microsoft's Greenberg: Xbox 360 Can Do All Games News

Even God of War III

12 Mar 2010

Xbox 360 Tops U.S. Console Chart News

But Nintendo calls foul on Microsoft's NPD win.

12 Mar 2010

Microsoft Will Reveal Full Natal Lineup At E3 News

No more secrets come June 2010.

09 Mar 2010

Microsoft: Natal Complements Hard Core News

No dumbing down here.

08 Mar 2010

Microsoft Thinking Of New Xbox 360 Looks News

Home console needs to be more open to take advantage of the cloud.

08 Mar 2010

Xbox Live Terms Enter 20th Century for Gays, Lesbians, Straights News

It's okay, you can be openly mocked now.

05 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: Wii Breaks Ahead News

PSP Go still slumping - on its last legs soon?

05 Mar 2010

Major New Xbox 360 Game for Japan Hinted News

Something to do with robots.

04 Mar 2010

Natal Costs Microsoft $40 News

Microsoft to sell well over cost, apparently.

03 Mar 2010

Japan Hardware: PS3 And Wii In Close Quarters News

Sony's console outsells Wii by a squeeze.

26 Feb 2010

Xbox Live: Game Room Free - Games Not News

Marketing for Game Room begins in earnest

25 Feb 2010

October for Project Natal Leaks BBC Broadcaster News

Showbiz identity tweets as Microsoft facepalms

23 Feb 2010

Pachter $50 Natal Price News

Follows up his October 2009 guesstimate

22 Feb 2010

Remedy: Alan Wake is "Season One", DLC To Lead Into "Season Two" News

Remedy has "always thought of Alan Wake as a bigger story than just the one game."

18 Feb 2010

Titles Removed from Xbox Live - Game Room or Publisher Problems? News

Licensing issues not Game Room.

17 Feb 2010

Microsoft Marketing Coup Natal in Smallville News

Epic flailing draws comical image of motion sensing use.

16 Feb 2010

Microsoft's Greenberg: We Could Have Done a Motion Controller News

Natal has five years of life

15 Feb 2010

Xbox Live Finally Comes to Phones - Video News

Windows Phone 7 brings game

15 Feb 2010

Not PC News: No Alan Wake News

More suited to console only... after all this time

12 Feb 2010

Enough Messing: Xbox 360 & PC 2010 Roster Details News

Halo Reach, Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Dead Rising 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 packs, Prefect Dark

12 Feb 2010

Final Fantasy XIII UK Special Edition Priced News

Priced and detailed.

12 Feb 2010

Fable III: Natal but Not Natal News

Also, no HUD will p*ss you off

12 Feb 2010

Alan Wake's Awesome New Trailer and Date News

Nightmarish authorial shooting mystery

12 Feb 2010

UPDATE: Microsoft Working To Restore Original Xbox DLC News

Removal of game content on Xbox Live was in error.

11 Feb 2010

Microsoft: Xbox 360s Not for Sale to Military News

Console company feared reputation hit by association.

10 Feb 2010

Highest Earners on Xbox Live Arcade 2009 News

Revenue per user down, but it still made $103.4 million in 2009

05 Feb 2010

Japanese Hardware: DS Sales Unaffected By Dragon Quest News

PSP is the one that comes out on top.

05 Feb 2010

Xbox Live: Original Xbox Support to Die in April News

Major Nelson announces the end of support

05 Feb 2010

Xbox 360 Natal - Some Never Before Seen Interviews News

Footage with Added Crowd Screaming

03 Feb 2010

Sony's Dille More Than 10 Years for PS3 News

Xbox won't be around in 10 years.

03 Feb 2010

Xbox Live Game Room: No Mature Games News

No grown-up games allowed

01 Feb 2010

Japan Hardware: PSP Sucks The Least News

Week-on-week sales slump continues. Lame.

29 Jan 2010

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Sales Down but Income Up News

That's how the free market works

29 Jan 2010

New Japanese Developer Commits to Xbox 360 News

Hasn't yet supported the console; will release slew of titles later this year.

27 Jan 2010

Monster Hunter Frontier Subs Offer Free Xbox Live Gold News

Japanese Xbox 360 users don't have to pay twice.

27 Jan 2010

UPDATE: Nintendo Nixed Natal News

3DV System demoed technology to Iwata back in 2007.

27 Jan 2010

Microsoft: Natal is New Gaming Category News

MGS requires a Creative Director for Natal

26 Jan 2010

Capcom + Microsoft = Monster Hunter Frontier 360 News

2007 PC MMO heading for Xbox 360.

26 Jan 2010

Bungie Blowout: First Screens of Halo Reach News

First screenshots, concept artwork and personnel details.

26 Jan 2010

Microsoft Returns to Own Video Game Event News

X10 all set to reveal Natal

26 Jan 2010

Microsoft Uses Apple Defence In Datel Lawsuit News

Lawyers say Microsoft within rights to restrict 'unauthorised accessories'.

25 Jan 2010

Microsoft Games Team Snaps Up Zune Management News

Zune and Media Center businesses now work under Xbox division.

25 Jan 2010

Mass Effect 2 Leaked On Torrent Sites News

Pirates wary of potential console-bricking a week before official release.

22 Jan 2010

Japanese Hardware: Sales Drop Across The Board News

Wii and PSP manage to suffer less than other platforms.

22 Jan 2010

Neilsen: Xbox Live's 1 vs 100: Tip of Ratings Iceberg News

Microsoft: No Difference Between a Game and American Idol or Lost - looks to deal with Disney and ESPN.

19 Jan 2010

Japanese Hardware: PSP At Top And Bottom Of Charts News

Kingdom Hearts props UMD version, PSP Go bringing up the rear.

15 Jan 2010

Capcom To Revive Old Franchise For Natal News

Project is built from the ground up.

13 Jan 2010

Microsoft Makes Game Creator PC Available News

Moves over from Xbox Live.

13 Jan 2010

Microsoft: Xbox 360 'Fully 3D Capable' News

Company says it will support the tech if people want it.

13 Jan 2010

Pachter: Xbox 360, PS3 Price Cuts News

In other news... sun might rise or set

12 Jan 2010

Xbox Live Offerings Scheduled for You News

Lots of goodies

12 Jan 2010

Rumour: Sonic Adventure Hitting Xbox Live Arcade? News

Supposed photo leaks re-release's existence.

12 Jan 2010

Nintendo: Wii More Efficient than PS3 and Xbox 360 News

Kyoto company fires back at Greenpeace's 'eco unfriendly' report.

12 Jan 2010

Microsoft: Still Plenty of Power Left in PS3 News

President, Entertainment & Devices Division says so

12 Jan 2010

Microsoft: Natal is No Wii News

Natal's Brand New Experience

11 Jan 2010

Modern Warfare 2 DLC: Microsoft's Greenberg Talks Sport News

Unbelievable guff spewed forth regarding DLC

11 Jan 2010

Japan Hardware: Sony Console Gains, Wii Still Leads News

All Nintendo platforms see sales drop, but is still #1 in console chart.

08 Jan 2010

Natal Loses Hardware Chip For Software Solution News

Small performance hit, but said to be negligible.

07 Jan 2010

Alan Wake To Get Additional DLC Episodes News

Like TV show Lost, only much more twisted.

07 Jan 2010

Xbox 360 Does PlayStation Home - Game Room News

Well, it looks like PlayStation Home

07 Jan 2010

Microsoft's Natal CES Offering - Films News

Well, okay, it's never seen actual film. It's digital recording

07 Jan 2010

Wii Sold Most - Xbox 360 Made Most - PS3 Starred in 2009 News

This is how to create a politically correct press release

06 Jan 2010

Japan Hardware: Nintendo Domination News

Wii smashes PS3 into oblivion this week - yes, Nintendomination

04 Jan 2010

Xbox Live Heading to Windows Mobile News

Job ads appear to confirm it.

30 Dec 2009

Cops Nab Crook via Xbox 360 Trace News

Microsoft helps out

24 Dec 2009

Play 1 vs 100 For Free Over Christmas News

New Games Music Marketplace also announced.

23 Dec 2009

New 'Realistic' Xbox 360 Avatars to Use Your Healthcare Data News

Your health care data to be used via third-parties

21 Dec 2009

Japan Hardware: All Platforms Sales Rise, Except PSP Go News

Wii still selling strong in home console charts.

21 Dec 2009

Microsoft's Greenberg on 'Just the Exclusives' News

Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 almost dated

21 Dec 2009

UK Charts: Modern Warfare 2 Nabs Christmas #1 News

FIFA 10 comes mighty close though.

21 Dec 2009

Japan Hardware: Wii Sells Over 100,000 News

PSP topples DSi LL in Handheld sales too.

14 Dec 2009

UK Charts: Wii Sports Resort Chasing Modern Warfare 2 News

Just Dance gets 274% boost in sales.

14 Dec 2009

VGA Roundup: GOTY is Uncharted 2 News

Uncharted 2 wins Game of the Year award.

14 Dec 2009

Halo Reach Beta: Spring 2010 News

Also HD trailer ahoy

14 Dec 2009

PS3 Scoops Metacritic's Platform of the Year 2009 News

Uncharted 2 beats Modern Warfare apparently

11 Dec 2009

Microsoft: It's Not About Console Sales News

Also Halo Reach to be biggest GOTY

11 Dec 2009

NPD November: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly News

Still, nearly everybody is pleased

11 Dec 2009

Last Day for Xbox 360 Repairs Before Xmas News

First headline with Xmas in..

10 Dec 2009

Under 18s Get Facebook, Twitter on Xbox Live News

Go crazy you crazy teens

10 Dec 2009

New Xbox 360 Dashboard In The Works? News

Online CV suggests new update to console's recently launched NXE.

07 Dec 2009

Japan Hardware: Wii Edges Out PS3 News

It's a Nintendo week in the hardware charts, but for how long?

07 Dec 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Arkham Asylum's 122% Boost News

Basically, not very much happened at all - Call of Duty still Number 1

07 Dec 2009

MW2 Javelin Glitch Being Fixed, Will Get You Banned News

Infinity Ward and Microsoft all announce fixes via Twitter.

03 Dec 2009

Black Friday Boasts from Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo News

Prepare yourself for standard number spunking

01 Dec 2009

Microsoft Orders New Office Location For Rare News

High-demand Birmingham site is thirty minutes away from Twycross.

30 Nov 2009

Rumour - Xbox Live To Host Virtual E3? News

Survey suggests 'Virtual Video Game Convention Service'.

30 Nov 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Modern Warfare 2's Sales Slip News

Wii games shuffle about the rest of the Top 10.

30 Nov 2009

Xbox 360: Microsoft Pay Policy Pole-Axes BBC iPlayer News

BBC radio and telly player frozen charged out

30 Nov 2009

Microsoft and Sony "Keen On Subscription MMOs" News

Undead Lab's Zombie MMO will be subscription based.

27 Nov 2009

Japan: DSi LL Doubles PSP Go Life Sales in a Week News

One handheld to rule them all

27 Nov 2009

Datel Sues Microsoft Over Xbox 360 Memory News

Bad blood due to update

24 Nov 2009

Two Million Do Xbox Live Facebook News

Lots of friendship around the place

24 Nov 2009

Ruffian Creative Director Namechecks Crackdown 3 News

Interview marks attitude change at Microsoft.

23 Nov 2009

Microsoft and Nielsen Joining on 1vs100 News

Quiz show gets data mining fun

23 Nov 2009

PS3 Plaintiff Targets Microsoft, Nintendo News

Guess who’s back, back again?

23 Nov 2009

Xbox Live Exec: Not a Million Banned News

Also the most outrageous Corporate BS ever

20 Nov 2009

Microsoft Denies Sub-£50 Natal Pricing News

Comments on rumour and speculation.

18 Nov 2009

Image Fest! Microsoft Launches Social Networking... Socially News

Taio Cruz and Paloma Faith headlined London launch party.

17 Nov 2009

Xbox 360 Owns Modern Warfare 2's First Week News

Games are in the mainstream.

16 Nov 2009

Japan Hardware: Portable Sales Down, PS3 Still Top News

Pro Evo 2010 leads Sony's console to ultimate victory.

16 Nov 2009

Microsoft No Apologies for Xbox Live Bans News

No surprises there then

13 Nov 2009

Xbox 360 Europe: Beating PS3 in Non-Gaming News

Marketing mode set to fully on. Entertainment is re-invented. Xbox 360 owners are 25+

13 Nov 2009

Natal - You Move Your Hand - Master Chief Moves His News

Time Magazine explains why its given Project Natal an award

12 Nov 2009

Cultural Phenomena Fight! Modern Warfare 2 vs Halo vs Super Smash Bros Brawl News

More marketing nonsense than you can shake a stick at.

12 Nov 2009

Now One Million Banned from Xbox Live News

Where are these figures coming from?

12 Nov 2009

Xbox Live Gamer Culling Season Starts News

Big numbers bandied around.

11 Nov 2009

Natal Under Fifty Quid in November 2010 News

Five million units for the first day.

11 Nov 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Fitness Before Christmas News

Football Manager 2010 gets knocked down to 4th place.

09 Nov 2009

Win VIP Tickets to the Modern Warfare 2 Launch in London! News

That's right two pairs of tickets.

05 Nov 2009

Microsoft Warns on Secondhand Consoles News

Ban hammers being blunted in readiness

05 Nov 2009

Halo Waypoint Schedule is Here News

Stuff to do if you've been invited.

04 Nov 2009

UPDATE: Left 4 Dead 2 Demo has Problems News

Microsoft working on it.

03 Nov 2009

Xbox 360 Rewards Stateside Stated News

What do points make?

03 Nov 2009

UK Games Charts - Football Manager Manages the Win News

Week 44 and the charts go serious

02 Nov 2009

Japan Software Charts: Pokemon's Still The Very Best News

Impressive performances by Western games in Forza 3 and FIFA 10 too

30 Oct 2009

Japan Hardware Sales Drop, PS3 Still Top News

Xbox 360 and DS Lite only consoles to see gains.

30 Oct 2009

Sky and Microsoft Blame Demand for Xbox 360 Player Problem News

Too much love can be a bad thing.

29 Oct 2009

Xbox 360 Mandatory Update Now - Wireless Tweaks News

Not Facebook, Twitter etc

28 Oct 2009

Microsoft Working on Xbox Live Sky Player Problems News

Don't worry if you can't watch your favourite telly. Play a game instead.

27 Oct 2009

Sky TV Pricing for Xbox Gold Members Announced News

Never leave your house ever again

27 Oct 2009

Hollywood Analyst: Xbox 360 to Thank for Netflix Success News

17 hours a week for 360 owners

26 Oct 2009

Apple to Drive Mobile Gaming - Nintendo, Sony Have Peaked News

DS and PSP sales have peaked apparently

23 Oct 2009

Microsoft: No Plans for Xbox 360 Blu-ray News

Ballmer confuses or misquoted

23 Oct 2009

Microsoft Denies Xbox Live Price Hike News

At least not for a couple of months

22 Oct 2009

Week in Japan: 8-Bit Homages, Afterburners And Car Declines News

Plus Microsoft's valuable new bundle pack.

22 Oct 2009

Microsoft Ballmer Confirms Xbox 360 Blu-Ray Drives News

Also speaks of Natal strategy.

22 Oct 2009

Competition For Microsoft's Natal Emerges News

Canesta's motion-detection chip could be implemented in many different products.

21 Oct 2009

Halo Waypoint Could Include Gameplay Features News

5th November launch for Xbox Dashboard application.

21 Oct 2009

Microsoft Will Ban Gamertags of Pre-Release Players News

Anyone playing illegitimate copies shall feel the force of the Ban Hammer.

20 Oct 2009

US Charts: Halo 3 ODST Teabags the Competition News

Wii Sports Resort can't touch it.

20 Oct 2009

Xbox 360 Update Will Void 'Unauthorised' Save Devices News

Starting with the Preview Program this week.

19 Oct 2009

The Charts: Uncharted 2 Gets Charted at Two News

Also; good news for heavy metallers this week.

19 Oct 2009

Pachter: Natal to Cost $50 - PS3 Sphere $100 News

Industry analyst looks into crystal ball, sees peripheral pricing.

16 Oct 2009

Microsoft: We'll Outsell PS3 for Entire Generation News

Aaron Greenberg expects Sony's console to do well in September.

16 Oct 2009

Xbox Live Facebook, Twitter, Zune Preview Accepting Applicants News

Microsoft looking for several thousand participants

15 Oct 2009

Rumour: AMD Already Awarded Next Xbox GPU Contract? News

Rumour mill turns on next graphics processor deal for Microsoft.

14 Oct 2009

7Digital: Sony and Microsoft's Duopoly a "Worry" News

Might Nintendo have a look in?

13 Oct 2009

Media Create: PSP, Wii Sales Rocket Up News

PS3 still on top of hardware charts, DSi clings onto handheld top spot.

09 Oct 2009

Microsoft: Smacks Forza 3 in Polyphony's Face News

VP of worldwide studios flares up the fan wars.

08 Oct 2009

PS3 Picks Up Sales in Japan News

PS3 picks up.

07 Oct 2009

Digital Distribution Will "Outstrip Traditional Retail" by 2013 News

London Games Conference to discuss inevitable overtake of digital media.

07 Oct 2009

360 Social Networking Gets Closed Beta This Month News

You'll soon be able to Twitter Your Facebook's Last.FM Playlist.

07 Oct 2009

Molyneux Firefights on Natal/Fable III News

Motion control still a maybe for Fable sequel, Molyneux fears for his life

05 Oct 2009

UK Game Charts: Biggest FIFA Ever News

Nearly as big as GTA. Xbox 360 beats PS3 in FIFA wars.

05 Oct 2009

Japan Software Charts: Be My Tomodachi News

Mii-catching game takes over Pokemon-catching game.

02 Oct 2009

Japan Sees Console Sales Fall News

Everything suffers

02 Oct 2009

Microsoft Wishes it was as Agile as Sony News

But still an ongoing

01 Oct 2009

Left 4 Dead Crash Course: Over-Priced Xbox Live Cock-Up News

Price changing occurring

29 Sep 2009

Sky TV Gets Unique Xbox 360 Functionality News

Mr Murdoch and Mr Ballmer are very happy chaps.

28 Sep 2009

Microsoft: We'll Rule Call of Duty Sales News

Not own them though.

28 Sep 2009

Natal Patches for Older Games Unlikely News

A "poor fit" apparently

25 Sep 2009

PS3 Still in First Place in Japan News

General fall in sales though

25 Sep 2009

Xbox 360 Forza Motorsport 3 Demo Live News

Gold members only... you Silver cheapskates have to wait.

24 Sep 2009

Most Publishers on Board with Project Natal News

Everybody apparently wants their motions controlled

24 Sep 2009

Microsoft Denies EA Bid News

How to get your share price up

24 Sep 2009

Xbox 360 Netflix Exclusivity to End News

Opening up to other consoles

23 Sep 2009

Xbox 360 'No New Changes' Firmware Update Live News

Fixes and more fixes

23 Sep 2009

Xbox Live Arcade Revenues Up "200%" News

Microsoft "leader" in digital distribution.

22 Sep 2009

Confirmed: New Xbox 360 'N' Wireless Adapter News

Will sell with standard wireless unit.

22 Sep 2009

Microsoft: Xbox & PS3 Price Cuts No Long Term Impact News

And the greatest quote ever.

21 Sep 2009

BBC Shows Halo ODST and Defends PS3 Assault News

Bigging up on the video games coverage.

18 Sep 2009

UK Priced Forza Motorsport 3 Super 250Gb Elite Bundle News

More 250Gb Xbox 360 fun

17 Sep 2009

Xbox to Close Apple's Video on Demand Lead News

An analyst says so.

16 Sep 2009

Gametastic - Zune HD to Get Crackdown 2 News

Hot on the heels of Project Gotham

16 Sep 2009

Microsoft to Brand More Xbox Gaming Scoundrels News

Not just Shadow Complex.

16 Sep 2009

Racing Game for Zune: Project Gotham News

And more games to come....

15 Sep 2009

Xbox 360 Adapter Approved - $200 Price Tag Mooted News

FCC approval spotted

15 Sep 2009

Microsoft Preps Zune for Gaming War News

More competition to enter market.

14 Sep 2009

U.S. Game Hardware, Software Sales Down News

Statistic confusion spreads across the Internet

11 Sep 2009

Halo 3: ODST Perma-Bans Started News

Ban hammer

04 Sep 2009

PS3 vs Xbox 360 Install Base Chaos Rears Up News

Install bases differ in calculation and region

03 Sep 2009

Halo 3 ODST to Own Consumer Until 2010 Reach Demo News

Mind Control News: Halo ODST to Own Consumers

28 Aug 2009

Twitter on Xbox Live: Go Gold for More Than a Trial News

Reign of confusion (hopefully) over

28 Aug 2009

Japan Quiet: Awaiting PS3 Slimpact News

PS2, well, everything outsells PS3

28 Aug 2009

Microsoft Denies Own Twitter for Gold Members Announce News

Bit of a cock up on the announcement front

27 Aug 2009

Xbox 360 Price Cut: Europe vs USA Reasons News

Removal of HDMI to thank for Xbox Elite

27 Aug 2009

Microsoft Xbox 360 Price Cut Planned 'Years' Ago News

No plans for 360 slim

27 Aug 2009

Microsoft: 'Most' Xbox 360 RRODs in the Past News

Let's hope the lower cost ones are.

27 Aug 2009

Xbox 360 Supply Changes Indicate Price Cut Imminent News

Either that or the biggest piece of FUD this year.

26 Aug 2009

Natal to Make Rare Love Microsoft's Audience News

Philosophies form a union

26 Aug 2009

Xbox 360 Minus HD Cables Equals Price Cut? News

What does this mean for the UK?

24 Aug 2009

Gamescom 2009: No Xbox 360 Price Cuts or Rises News

Holding back to let the PS3 Slim news die down.

19 Aug 2009

GamesCom '09: Peter Molyneux "Serious this Time" with Fable III News

Game announced... details here.

19 Aug 2009

Confusion Hits Xbox 360 60 Availability News

Microsoft seems to think Sony's planning a price cut

14 Aug 2009

USA Games Sales Descent Continues News

Also, Pachter prediction comparison

14 Aug 2009

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Available RIGHT NOW News

System update is Go..

11 Aug 2009

New Games for Windows Launches Today News

In-game marketplace available now

06 Aug 2009

Xbox 360 to Pull Ahead of PS3 at Xmas News

PS3 Slim and price cuts not affecting Activision's outlook

06 Aug 2009

Xbox 360 Summer Update: Full Details News

The full rundown from Microsoft

05 Aug 2009

Halo 3 ODST Video Insights News

Nathan Fillion as Sergeant Buck takes you through.

31 Jul 2009

Use your Xbox 360 Avatar in Guitar Hero 5 News

Expect rocker clobber soon

31 Jul 2009

Robbie Bach: Even Splinter Cell Fans will Love Natal News

Still not firm release though

31 Jul 2009

Human not Server Error Killed Halo Wars Stats News

Apologies all round.

31 Jul 2009

Shane Kim: Natal is not Competing with Sony or Nintendo News

Talks about the next generation.

30 Jul 2009

Halo Wars Leaderboard Wiped Clean News

Someone call Ensemble... oh.

29 Jul 2009

Xbox Natal Coming Late Next Year News

THQ confirms it.

29 Jul 2009

Europe Gets Forza 3 First News

Plus: face of Forza revealed

29 Jul 2009

Jackson: Halo Movie Death for the Best News

Blomkamp wouldn't do it even if he was offered.

27 Jul 2009

More Halo: Not from Bungie News

Team to move on to something more challenging

25 Jul 2009

Price Cut and Recession Damages Xbox 360 Division News

More consoles sold for less cash

24 Jul 2009

Halo Legends Getting Anime Treatment News

Project to be unveiled at Comic-Con today

23 Jul 2009

Project Natal to Ship Late 2010 News

1.3 mega-pixels is all you need.

22 Jul 2009

Extra! Extra! Get Your Xbox Live Update Preview News

Programme open to all Xbox Live regions

21 Jul 2009

Xbox 360: the Not-New Dashboard Ads Appear News

We're not adding any more ads... remember

20 Jul 2009

Cliff Bleszinski: Natal is Chasing Wii-Fit Market News

Natal won't be tagged onto Gears

20 Jul 2009

Microsoft's Xbox Handheld - Not Soon News

It's a software thing...

20 Jul 2009

Obama and Microsoft Agree on Xbox 360 News

But Cliffy B won't take it lying down!

20 Jul 2009

Dashboard Dandy: Microsoft Goes Xbox 360 Dashboard Mental! News

This summer's additions listed

17 Jul 2009

America! Video Games in the Sales Gutter News

Sales down across the board.

17 Jul 2009

Japan! Nintendo DS Doubles it Business News

What a difference a game makes

17 Jul 2009

Xbox 720 for $400 Nibble

16 Jul 2009

Microsoft Corrects itself on Need for New Console News

Natal based confusion resolved

16 Jul 2009

Beware Sony & Nintendo: Microsoft's Natal is Not Just for Gaming News

Bill Gates speaks up about Natal for the office

15 Jul 2009

Xbox 360 to Get Microsoft's Own-Brand Spotify? News

So, how annoyed will be?

14 Jul 2009

Xbox 360's Shane Kim: Half a Million New Members Every Month News

He knew the recession was coming.

10 Jul 2009

Sony to Microsoft: Wanna Copy the PS3 XMB, Go for It? News

More power to you. And the hidden 2.8 update.

07 Jul 2009

Xbox 360: 1 vs 100 Dated for UK News

Coming real soon...

06 Jul 2009

No PS3s Sold in January says Game Figures News

However, PS3 install base is growing on a par with Xbox 360.

06 Jul 2009

Nintendo DS Sweeps UK Console Ownership News

Installed base closes on 24 million

02 Jul 2009

Microsoft "Working On" Xbox Live Problems News

Keeps quiet on cause

02 Jul 2009

Major Nelson on Xbox: We are not Adding More Ads News

Microsoft Responds to Anger at Xbox Silverlight Ads

02 Jul 2009

LittleBigXbox Live's Kodu - Available Today News

Game creation tool available for Xbox owners

01 Jul 2009 on Xbox 360 Raw Details News

or raw deals.

01 Jul 2009

Analyst: PlayStation 3 Will Beat Xbox 360 by 2015 News

Japan to blame or to praise.

30 Jun 2009

Microsoft's New Ad Deal: Why Hulu Blocked PlayStation? News

A new Microsoft Ad service emerges

29 Jun 2009

Microsoft and Blizzard Owner Sign Exclusive Xbox TV Deal News

Footy and more for the French

29 Jun 2009

Pachter: Xbox 360 has Most Important E3 News News

It's all about the battle with Apple.

24 Jun 2009

Xbox 360 Avatars Get Summer Clothes News

As Summer starts to end...

24 Jun 2009

Big Media Gives E3 Best of Awards News

List of awards is declared 'definitive' by people who make the list

23 Jun 2009

No Voice or Sperm for Xbox Avatars News

No sexual innuendo obviously

22 Jun 2009

Ballmer on Next Xbox: Sorry News

Nothing to see in Chicago... move on

20 Jun 2009

Microsoft Firefights Steve Ballmer's 'New Xbox' Report News

Balmer never said it.

19 Jun 2009

Microsoft Won't Replace Exiting Schappert News

Microsoft and EA ping pong contuinues

19 Jun 2009

Xbox 360: Jasper and Xbox Live Upgrades News

And Xbox Mobile site.

17 Jun 2009

Unshock: Microsoft Denies 2010 Xbox 720 Natal News

Does news report based on 1UP hacks talking to each other prove less than false?

17 Jun 2009

Microsoft Almost Rains on Xbox 720 Natal Rumour News

Confirms Natal for 360, though no firm denial of 720 natter

16 Jun 2009

Shane Kim: Xbox Staying in "Gaming Space" News

Console 'happens' to be great at games

14 Jun 2009

New 'Xbox 720 Natal' Not for the Hardcore News

So states US websites anyway

14 Jun 2009

Shane Kim on Project Natal Launch News

Concept launches...

12 Jun 2009

USA Games Industry: Recession? Poof! News

Claims of recession beating are only portable

12 Jun 2009

Microsoft - Halo 3: ODST Full Price Justification News

It's all in the scope

12 Jun 2009

Was Electronic Arts Talent Bleed Project Natal's Life Force? News

Good decision or bad call by Riccitiello?

11 Jun 2009

24 Hour Horror! Xbox Live Going Down News

Out for a day next week

10 Jun 2009

Crackdown 2 Multiplayer Details! News

Co-op and competitive multiplayer revealed

10 Jun 2009

Ubisoft's Ruse as Awesome Microsoft Surface Game News

Now this is cool.

09 Jun 2009

Aaron Greenberg on Project Natal: Like Pins'n'Needles News

An explanation even we can understand.

08 Jun 2009

EA Damns and Praises PlayStation AND Xbox 360 News

Double hit and double placate.

08 Jun 2009

Why Microsoft did not De-List Live Games News

It's all about the NXE

08 Jun 2009

Nintendo: Natal and PS3 Wand are Technology not Fun News

Natal and Sony wand: dismissed!

08 Jun 2009

Rare Working on Natal Projects News

Details still hush-hush

05 Jun 2009

Xbox Originals to End Nibble

04 Jun 2009

Natal, Burnout, Backwardly Compatible News

Seems like National Shane Kim day.

04 Jun 2009

Lionhead's Project Natal Video... Fakery? News

But does anybody really care?

04 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Microsoft Shane Kim's 100-Hand Bitch Slap News

Kim socks it with price, Facebook, motion sensing

04 Jun 2009

E3 '09 Video: Crackdown 2 Takes a Leap News

See it here

02 Jun 2009

Metal Gear Solid: Rising Not 360 Exclusive News

Kojima teaser site morphs

02 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Halo Reach in Almost Action News

Teaser video here!

02 Jun 2009

E3 '09: Microsoft's Big Chewy Xbox Meat News

Halo Reach, Crackdown 2, Project Natal, loads more...

02 Jun 2009

E3: Microsoft Keynote - the Good Bits News

Forget all the blather.... here's the nuggets

01 Jun 2009

Microsoft's E3 Briefing: Five Mins More Exciting News

What can it be!?

01 Jun 2009

Confirmed: Xbox 360 Getting Sky TV News

Microsoft bags Sky Player

29 May 2009

Sky TV Coming to Xbox 360? News

What will tomorrow's announcement bring?

27 May 2009

Zune HD - Service to Replace TV & Movie Xbox Live News

Hi Def Zune to take on Apple

27 May 2009

No News on Euro Double Gears of War Bundle News

Aussies getting geared up

26 May 2009

Japanese Hardware - Bit of History - Down News

Recession? Nothing to do with it.

22 May 2009

US Game Sales Decline 17% News

PS2 Outsells PS3

15 May 2009

Xbox 360 Motion Control Fudded News

Proper newspaper gets in on the act.

13 May 2009

Tweet or Twat: Zune Announce Faked News

Man writes story, turns out to be failed

13 May 2009

Fable II: See the Future DLC - Here's Hoping It Works News

The return of Murgo

12 May 2009

Altered Beast, Shinobi, More for Xbox Live Confirmed News

Also some SEGA Classics head to PlayStation Network

11 May 2009

Mozilla Man Mauls Windows 7 Nibble

08 May 2009

Microsoft: Sacks Ad People - Buys Mattrick's Old Company News

Sense of proportion takes over?

08 May 2009

Official: Fallout 3: Broken Steel Now Un-Broken News

Back on Games for Windows

08 May 2009

Gears of War 2: Can 5 Million Gamers Be Wrong? News

New content pack announced

07 May 2009

Japan: Sony Platforms Top Nintendo News

Plus: why Japanese gamers don't want a 360

01 May 2009

Xbox 360 Gamerscore Limit Increased News

Microsoft raises the bar

01 May 2009

E3: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo: Excited News

Game on...

29 Apr 2009

Xbox 360: We're Saving the Family and Retail! News

Xbox exec calls for respect

24 Apr 2009

Xbox 360 Division Makes a Loss News

Xbox 360 doesn't.

24 Apr 2009

PS2 Still Leads UK Console Install Base News

Useful figures!

22 Apr 2009

Xbox 360: Onslaught on Competitors' Home Land News

Plus games dated

21 Apr 2009

Japan: PSP Scrapes Past DSi Nibble

17 Apr 2009

Another So-Called 'Xbox Murder' Conviction News

Another tragic death misrepresented by the press

09 Apr 2009

PlayStation 3 Use Down - Xbox 360 Up News

Then again, the Game Cube usage is also up.

08 Apr 2009

Japan: PlayStation 3 Beats Wii in March News

Xbox 360 trails at the back

06 Apr 2009

Japan: PS3 Beats Wii - Murders Xbox 360 News

Life-to-date figures in as well.

03 Apr 2009

Xbox 360 and PS3's Japanese Millions News

You'll never guess who's on top...

31 Mar 2009

EA Supports Microsoft iPhone Store Competitor News

Other mobile games companies jump onboard

31 Mar 2009

GDC: Microsoft Gets Xbox 360 Dev Kit Blues News

Plus: XNA goodies announced

25 Mar 2009

Senior Lionhead Designer Suing Microsoft News

Man asked to sign agreement on harassment without agreeing.

24 Mar 2009

More Halo 3, Gears 2 DLC Dated News

Coming very soon!

23 Mar 2009

Molyneux: Microsoft Set Me Free News

More than Fable coming from Lionhead

23 Mar 2009

Microsoft: PS2 Gamers Jumping to Xbox 360 News

PlayStation "haemorrhaging"

20 Mar 2009

NPD: Wii Leads February Growth in US News

Year on year revenue up

20 Mar 2009

Molyneux: I am 'Awful at Developing Games' News

Plus: "I’m famously awful at developing games" says Lionhead boss

17 Mar 2009

PS3: Ninja Gaiden II with Dead or Alive Ayane News

Scans reveal Sigma II

17 Mar 2009

Halo 3, Mass Effect, PGR4 Cheapened News

Classics collection expands

16 Mar 2009

Japan: Media Create Confirms PlayStation Dominance News

Weekly sales belt the competition

13 Mar 2009

US: Wii Beats PS3 in Online Gaming News

Xbox 360 heads the pack

11 Mar 2009

The UK Charts: An Empire Turns Into a Killzone News

Sony shooter laid low

09 Mar 2009

Microsoft: NXE on Game Disc is Nothing New News

Bye-bye blades

06 Mar 2009

PlayStation 3 Beats Wii in Japan News

The weekly Media Create figures

06 Mar 2009

Majority of Parents Say Gaming is Educational News

According to Microsoft's latest research

05 Mar 2009

Big in Japan: Yakuza 3 News

This week's Media Create figures

05 Mar 2009

Xbox 360: Microsoft's Choice Words Confuse News

Microsoft says it best, when it says nothing at all...

03 Mar 2009

Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 Jasper and Pad News

Lay your fears of mismatching controllers to rest...

02 Mar 2009

Coldplay Gets Lips Nibble

27 Feb 2009

Xbox 360 Challenges iTunes in Movies News

Signs deal with large movie studio

26 Feb 2009

Microsoft Stores to Sell Xbox 360s in Europe News

And Microsoft said it wouldn't happen...

26 Feb 2009

Xbox Beats Wii in Japan News

Yes, it really was a Star Ocean

26 Feb 2009

Microsoft Buying 3D Wii Beating Tech? News

Eye-Toy vision for Wii beater?

18 Feb 2009

Xbox 360: Worst of RROD Behind Us News

Aaron Greenberg gives the good news.

18 Feb 2009

Microsoft: Rare Redundancies News

Let's hope it's not an Ensemble piece.

17 Feb 2009

Microsoft: Sony is a Barometer of Success News

But we all respect each other.

16 Feb 2009

Microsoft to Enter High Street Retail? News

It's denying it of course.

13 Feb 2009

USA: Xbox 360 Second to Wii in Jan News

Shock horror outrage fury

13 Feb 2009

Free Xbox Live Gold with GTA IV: Lost and Damned News

Other promotions coming soon

10 Feb 2009

Xbox Peer Pressure Sparks "Crime Wave" News

Local press jumps on anti-games bandwagon

09 Feb 2009

Rare: Coy on NXE User-Generated Avatar Content News

Too big to cram into NXE launch

06 Feb 2009

Bill Gates Attacks Crowd with Insects News

Sometimes a headline just wants to be printed.

05 Feb 2009

R-Type Dimensions Flying Onto Xbox Live Tomorrow News

Classic sidescrolling with HD polish

03 Feb 2009

Xbox 360 Audio Update Out Now News

Sound/HDMI problem patched up

03 Feb 2009

The Age of Ensemble Studios Ends News

Two new studios to emerge

30 Jan 2009

Gears of War PC: Dead on Digital Cert Expiry News

Gears of Peace then?

29 Jan 2009

Microsoft: We Still Heart PC Gaming News

Chris Early replaced

28 Jan 2009

Banjo-Tooie Kinda Dated News

Merciless teasing inside

27 Jan 2009

Lionhead Not Doing Fable 2 PC News

Microsoft pulling back from PC gaming?

27 Jan 2009

Zune's 54% Decline Drags Xbox Division Down News

There's where to cut costs

26 Jan 2009

Games for Windows Live's Early Departure News

GFW Live boss one of Microsoft casualties

26 Jan 2009

Microsoft: Entertainment & Devices Over-Performed News

Console revenue will decline.

23 Jan 2009

Xbox Hit Hard by Microsoft Cuts? News

1,400 Microsoft jobs cut immediately

23 Jan 2009

Pachter Watch: Sony and Microsoft Both Right News

But the maths is wrong...

22 Jan 2009

Obama Team: From Xbox to Atari News

Windows not Macs... it's a nightmare for Obama team.

22 Jan 2009

Gears of War 2: New DLC Achievements News

Addresses a number of exploits.

21 Jan 2009

Fight! Microsoft Calls Sony Old News

Sony getting complacent

21 Jan 2009

Wii Tracks to Outsell PlayStation 2 News

Have Nintendo and Sony swapped places?

20 Jan 2009

Sony: PlayStation Continues Official Leadership News

Plus, Xbox 360 won't go the distance

20 Jan 2009

UK Game Charts: Wii Fit to Bust News

Shaking off the Xmas fat.

19 Jan 2009

Europe: No Amazon Xbox Live Price Cut News

Rumour has it that the US cut heralds free Xbox Live.

19 Jan 2009

US: Nintendo Ruled 2008 News

Xbox 360 outsold PS3 two to one in December

16 Jan 2009

PSN/Xbox Live Deja Vu News

17 million PSN users explained

15 Jan 2009

Microsoft Job Cut Rumours Flare Up News

Will Xbox division suffer?

15 Jan 2009

Developer Mocks Castle Crashers DLC Pricing News

The Behemoth not thrilled about price

14 Jan 2009

Microsoft: Three-Horse Race - Two Winners News

Greenberg says it's a two-horse race

12 Jan 2009

Microsoft's Bach Wrong on Halo Wars Date News

US gamers not getting it early

09 Jan 2009

CES Microsoft's Gaming Outlook News

Plus: more Microsoft keynote news

08 Jan 2009

Japan Xmas: PS2 & Xbox 360 Draw News

But it's a handheld Xmas.

08 Jan 2009

Nintendo vs PS3 vs Xbox 360: UK 2008 Sales News

The UK numbers by platform

07 Jan 2009

Japan: Resi Evil & Star Ocean Xbox 360 Bundles News

Japan facing Xbox onslaught

06 Jan 2009

Japan: Video Game Market Declines News

Lack of console launches blamed

06 Jan 2009

Big Gears of War 2 Update Detailed News

Exploits fixed, new achievements coming

06 Jan 2009

Microsoft Crows Xbox 360's 2008 News

Now 8 million ahead of PS3

06 Jan 2009

Xbox 360 Widening Lead News

Greenberg stakes his claim.

06 Jan 2009

Xbox 360 Doubles Xmas Sales News

No actual figures though

05 Jan 2009

GameStop Farewells Xbox News

US retail giant no longer taking trade-in

05 Jan 2009

Xbox Live's Fate in '08 News

More shooters hot on heels

05 Jan 2009

PlayStation 2 Most Played in 2008 News

Xbox not Xbox 360 tops PS3

02 Jan 2009

Zune Functionality Coming to Xbox? News

Announcement could be planned for CES

02 Jan 2009

Cell Chip Designer Felt 'Contaminated' by Xbox News

New book reveals how Sony helped Microsoft with consoles... by accident.

31 Dec 2008

Nintendo Owns Japan News

Sony not quite as dead as might be believed

29 Dec 2008

Microsoft Provides Some Xbox Live Figures News

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

23 Dec 2008

Plaintiffs Hit Back in Xbox 360 Scratch Case News

Unlike discs, case won't die.

23 Dec 2008

Fable II Knothole DLC Delayed News

Difficulties lead to unhappy Crimble

18 Dec 2008

Microsoft: All About Games Development News

Tell that to Ensemble

17 Dec 2008

Europe Xbox Beats PS3 by One Million? News

Figures are confused at best

16 Dec 2008

Microsoft was Aware of Xbox Disc Damage News

Yes, of course, we mean Xbox 360.

16 Dec 2008

Xbox Arcade Slashed to £99.99 News

Recession Proof Games: Not!

15 Dec 2008

Gears of War 2 DLC Out Now! News

New video right here

15 Dec 2008

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Gloat News

Nintendo sets a sales record

12 Dec 2008

Nintendo Rules America - Xbox Mauls PS3 News

Wii destroys the competition

12 Dec 2008

NXE Boosted Friend Numbers News

Plus: other happy slappy facts

11 Dec 2008

Microsoft: More on Wii Competing News

And Home sucks.

11 Dec 2008

Halo 3 vs Gears 2 Fight! News

Plus: shooter closes in on 3 million sales

08 Dec 2008

PS3 vs Xbox 360 Sales Snowstorm News

PAL vs Europe vs EMEA vs... huh?

04 Dec 2008

PS3: Break Even in 2009 News

But still no price cuts

04 Dec 2008

November Brought Record Xbox 360 Sales News

Very good, but where are the numbers?

04 Dec 2008

Microsoft: We are Competing with Nintendo News

But apparently only in Japan

04 Dec 2008

LittleBigPlanet Moderation Deletion Remains News

Also - fun with numbers.

03 Dec 2008

Xbox Arcade Memory Confirms Jasper? News

256Mb onboard memory.

03 Dec 2008

Banjo-Kazooie Classic Hits Xbox Live News

Update thrown in

03 Dec 2008

Xbox 360 Beats PS3's Black Friday News

Well, according to Microsoft...

02 Dec 2008

Halo Trilogy Soundtrack Teases Halo Wars News

Plus: Legendary Map Pack going cheap

02 Dec 2008

GTA IV DLC Hitting Retail News

US pricing revealed

28 Nov 2008

Microsoft UK's Xbox TV Tie-Ins News

Campfire sessions apparently

28 Nov 2008

Onboard NXE for Xbox Arcade News

Xbox 360 Jasper Arrives

28 Nov 2008

Xbox 360: Europe vs EMEA Sales News

Where in the world is Europe

26 Nov 2008

Sony America Bringing Dark Knight to PS3 News

The Batman movie, not a game, that is...

26 Nov 2008

Fanboy Dismay: Sony Movies Return to Xbox 360 News

It was all a big mistake

26 Nov 2008

Oasis and The Prodigy "Headline" Xbox Live "Festival" News

Also, Franz Ferdinand flogs new songs...

25 Nov 2008

What Became of Xbox 360's NXE Death Rings? News

Screaming Xbox 360 users storm tea-cup?

25 Nov 2008

Parental Guidance, Bah! Xbox 360's Cynical Pester Power Generator News

Get your parents to buy you an Xbox 360 or cry your ass off!

24 Nov 2008

Sony 'Clarifies' PSN's Xbox LIVE Catch-Up News

PS3's online offering hasn't caught Xbox 360's

24 Nov 2008

Microsoft Claims Xbox 360 Seven Million Sales in EMEA News

Not quite so audited...

20 Nov 2008

Bungie: NXE Install Issues Affecting Halo 3 News

Bungie 'fesses up

20 Nov 2008

New Xbox Experience Gets the Hiccups News

Whatever you do, DON'T PANIC!!!!

20 Nov 2008

Exclusive Xbox 360 GTA IV DLC for February News

Niko has a small part.

20 Nov 2008

Microsoft's Ass Painting Zune Ad isn't by Microsoft News

So everybody can calm down now, K?

19 Nov 2008

Microsoft's New London Xbox Live Development Studio News

Xbox Live Experience specific to Europe

19 Nov 2008

Sony Movies Cut from Netflix Xbox 360 Service News

Evil corporate machinations to blame?

19 Nov 2008

Microsoft's New Xbox Experience Earlybird Gift News

All preview applicants to get in early

18 Nov 2008

The UK Video Game Charts: Call of Duty in a World of Warcraft News

What happened to LittleBigPlanet?

18 Nov 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360's Lifespan One Day Longer than PS3's News

Xbox 360 Surpasses Predecessor's Lifetime Sales

17 Nov 2008

Major Nelson's Xbox Live Yo-Yo Woes News

How NOT to communicate with your users

17 Nov 2008

Rare: "We Have a Sense of Humour" on 'New' Killer Instinct News

Banjo character says 'Yes'. Developers confirm nothing.

17 Nov 2008

Who is NOT Banning Gamers Now? News

Everyone getting on the banned-wagon?

12 Nov 2008

Banjo-Kazooie Tiny Text Controversy Heads for Resolution News

When little becomes big and it's not even a planet!

10 Nov 2008

Rockstar Still Doesn't Know GTA IV DLC Date News

or how to price it.

10 Nov 2008

Halo Wars Special Edition and Release Dated News

That, apparently, is what war is good for.

07 Nov 2008

Microsoft's Boku Stickboy versus LBP Sackboy has History News

It's one of those overnight sensations.

04 Nov 2008

New Gears 2 Trailers Available News

Sick of sweet Sackpeople? Get stuck in.

03 Nov 2008

PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 Outsell PS3 in Japan News

DS outsold by PSP

31 Oct 2008

Police Contact Microsoft about Missing Canadian Boy News

Community minded or simply a good piece of PR?

27 Oct 2008

Microsoft Driving DLC not Lifting it News

Crystal Dynamics confirms it

23 Oct 2008

Microsoft Stalls Xbox LIVE PrimeTime News

It's waiting on NXE...

21 Oct 2008

Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 in Japan... Part 1 News

Sony's land of the falling sun?

17 Oct 2008

US Video Games Sales Suffer the "Halo 3 Effect" News

Last September aside, still a solid performance

17 Oct 2008

Killer Instinct Vs Viva Pinata... Garden!? News

A Rare hybrid

16 Oct 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 CAN Run Metal Gear Solid News

Our dad is bigger than your dad

16 Oct 2008

GTA: San Andreas Gets Xbox Original Treatment News

Microsoft and Rockstar hold hands some more

16 Oct 2008

Fable II Street Date Broken Down Under News

Because K-Mart can

16 Oct 2008

Microsoft: Vista Follow-Up Name 'Just Makes Sense' News

Yes! It's another naming convention!

14 Oct 2008

New Xbox Experience - Free Memory from Microsoft News

Cheap HD or free memory unit.

14 Oct 2008

Bungie – Halo 3: Recon Product of Microsoft Schism News

Just how expansive is(n't) the Recon expansion?

13 Oct 2008

New Xbox Experience Creates Second Class Gamers News

Update won't fit on all consoles

13 Oct 2008

Hirai: PlayStation 3 Still Full-Price for Xmas News

PS3 already "very good value proposition"

13 Oct 2008

Halo 3: Recon - Bungie Talks News

Expansion is a "one-off", apparently

10 Oct 2008

Gears of War 2 Gets Touched by Midas News

Only 28 days to go...

10 Oct 2008

Fable 2 Gets Day One Co-op Patch News

Should it have been in-game?

10 Oct 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Best for Japanese Publishers News

Microsoft touts 360's Japanese connections

09 Oct 2008

UPDATED: Microsoft Names Halo 3 Expansion News

Details dished up

09 Oct 2008

TGS: Microsoft Dates New Xbox Experience News

Knowing Mii, Knowing You - Tokyo Game Show keynote brings 360 dashboard news

09 Oct 2008

TGS: Microsoft and Square Enix Get Friendly News

Companies team up for Tokyo Game Show booth partnership

08 Oct 2008

Xbox 360 Gets Exclusive Tomb Raider: Underworld DLC News

Plus: demo announced

06 Oct 2008

Microsoft CEO on Xbox 360 Price Cut Crazy Talk News

Xbox Live "going gangbusters"

06 Oct 2008

Japan: Xbox 360 Beats PS3 in September News

Nintendo still leads the pack

03 Oct 2008

Wii Dominates as UK Console Install Base Doubles News

ELSPA trumpets importance of games industry

01 Oct 2008

Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 Two-to-One News

Price cut gives 360 a sales jump

30 Sep 2008

Xbox Live Back Online News

Service down longer than expected

30 Sep 2008

Epic Hints at Gears 2 as Last Gears Game News

Plus: why the Gears of War series is done

29 Sep 2008

Microsoft: We'll always be Hardcore... But... News

It's time to move beyond

29 Sep 2008

Another Slimmer Xbox 360 Tale Destroyed News

More Xbox misinformation

26 Sep 2008

Xbox 360 Beats PS3 in Japan - Again News

But guess what's on top...

26 Sep 2008

Banjo-Kazooie XBLA: Dated, Priced, Free to the Worthy News

Plus: a half-response to Peter Moore

26 Sep 2008

Microsoft Family Fun: Sadism, Car Theft and Murder News

That's what we've got coming this year.

25 Sep 2008

Peter Molyneux: No 'OMG!' on PlayStation 3 News

Lionhead founder loves on LBP

24 Sep 2008

WETA Offers Real Life Halo 3 Warthog Ride News

Including flights to New Zealand

24 Sep 2008

Xbox 360 Price Cut Prompts Sales Boost Shocker News

Plus: Halo 3 update live, US electoral craziness

23 Sep 2008

Fable 2 Goes Gold News

On track for October

23 Sep 2008

Final Fantasy XIII: Microsoft States the Blindingly Obvious News

Committed to getting JRPGs onto Xbox 360

23 Sep 2008

GTA IV PC Exclusive to Games for Windows News

Microsoft crows

23 Sep 2008

Microsoft States Six Million Euro Xbox 360s Sold News

Lots and lots of box.

22 Sep 2008

Peter Moore has a Rare Squirm News

Tries to make nice with Microsoft

22 Sep 2008

Xbox 360 Did Not Top Japanese Charts News

Stats, damn stats and confusion

19 Sep 2008

The Xbox 360, its New Name and the Mill of Rumour News

New name for 360 'revealed'

19 Sep 2008

Peter Moore Blows Lid on PR Handling News

Plus: Xbox 360 Red Ring Didn't Push me Out

18 Sep 2008

Half-Life Loses Out to Halo in Hadron Collider Vote News

Half-Life facility name a close contender

18 Sep 2008

Peter Moore: Xbox Hard Drive Killed Us News

Plus: Hard drive killed the Xbox

17 Sep 2008

Former Xbox Exec on Sony and FUD News

Fighting talk from a console wars vet

16 Sep 2008

CONFIRMED: Microsoft UK Cuts Xbox 360 Price News

Premium console now cheaper than Wii

16 Sep 2008

Better Red than Dead: New Xbox 360 Controller News

Coming at you at the end of the month

15 Sep 2008

Microsoft Offers Nintendo a Fight via Woolworths News

Let's see if the price cuts go beyond

12 Sep 2008

Shocking! USA Hardware Sales: Sony. Microsoft. Nintendo. Happy News

Perpetual motion achieved.

12 Sep 2008

The Nuts & Bolts of Banjo-Kazooie News

New screens!

11 Sep 2008

100 Per Cent Increase in US Xbox 360 Sales News

No figures quite yet.

11 Sep 2008

Rock Band 2 USA is this Weekend News

Instruments to follow

11 Sep 2008

Microsoft Balmer and Sony Stringer for CES 2009 News

Let's hope they've got something interesting to say.

04 Sep 2008

Confirmed: No UK Xbox 360 Price Cut News

US price drop won't be mirrored in Britain

04 Sep 2008

Paramount Buys Scene It? Licence Holder News

Picture company buys Screenlife

03 Sep 2008

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Community Site Live News

Plus: scary VP fans alert!

02 Sep 2008

Microsoft Confirms "No Plans" For Gears 2 on PC News

Epic comment confirmed

02 Sep 2008

New Japanese PSP Same Price as Xbox 360 News

Competition is good... competition is good.

02 Sep 2008

UK Video Game Charts: Tiger Woods Hits a Birdie News

Nintendo nudged from the top

02 Sep 2008

Ninja Blade to Cut Your Xbox 360 News

Microsoft unveils latest ninja fest

01 Sep 2008

Microsoft Cuts Xbox 360 Prices in Japan News

Serious about the Nippon

01 Sep 2008

Microsoft and Immersion Court Rumble Over News

Immersion pays up

27 Aug 2008

Halo Wars Burns Your Eyes News

Latest screens right here

26 Aug 2008

Fableous New Fable 2 Screens News

With fog and that

26 Aug 2008

New Improved Xbox 360 PES Pad Confirmed News

Plus: new PES 2009 screens!

21 Aug 2008

Microsoft's GTA IV DLC Confirmation News

and Leipzig line up.

20 Aug 2008

Xbox 360 Sells Out in Japan - Hai! News

Not coming back until September

20 Aug 2008

Xbox 360 Blu-ray Support Edges Closer News

Windows to get Blu-ray burning functionality

19 Aug 2008

Xbox 360: Banzai! News

It's amazing what one game can do...

19 Aug 2008

Rare Treats Us to Pocket Paradise Release News

That sounded more rude than we'd meant

15 Aug 2008

Water Cooled Xbox 360 to Solve Red Ring of Death News

New Xbox 360 chassis launched

14 Aug 2008

The World's Biggest Windows Blue Screen of Death News

Olympic sized XP error

12 Aug 2008

UK: 20Gb Xbox 360 Officially Dies News

Long live the 60Gb

11 Aug 2008

Reality or Fable II Firmly Dated? News

Special Super Ultimate Limited Collector's Special Rare Edition detailed

08 Aug 2008

Epic: Nothing About Gears 2 Family Friendly News

Content filters confirmed

07 Aug 2008

Microsoft: Digital Distribution Will Outstrip Physical Sales News

Up yours, bricks & mortar - Plus, big Xbox Live spend coming to Europe

06 Aug 2008

Xbox Live Has Bagged $240 Million in DLC Sales News

It all adds up...

06 Aug 2008

Gears of War 2 Goes Family Friendly! News

Strange, but apparently true

06 Aug 2008

Viva Pinata Vs Halo 3: Fight! News

Creepy video below

05 Aug 2008

Microsoft versus Sony in Console Spat News

Their dad is better than your dad.

24 Jul 2008

The Horror of Comedy on Xbox Live News

Plus: Microsoft's Comic-Con line-up

24 Jul 2008

Shock! Microsoft Disses PlayStation Network News

PSN has "just a handful of titles"

23 Jul 2008

Games for Windows Live to Get Marketplace News

Subscription now free!

23 Jul 2008

Microsoft: Bedroom Coders to Get Paid News

Price structure for community games confirmed

23 Jul 2008

Is Microsoft Using Dell to Help Xbox Elite Sales Figures? News

Dell's giving Elites away for free - why?

22 Jul 2008

Xbox 360 as IPTV System Details Revealed News

Patently obvious

22 Jul 2008

The Novelty of Gears of War News

Epic shooter gets booked

22 Jul 2008

Heaps of New Missions For Ninja Gaiden 2 News

Pity Team Ninja!

21 Jul 2008

Peter Moore: Wii to Eat Half All Console Sales News

Former Microsoft man disses 360

21 Jul 2008

Xbox 360 Figures of Good Fun News

'Xbox Division' also does marketing for Windows and Microsoft Office.

18 Jul 2008

Official: Wii Best-Selling Console in US News

Plus: MGS4 Nearly Doubles US PS3 Sales

18 Jul 2008

Bungie Still Exclusive to Microsoft News

Still exclusive...

16 Jul 2008

Xbox 360: Shane Kim - Blu-Ray, No Way! Definitely! News

Shane Kim gets mostly categorical

16 Jul 2008

E3: Halo Wars Gets Moving News

New video and screens

15 Jul 2008

E3: Gravelly-Voiced Gears of War 2 Trailer News

Plus: new screens!

15 Jul 2008

Video: New Xbox GUI "Tailored to the Living Room" News

Can anybody hear the ghost of J Allard.

15 Jul 2008

Final Fantasy XIII Comes to the Xbox 360 News

Day and date with PS3

14 Jul 2008

Official: No European Xbox 360 Price Cut or New Model News

The official word from Microsoft.

14 Jul 2008

Next Halo to Ditch Master Chief? News

E3 announcement coming?

14 Jul 2008

Confirmed: Xbox 360 Price Cut for US News

Rumour and speculation confirmed for 60GB and 20GB models

14 Jul 2008

Rare: There is NO Banjo-Kazooie Motion Control News

No truth at all

10 Jul 2008

Microsoft Slams Media over Xbox Elite Repair Story News

Yes, we did say that yesterday.

08 Jul 2008

Gears of War 2 - It Moves! News

New video inside

08 Jul 2008

Why is The Daily Mirror Victimising Xbox 360? News

Mainstream media cocks it up again.

07 Jul 2008

Bungie in Creepy Cold Storage Giveaway News

Legendary map pack gets price cut

07 Jul 2008

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Dated News

Time to get your fingers cold.

04 Jul 2008

Halo 4 Already in Development? News

Perhaps not...

04 Jul 2008

Halo Wars Making E3 Appearence News

Oodles of information promised

03 Jul 2008

Xbox 360 to get Minority Report-Style Interface? News

Rumoured dashboard overhaul could use rumoured 360-mote

02 Jul 2008

Finally - Real Xbox 360 Price Cut News News

Price goes down under

01 Jul 2008

Blizzard: Microsoft Pays Lip Service to PC Gaming News

Microsoft prefers supporting Xbox. Weird.

01 Jul 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Ahead of PS3 in Europe News

Console war not over yet

26 Jun 2008

Surprise! Microsoft Finds Nintendo WiiWare Strategy 'Confusing' News

WiiWare failing to empower community

19 Jun 2008

Microsoft Puts Rock Band on Facebook News

New application launched

17 Jun 2008

Xbox 360 Gets GoldenEye Consolation Prize News

Rogue Agent hits 360-compatible Xbox game list

17 Jun 2008

Microsoft or Sony Which Wii Remote Will Get There First? News

More PS3mote rumoury appears

16 Jun 2008

The Biggest Xbox 360 Complaint is... News

And magic sauce

13 Jun 2008

Microsoft's Shane Kim Gets Whole New Role News

He's got a promotion!

13 Jun 2008

Microsoft's Bach Tells PSP Tales News

What Microsoft can learn from Sony's handheld gaming device...

13 Jun 2008

Sony Versus Microsoft: Corporate Handbag Waving News

GTA IV again...

13 Jun 2008

US Hardware Sales and the Non-GTA IV Effect News

Still a rosy month for hardware

13 Jun 2008

Microsoft's Bach: Xbox Will Make Money This Year News

Also strange and interesting new use of word...

09 Jun 2008

In-Game Ads Work Says... Microsoft News

Well, Massive...

04 Jun 2008

Major Nelson: I Feel Like an Ass News

Kicked in the rear by Ninja Gaiden II

03 Jun 2008

Gears of War 2 Dated PLUS Life-Sized Weaponry Coming! News

Gears shifts up... a gear.

02 Jun 2008

Some Xbox Live Titles to be De-Listed News

The times, they are a'changin'

23 May 2008

Square Enix Confirms New Xbox 360 Line Up News

A Final Fantasy come true?

22 May 2008

Snow: Xbox Redesign is 'Significant Possibility' News

Project Gotham Racing 5 to come from Studio 10... apparently

22 May 2008

Nintendo Claims Wii Software World Record News

Nintendo shows off software and hardware figures

22 May 2008

Newton: Xbox 360 Motion Controller Revealed in Photo? News

Crops up in magazine

21 May 2008

Microsoft Snows Xbox 360 European Hardware Numbers News

Give us hard figures! Please?

21 May 2008

UPDATED: PS3 and Xbox 360 Components Could 'Interfere with' Sexual Development News

And Greenpeace says Nintendo has no environmental policies

20 May 2008

Rumour: Some European Xbox 360 Bundles are Re-Cons. News

Plus: 'Jasper' Xbox 360s to ship in September

19 May 2008

Microsoft's Major Nelson Denies Xbox 360 Spring Update Rumours News

Won't be coming to a dashboard near you.

19 May 2008

Bungie: Halo Head Writer Quits News

Back to Microsoft with him.

19 May 2008

Microsoft: GTA IV Exclusive DLC 'Not Possible' for PS3 News

Microsoft joins the buck passing

16 May 2008

Microsoft: PS3 European Lead "Not Based on Actual Data" News

The Sony/Microsoft blizzard continues

16 May 2008

USA Console Sales All Tumble in April News

GTA IV yet to take effect?

16 May 2008

Nintendo to Pay Millions in Wii Controller Patent Infringement News

Platform holder plans to appeal

15 May 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 has History on its Side News

Microsoft claims global leadership in console wars

15 May 2008

Microsoft Kills Xbox 540 for 2009 News

We do comment on rumour and speculation

14 May 2008

Microsoft's Shane Kim: Sales Race is 'Tight' News

But he does comment on rumour and speculation.

14 May 2008

Microsoft Games: Little Big Banjo? News

No Lips. No Ninja Blade

13 May 2008

2009 to See Smaller Xbox 540 - Cooling on the Cards News

So, still no Xbox 720?

13 May 2008

Xbox 360 Lips 'Device' to be Unveiled? News

But they're still sealed...

13 May 2008

Sony: Microsoft 'Completely Wrong' on Figures News

Give us hard numbers!

12 May 2008

Gears of War 2 Trailer Coming Nearly Now News

But you're going to have to wait a little longer.

09 May 2008

Tinier Jasper in Production for Xbox 360 News

'Jasper' shipping this August

09 May 2008

Microsoft Tells Sony: Stop the Snow Jobs News

Plus pity for Sony gamers

09 May 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Claims GTA IV Victory News

UK figures announced by the Big M

07 May 2008

Stand Off! Microsoft vs Sony in GTA IV Sales Wars News

What the platform holders have to say

02 May 2008

Xbox 360's Blu-ray Drive Less Than Legendary? News

There's money to be made...

02 May 2008

Activision: Food and Fuel Could Drive Down Console Prices News

Plus: Activision breaking into sports?

01 May 2008

Xbox 360 Price Cut in Asia News

Prices cut by up to 20%

29 Apr 2008

Xbox 360 - Ninja Gaiden 2 Dated News

Summer ninja-ing!

24 Apr 2008

Xbox 360 Discs Won't Hold GTA V? News

Rockstar co-founder raises concerns over Xbox 360 disc space

23 Apr 2008

Featureless Xbox 360 Update Prepares for the Future News

Microsoft's update... all about extending service

18 Apr 2008

Xbox 360 Back Ahead of PS3 in March Stateside News

Sales take a leap

18 Apr 2008

Microsoft: HD-DVD Drive is a USB Extender News

And DVD player!

17 Apr 2008

Microsoft Claims Xbox 360 Sales Doubled News

Supports claim with... more claims

17 Apr 2008

Nintendo Dominates 2007 Japanese Software Sales News

Xbox 360 suffers

14 Apr 2008

Sony and Microsoft Wanted to Control BBC iPlayer Claim News

BBC makes the claim

10 Apr 2008

Microsoft Prods the Corpse of HD-DVD News

New firmware update available now

09 Apr 2008

Xbox 360 'Wii Remote' Apparently Named News

Information not leaked at all, really.

09 Apr 2008

Ninja Gaiden 2 Gore Fest News

Bloody screens right here

09 Apr 2008

Ikaruga Hits Xbox Live Arcade Tomorrow News

Plus: New Poker Smash content coming

08 Apr 2008

UPDATED: Blu-ray Xbox 360 to be Sold at a Loss? News

Because Sony with strangle supply of its own products?

02 Apr 2008

Rumour - Blu-Ray Drive for Xbox 360 Due This Year News

It's that time of the hour again...

01 Apr 2008

Sony Blase in Face of GTA IV 360-Exclusive Content News

Marketing VP says gamers don't care

31 Mar 2008

Original TV Content Coming to Xbox 360 News

Hollywood producer and talent agent signed on

31 Mar 2008

Microsoft Attorney Digs Masterchief on PlayStation 3 News

Sharing list much love is almost rude

27 Mar 2008

Xbox Coffee Maker in the Works?! News

Cross all your bits

27 Mar 2008

Ninja Gaiden 2 Demo Sliding In News

Ninja action hitting Xbox Live!

27 Mar 2008

Epic Shows Off Gears of War 2 Jitters and Tech News

Here there be videos

26 Mar 2008

Xbox 360 Cheaters Named and Shamed News

Gamerscore's 'corrected'

25 Mar 2008

Ex-Nintendo Europe MD Joins Xbox Team News

Microsoft gains casual experience.

20 Mar 2008

Halo 3 New Map Pack Dated News

Masterful stuff... and a mysterious map...

19 Mar 2008

EA and Microsoft Snuggle Up in Advertising Deal News

Massive and Electronic Arts extend deal

19 Mar 2008

Xbox 360 Shortages Explained as New Makers Come Onstream? News

Microsoft can up capacity

18 Mar 2008

Microsoft Europe: Forget Discs News

Xbox Live Drops the Xbox?

14 Mar 2008

US Hardware Charts Feb 2008: Our Trends Electric News

Nintendo still rules the roost

14 Mar 2008

Confirmed: NO Sony and Microsoft Blu-ray Talks News

And that's fact

13 Mar 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Significantly Better Value Than PS3 News

But all will be well for April

13 Mar 2008

Microsoft No 'Current' Xbox Blu-ray Plans News

Plus: platform holder expects to "trail" in February sales in US

13 Mar 2008

Microsoft's Controller Trial Rumbles On News

Platform holder called bald

11 Mar 2008

Confirmed: Xbox 360 Price Cut This Friday News

Xbox 360 soon to be available for less than the Wii

10 Mar 2008

Xbox 360 Price Drop Confirmed in Europe? News

Advert suggests 'yes'

10 Mar 2008

Rumour: Microsoft Considering New Xbox 360 SKU News

60Gb Xbox 360 to Replace 20Gb

07 Mar 2008

PSP Outsells Wii - PS3 Outsells PS2 in Japan News

See how we didn't say "Pwn"... damn!

07 Mar 2008

Microsoft's Ballmer: We Support Blu-ray News

Microsoft's English office doesn't though...

07 Mar 2008

Sony vs Microsoft: Who Wants the New GTA IV Gamers More? News

Is a new customer worth more than an old one?

05 Mar 2008

Xbox 360 to get Wii-Like Pricing? News

Price cut in the lead-up to a new Xbox? Of course not.

05 Mar 2008

Nintendo Wii Outsells PS3 Four to One in Japan News

Plus: Last week's Japanese software sales

28 Feb 2008

Hotmail Down Globally Took Xbox Live With it? News

No reason or resolution yet

26 Feb 2008

Unreal Tournament 3 has "Surpassed" Halo 3 News

Plus: Cliffy B an idiot

25 Feb 2008

Microsoft Stops HD-DVD Player - Shocker News

Now, what does it do with HDi?

25 Feb 2008

Win a Telly for Your Halo 3 Skillz News

Sign up for European tournament open now

25 Feb 2008

Nintendo: Wii Will Rock Xbox 360 in US by June News

Nintendo president says Wii sales to surpass those of Xbox 360 soon

22 Feb 2008

Xbox LIVE to Turn Communistic News

Sorry, we meant, Community-istic

21 Feb 2008

Gears of War 2 – Confirmed for November News

Silicon Knights still not playing nice with Epic though...

21 Feb 2008

Toshiba Will Benefit From Blu-ray Victory News

And no refunds for HD-DVD buyers

20 Feb 2008

Analyst: Microsoft Never That Bothered About HD-DVD News

Release of Blu-ray peripheral depends on attitude to downloads

19 Feb 2008

Microsoft Giving Away XNA Studio 2 News

Plus: Microsoft's GDC red ring embarrassment

19 Feb 2008

Gears of War Maker to Microsoft: Another Billion to Buy News

Rein says Epic isn't cheap

19 Feb 2008

UPDATED: High-Def Format War - Toshiba Surrenders News

White flag from Microsoft likely to follow soon

19 Feb 2008

Microsoft has Not Heard from Toshiba Regarding HD-DVD News

For gods' sakes will someone put us all out of our misery!

18 Feb 2008

Paramount Bolsters Xbox Live Movie Content News

New Warner Bros titles confirmed

18 Feb 2008

Toshiba Refuses to Deny Abandoning HD-DVD News

Wal-Mart drops HD DVD, Toshiba rumoured to surrender format war

18 Feb 2008

Analyst: Owners Dump Wii, Xbox 360 In 2011 News

Bizarre installed base forecast inside...

15 Feb 2008

US January Sales Down On Last Year News

PS3 outsells Xbox 360

15 Feb 2008

Xbox 360 Warranty Provider: Failure Rate Over 16 Percent News

Red Ring of Death not entirely to blame

14 Feb 2008

US Retail "Upset" By Xbox 360 Shortage News

Post-holiday demand "misjudged"

14 Feb 2008

Intel, Microsoft and Nvidia to Form 'Gaming Alliance'? News

PC gaming consortium rumoured

13 Feb 2008

Rumour Bust: GTA IV Online Multiplayer Xbox 360 Exclusive News

PS3 fans can breathe a sigh of relief...

13 Feb 2008

HD DVD Camp Responds To Netflix and Best Buy Rejection News

HD DVD backers seeing defeat on the horizon?

13 Feb 2008

US Retail, Rental Giants Back Blu-ray News

Another blow landed against HD-DVD

12 Feb 2008

Microsoft On Portable Gaming: “Never Say Never” News

Shane Kim speaks out at DICE

08 Feb 2008

Analyst: Sony and Microsoft are Innovation Killers News

Or is it consolidation?

07 Feb 2008

Mass Effect Gets... More Mass! News

Will it affect our attitude towards giant rocks in space?

07 Feb 2008

Microsoft To Woo Japan With Xbox 360 Arcade News

Arcade priced just above Wii

04 Feb 2008

Microsoft's Beautiful Katamari Balls Up News

Platform holder apologises

31 Jan 2008

European Commission Not Targeting Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft News

Just the same old line cast out again

30 Jan 2008

Man who Killed Daughter Over Xbox 360 Convicted News

Once again, video gaming cops the blame

30 Jan 2008

Wii is a Limited Console Says Microsoft News

Wii60 still alive in the heart of Microsoft

30 Jan 2008

Microsoft's Gaming Figures: A New Perspective News

Well, maybe a slightly skewed one...

29 Jan 2008

Mass Effect : Fox News Expert "Misspoke" News

What kind of word is 'misspoke'?

28 Jan 2008

Microsoft's Games Division's Positive Income News

Quarterly cash flow... flows

25 Jan 2008

Brutish Live Action Halo Pics News

Plus: Microsoft launches Halo film-making contest

25 Jan 2008

Halo 3 Laid Low for First Time Since Release News

Call of Duty 4 Dethrones Halo 3 On Xbox Live

22 Jan 2008

Xbox Live Awards Voting Begins News

Have your say on the best of 2007

22 Jan 2008

Microsoft Xbox 360 was Rushed to Beat Sony Claimed News

Failure rates, repeating bad decisions...

21 Jan 2008

Microsoft's 'We Are Sorry' Game Named News

Xbox Live lags result in a game for you.

21 Jan 2008

US Console Figures: Nintendo and Microsoft Split Honours News

NPD figures are as expected.

18 Jan 2008

Xbox Live Schappert and Lionhead Molyneux's GDC Revelations News

First major Microsoft keynote since '05.

16 Jan 2008

Microsoft Flattered by Goldeneye 007 Rumours News

Nintendo will not confirm virtual console

15 Jan 2008

Everybody is Sued: Video Gaming Legal Round-Up News

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo... or not.

15 Jan 2008

Xbox Live Arcade Updates: Lode Runner, Rez HD, Bunnies News

Dancing rabbits and the like... oh, those young people and their 'ways'!

15 Jan 2008

Goldeneye 007 Saga: Who Owns What? News

And blame Iwata while you're at it.

15 Jan 2008

Why No Xbox Live for Goldeneye 007? News

Apparently Microsoft and Nintendo fall out.

14 Jan 2008

UPDATED: God of War Creator - Single Gaming Platform Please News

Why one hardware platform would be GOOD for competition

11 Jan 2008

Farewell 2007: Who Made the UK's Gaming Cash? News

Stats galore...

10 Jan 2008

High-Def Format War: The Battle Continues At Retail News

Warner Bros move not deciding blow say retailers

10 Jan 2008

Xbox Live Losing Unlocked Achievements News

Why break it if it ain't fixed?

09 Jan 2008

Japanese Gaming Figures Add Up News

Billions and billions of Yen make for a good 2007

09 Jan 2008

Microsoft Could Consider Blu-ray Support For Xbox News

Warner Bros defection a "bummer"

09 Jan 2008

High Def DVD - is the War Won? News

Well, Sony would like you to think so...

07 Jan 2008

Wii Outsold PS3 3 To 1 in Japan for 2007 News

While DS outsold the lot

07 Jan 2008

Xbox 360 As IPTV Set Top Box Dated... Almost News

Is Microsoft really taking its multimedia Trojan horsing around seriously?

07 Jan 2008

Wii Ahead Of Xbox 360 In Hardware Sales? News

Do the maths...

04 Jan 2008

Microsoft: Apology Offer Plus Xbox 360 Sales News

Game not named - sales figures big upped

04 Jan 2008

Xbox 360 Ultimate On The Way? News

Built in HD-DVD, 320GB hard disk and other goodness rumoured

03 Jan 2008

Xbox Video Recorder To Be Announced At CES? News

Internal HD-DVD drive on the way?

02 Jan 2008

Xbox 360 Gets Anti-Drink Driving Ads News

Scottish government takes new approach to safety messages

24 Dec 2007

Ninja Gaiden 2 Gets Festive News

Kind of...

21 Dec 2007

Microsoft: Sony Has More European Staying Power News

But Microsoft will sell more consoles next year.

20 Dec 2007

Ninja Gaiden 2 Exhausts The Masses News

Knackering video inside

19 Dec 2007

Sensible, Tempest to Xbox Live Arcade - Brilliant News

Two of the greatest games in the history of ever...

18 Dec 2007

Devil May Cry 4 Demo Early Next Year News

Wipe those tears from your eyes...

07 Dec 2007

Ninja Gaiden 2 in Video Blood Shower News

May not be suitable for youngsters. True story

06 Dec 2007

Transformers Director: Bays for Microsoft Blood News

It's all a big conspiracy

05 Dec 2007

Parents Are Terrified Of Mainstream Media! News

Sorry... that should be "Of video games"

04 Dec 2007

Xbox 360 Video On Demand: CONFIRMED For December News

Harry Potter and his spartan mates lead the charge

04 Dec 2007

'Xbox Live Arcade Hits' Unveiled News

Budget area of Live joins Autumn update

03 Dec 2007

American Brings First Halo 3 Law Suit News

Game isn't compatible with Xbox 360!

29 Nov 2007

European Live Video Marketplace – Definitely Out In December News

Microsoft just told us. Again.

29 Nov 2007

Blu-ray Movies Hit 1 Million In Europe News

Blu-ray Disc Association attempts to mislead us

28 Nov 2007

360 LIVE Update Due Next Week – Details Inside News

December 4th be with you

28 Nov 2007

Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Improvements News

Sony, take note

28 Nov 2007

Activision: PS3 And Xbox 360 Need To Be £97 News

Other statements of the bloody obvious to follow...

28 Nov 2007

England's Euro 2008 Exit Is Sony And Microsoft's Fault News

Nintendo blameless.

26 Nov 2007

Jeff Minter Ready To Quit Games? News

Space Giraffe Creator despairs over games industry

22 Nov 2007

Free XBLA Games For Inviting Friends News

Not if your Billy No Mates though

20 Nov 2007

Halo 3 Updates - Maptastic! News

Two new map packs on the way

20 Nov 2007

Mass Effect's Lesbian Sex Scene Too Tame For Censors News

One of the most repressive Censorship regimes says. "Meh!"

19 Nov 2007

Will Xbox Originals Have Achievements? No. News

Righteous gamer anger at Major Nelson

15 Nov 2007

Mizuguchi Wants Games To Make You Stoned News

New Every Extend Extra sequel on the way?

15 Nov 2007

Xbox Originals Already Problematic News

Microsoft gets baffling

14 Nov 2007

PS3 And DivX Confirmed News

PS3 joins DivX "ecosystem"

14 Nov 2007

UPDATED: Full Xbox Games On Live: CONFIRMED News

Free Live games tomorrow!

14 Nov 2007

Halo Leading Xbox Oldies Coming To Live News

Autumn update detailed

13 Nov 2007

Hell Hints At DivX For Xbox 360 News

Hell: yes! Well, maybe...

12 Nov 2007

Is Microsoft's Bach Looking For Xbox 360 Price Cut News

As he makes a pact with parents

08 Nov 2007

Xbox 360 Lifespan To Match PS2 News

As t’old fella enters eighth year on the market

07 Nov 2007

PlayStation 3 Closing Monthly Sales Gap on Wii News

Latest Japanese sales stats just in

05 Nov 2007

Free Xbox Live In Three Weeks! News

Xtival 07 announced

01 Nov 2007

Halo 3: Chief Of The Living Dead News

Bungie gets freaky for Halo-ween

31 Oct 2007

Microsoft Cracks The Whip News

Sharing Your Xbox Live account WILL get you banned

31 Oct 2007

Xbox Live Faces Mutant Storm News

Upcoming Xbox Live titles detailed

31 Oct 2007

New Blue Dragon Content Available Now News

Get indoctrinated into the Way of Thieves

29 Oct 2007

Gears Of War Is Punters' Game Of The Year News

The Golden Joysticks winners are in

29 Oct 2007

Xbox 360 Makes Profit - Thank Halo News

Halo 3 drives huge revenue growth

26 Oct 2007

Xbox Live Set For India News

Exclusive local content planned

25 Oct 2007

Toshiba Denies Xbox 360 Partnership News

No 'Entertainment' Xbox 360 in the works

24 Oct 2007

Microsoft Goes After Wii: Hits Skid Row News

The War for the Family is on!

24 Oct 2007

Blu-ray Outsells HD-DVD Two To One News

HD-DVD to take over in run up to Christmas?

24 Oct 2007

Battlestar Galactica And Exit On Live Arcade Tomorrow News

Plus new stuff for Uno, Bomberman Live and Pinball FX

23 Oct 2007

Xbox Arcade Hits UK Shelves News

Christmas hots up...

23 Oct 2007

Microsoft Slashes Xbox 360 Prices Again News

In Japan

22 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Makes For Massive September Game Sales News

State-side figures show growth, growth and more growth

19 Oct 2007

Microsoft Ups HDDVD Ante With Xbox Offering News

As deals go, this one seems to work

19 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Takes Down Ben Stiller News

Hollywood executives blaming poor box office takings on Halo 3

16 Oct 2007

The Charts: Project Gotham Challenges FIFA News

Where's Halo 3?

16 Oct 2007

Japan: DS Back On Top News

PSP edged out again

15 Oct 2007

Assassin's Creed Devs Struggling With Xbox 360 Disc Size News

PS3 version facing its own problems

12 Oct 2007

Rumour: Jasper Xbox 360 On The Way News

Price reduction to follow

10 Oct 2007

Halo 3 An Indicator Of GTA IV Success? News

Bungie's shooter a harbinger of things to come?

10 Oct 2007

Games For Windows Live Update Coming Soon News

Microsoft takes to making up words

09 Oct 2007

The Charts: Halo 3 Sent Off By FIFA News

Has FIFA Scored?

09 Oct 2007

Microsoft Hits Back At Reduced Price PS3 News

With yet another ‘value bundle’

08 Oct 2007

OFFICIAL: Bungie ‘Unleashed’ From Microsoft News

The leash is severed

05 Oct 2007

EA And Microsoft Bossmen To Keynote DICE 2008 News

Leading industry summit event to rock Vegas in February

05 Oct 2007

Bungie And Microsoft To Form 'New Partnership'? News

Bungie may lose out on Halo rights

05 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Triples Japanese Xbox 360 Sales News

Microsoft still languishing at the back

05 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Racks Up £150 Million Worldwide News

It's selling well. Did you know?

05 Oct 2007

Halo 3 Doubles Xbox 360 Hardware Sales News

£17 million pushed through retailer tills

04 Oct 2007

New Xbox 360 Model Revealed! News

The death of the core?

03 Oct 2007

New Mass Effect Screens And Character Info News

It's nearly here...

03 Oct 2007

The Charts: Halo 3 versus FIFA News

Can a bunch of over-paid prima donnas score over a bunch of helmet lovers?

02 Oct 2007

Wii Creams PS3 In Japan News

Half year figures show massive sales gap

02 Oct 2007

Does Halo 3 Top Xbox Live? News


02 Oct 2007

PS3 Sold Half Of All Units In First Month News

PS3 and Xbox 360 neck and neck

28 Sep 2007

UPDATED: Microsoft: Wii NOT "Limited" - We Own Next-Gen News

Post Halo euphoria? Or plain bitchiness?

27 Sep 2007

Project Gotham 5 Will Be Xbox 360 Exclusive News

It's Microsoft's baby!

27 Sep 2007

Celeb-Studded Halo 3 Launch In London – Full Pics Inside News

Bungie's baby racks up over $170 million sales in one day over in the US

27 Sep 2007

Microsoft Concedes Halo 3 Disc Problems News

Replacements to be issued

26 Sep 2007

Mass Media Fudges Up Halo 3 Launch News

The BBC flails unthinkingly at video-games

26 Sep 2007

Halo 3 - Second Opinion News

Steve Boxer takes his first glance at the 'most important game in history'.

25 Sep 2007

Free Halo Stuff on Xbox Live News

Well, kind of free. If you are a paying Gold XBL member.

25 Sep 2007

Halo 3 Takes Xbox Division Into Profit For First Time News

So say some analysts...

25 Sep 2007

Rumour: Halo 3 Limited Edition Tin Damaging Discs News

Confusion and anger reigns

24 Sep 2007

Halo 3: Gifts From The Masterfairy News

This is what you get if you're good.

21 Sep 2007

Forza Alert! New Cars On The Way News

Rev your engines

21 Sep 2007

11.6 Million Xbox 360s Sold News

But it's not enough!

21 Sep 2007

Halo 3 Street Date Broken By Argos News

Whoops-a-daisy, someone made a boo-boo on the stock computer!

19 Sep 2007

Viva Piñata: Party Animals: Eye-Bleeding Video News

Get your sunnies out

18 Sep 2007

Halo 3 Midnight Launch: Cancelled News

Pharrell Williams to save the day

18 Sep 2007

The Charts: Can Midway Put EA In Stranglehold? News

Will Medal of Honor be Woo-ed?

18 Sep 2007

Wii Overtakes Xbox 360 Sales News

According to the FT...

14 Sep 2007

Microsoft Working On 'YouTube For Games' News

Gaming 2.0 rears its pretty head

13 Sep 2007

First Viva Pinata Marriage Proposal News

Gamers get loved up

13 Sep 2007

Sony Designer: "F**k Halo" News

David Jaffe and Sony designer Adam Orth get chatty

13 Sep 2007

Microsoft Unveils Epic Halo 3 Ad Campaign News

Marketeers everywhere get excited about adverts

13 Sep 2007

Games and Tech Brands Gain Ground In CoolBrands 2007 Report News

PlayStation and Nintendo storm top ten. Xbox at 33. EA at 128.

13 Sep 2007

Microsoft: Sony Charges For Tech You Don't Need News

Pre-Christmas war heats up

12 Sep 2007

Ninja Gaiden 2: Confirmed! News

First official screens inside

12 Sep 2007

Japanese Hardware Sales Drop News

Only PS3 sees a boost

10 Sep 2007

360s, PS3s And DSs Used As Terrorist CB Radios News

In UK jails, according to the Sun… ahem…

10 Sep 2007

Project Gotham 4: Photo Mode Screens Inside News

Cameras at the ready

10 Sep 2007

BBC Content Downloadable Via Xbox LIVE? News

Microsoft and BBC 'in talks'

10 Sep 2007

360 Price Cut Sells Tons More Consoles News

Funny that

07 Sep 2007

Sony Wants Microsoft In Blu-Ray Camp News

Sick of the competition?

06 Sep 2007

Japanese Hardware Sales Stats for August News

Guess which console sells most in Japan?

03 Sep 2007

Free Gears Of War Maps On LIVE News

Cost - zero pence

03 Sep 2007

New Xbox 360 Controllers This Week News

Messenger Kit on Friday and Limited Edition Halo 3 Controllers soon

03 Sep 2007

Xbox LIVE Arcade Boot Sale Today News

Get ‘em while their cheap…

31 Aug 2007

Halo 3 Drives Family Guy To Xbox 360 News

Xbox Live beats iTunes to the punch

30 Aug 2007

Halo 3 Goes Gold News

Internet to be broken?

30 Aug 2007

Xbox Live Surprise: Streets Of Rage 2 News

Microsoft slips one out

29 Aug 2007

The Charts: Transformers Gets A (Bio)Shock News

2K releases second fastest 360 title

29 Aug 2007

Play 360's Xmas 07 Line-Up At Videogames Live News

Microsoft sponsors games' music concert at South Bank

28 Aug 2007

Xbox LIVE Speeds Up News

Faster, downloads, faster!

24 Aug 2007

The Global Console War: Latest Battle Statistics News

An impressive 10.5 million Wiis sold to date

24 Aug 2007

Improved Xbox 360 ‘Falcon’ Chips Coming News

Goodbye ‘red ring of death’. We hope.

24 Aug 2007

Latest Live-Action Halo-Based Short Movie News

From director Neill Blomkamp

23 Aug 2007

Halo 3 Themed Xbox 360 Due September News

Halo 3 machine or 360 Elite - what to buy?

23 Aug 2007

Microsoft Steering Wheels Overheating – Retrofits Offered News

Hang on, haven’t we been here before?

23 Aug 2007

Paramount and Dreamworks Drop Blu-Ray Support News

Another blow to Sony’s PlayStation 3 strategy

21 Aug 2007

PAL Xbox Elite - Aggressive Pricing On HD Movie Downloads News

Plus, first pics of SPOnG's matt black new toy

20 Aug 2007

European Xbox 360 Price Cut News

Elite street date and price confirmed

20 Aug 2007

Xbox Delight: Even More Halos On The Way News

Just because it's the third one in a trilogy doesn't mean...

16 Aug 2007

Street Fighter II Rules Xbox Live News

More statistical goodness inside

16 Aug 2007

300 Assaults Xbox Live News

Where are our bloody films?

16 Aug 2007

Wii Set To Rule UK Market News

Figures indicate could overtake 360 in next few months

16 Aug 2007

Unreal's Rein: Blu-ray Gives Us "Legroom" News

360 owners to get less

15 Aug 2007

Microsoft Eases Xbox Game Creation Challenge News

Latest version of Xna is ready.

14 Aug 2007

The Charts: Surgical Strikes And Transforming Moments News

We all love the Summer - just not to play games in.

14 Aug 2007

Ubisoft Will Help You Create Cross Platform Content News

The user's the star...

13 Aug 2007

Xbox 360 IPTV Still Undated News

But still on the cards

10 Aug 2007

Halo 3 Record Breaker Already? News

Over a million Halo 3s have been pre-ordered and that figure is set to rise.

09 Aug 2007

Microsoft Opens Xbox Repair Site News

Get in line for, you guessed it, U.S.-based repairs.

09 Aug 2007

HDMI For Premium Xbox 360s: Confirmed News

No word on Core version

09 Aug 2007

Xbox 360's To Get HDMI As Standard? News

Is the 'Falcon' on the way?

08 Aug 2007

Mark Of Chaos Marches Onto Xbox 360 News

The game will be shown at Leipzig this month

08 Aug 2007

More Details On The London Games Festival Emerge News

Events and sponsors revealed

08 Aug 2007

Microsoft: $1.5bn MP3 Fine Overturned News

Reversal "shocking and disturbing"

07 Aug 2007

Xbox Price Cut: Microsoft's Offical Word News

Still no announcement for Europe.

07 Aug 2007

Track & Field Leaps Onto Xbox LIVE Arcade Tomorrow News

Get ready to destroy those controller buttons!

07 Aug 2007

Microsoft Links Xbox Price Cut To Madden News

It has nothing to do with the

07 Aug 2007

Microsoft Settles Class Act Lawsuit News

Microsoft settles the case for an undisclosed figure

06 Aug 2007

PlayStation 3 Sales Double In Japan News

DS and Wii sales drop

03 Aug 2007

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Core Is Here To Stay News

Is a price cut on the way

01 Aug 2007

Forza 2 Gets New Content News

Nissan drives onto Xbox Live

01 Aug 2007

Halo 3 To Get Online Co-Op News

Halo for four, sir?

01 Aug 2007

Xbox 360 Elite Designed To Stop Red Ring Of Death News

Robbie Bach talks Xbox 360 failures

30 Jul 2007

Japanese Porn Gets Frisky With Blu-Ray News

Japanese smut coming to PS3

30 Jul 2007

Microsoft: Xbox Made More Money Than Sony And Nintendo News

Gosh what a good, bad year it's been.

30 Jul 2007

Wii Dislodged As Most Searched For Console News

More Demand For Xbox 360 Price Drop Than PS3?

30 Jul 2007

Microsoft's Bush-Proof Controller News

Robbie Bach's makes an Xbox-related political gag

30 Jul 2007

PlayStation 3 Price Cut Prompts Sales Boost News

American PS3s start to move...

24 Jul 2007

Halo 3: Real Warthog Roams New Zealand News

Motorists beware

23 Jul 2007

Capcom: Why Devil May Cry Is No Longer PS3 Exclusive News

It's a technical thing...

20 Jul 2007

Microsoft Mauled But Profitable After Xbox Costs News

Latest company financials soak up game division losses

20 Jul 2007

Japanese Charts: Dragon Quest Destroys Competition News

Nintendo still on top, and everywhere else too

19 Jul 2007

Halo 3 Co-op Not Online News

But Bungie ain't dumb

19 Jul 2007

UPDATE: Xbox: Microsoft’s X07 Canned News

Boo-hoo! Another press jolly out the window

19 Jul 2007

CinemaNow 'Expands' To Xbox 360 News

But seriously, what's the point?

18 Jul 2007

Xbox 360 Elite to Cost £330 in UK News

That’s £70 less than new PS3 bundle folks

18 Jul 2007

Moore To Continue "To Assist" At Microsoft News

For a month at least

18 Jul 2007

PS3 Tops 1 Million in Japan News

Six months after the Wii

18 Jul 2007

Microsoft's Moore Defects To Electronic Arts News

Ex-EA man to replace him

18 Jul 2007

Bombing and Kung Fu Strike Xbox Live News

But don't worry, it's not ninja terrorists

17 Jul 2007

E3: The View From The U.K. News

Big guns out next year...

16 Jul 2007

Sony vs Microsoft: HD-DVD To Die Soon News

Seriously hard slaps too...

13 Jul 2007

Min-E3 2007 – Best and Worst Five Things to Date News

Cheering and moaning fom SPOnG’s team in La La Land

12 Jul 2007

Halo 3: E3 Short Movie Inside News

With real actors and everything!

11 Jul 2007

Halo 3: First Single Player Video Inside! News

PLUS: First image of Halo-themed Xbox 360

11 Jul 2007

Fable 2: First Screens! News

PLUS: New details

11 Jul 2007

Microsoft VP: Xbox 360 Price Cut On The Way News

Microsoft aims at the casual gamer

11 Jul 2007

Gears of War on PC: First Screens News

Your PC gets ugly

11 Jul 2007

Halo 3: E3 Screens Inside News

E3 press barrage begins

11 Jul 2007

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference – Full Report News

A solid, if slightly uninspiring, start to E3 2007

11 Jul 2007

Project Gotham 4: Two-Wheeled E3 Screens News

Project Gotham bikes in action

11 Jul 2007

Europe Gets Xbox Elite News

And you thought we weren't getting it.

11 Jul 2007

Exclusive Sneak Peeks inside Sony, Microsoft Booths News

Shenanigans in Santa Monica

11 Jul 2007

Xbox 360 Failures: Surge Protection? News

More tales of the absurd following $1.5-billion admission

10 Jul 2007

Cheaper Xbox 360 On the Way? News

Codename: Falcon

10 Jul 2007

Microsoft: Japanese Xbox 360 Price Cut An Option News

But isn't everything...

09 Jul 2007

Japanese Hardware Charts: Sony Ups Its Game News

PS3 no longer in the psychological four figure doldrums

06 Jul 2007

Microsoft Misses Xbox 360 Sales Target News

Will still see profit in 2008

06 Jul 2007

Microsoft 's $1.15 BILLION Red Face Of Debt News

Pre-E3 announcement...

06 Jul 2007

Will Europe Get Xbox 360 Elite in August? News

Lord only knows... (And Peter Moore).

05 Jul 2007

E3 2007 – What’s In Store? News

First ratings for SPOnG's Absurd Business Title Award 2007

05 Jul 2007

Missile Command Launches Onto Xbox Live News

Will it track spherically?

04 Jul 2007

Pressure Mounts On Xbox Red Ring Of Death Admission: Details Here News

One in three experiencing the problem, according to some US retailers

03 Jul 2007

The Charts: Harry Potter Battles The Darkness News

Can anyone see an original game lying around?

03 Jul 2007

Download Game Demos From Min-E3 Via Xbox Live News

Almost like being there. But not quite.

03 Jul 2007

Microsoft Getting HDesperate? News

HD DVD goes online

02 Jul 2007

PS3 Outselling Wii and Xbox 360 Down Under News

Sony's having a G'day

29 Jun 2007

Videogame For Adults: Ratings Explained News

Just what is an Adult?

28 Jun 2007

Microsoft: Come On Then Nintendo... Outside! News

Wii copyists or natural progression into casual market?

28 Jun 2007

Mass Effect Slips Again News

What's the games industry playing at?

27 Jun 2007

Microsoft: We Want Competitors' Online Ideas News

But there aren't any yet

27 Jun 2007

The Charts: Driving to the Movies News

The Forza's strong...

26 Jun 2007

Rumour: Xbox 360 Elite in Europe in August News

Priced, apparently, at €499.95 or a well-rounded £337

26 Jun 2007

'Sim Medieval Town' Expands On Xbox Live News

German Bored Game Invades

26 Jun 2007

What's A Halo 3 Meta-Game? News

Halo 3 Achievements unveiled

20 Jun 2007

Band of Bugs Swarms Xbox Live News

Its turn-based strategy in your garden

19 Jun 2007

Microsoft Sues Immersion Over Sony Deal News

More hilarious legal rumblings

19 Jun 2007

Xbox 360 Gets Tilt Control News

Some assembly required

18 Jun 2007

Blockbuster Focuses on Blu-ray over HD-DVD Movie Rentals News

A significant blow to the HD DVD format

18 Jun 2007

Rumour: Microsoft Pays $50m For GTA IV Exclusive Content News

L.A. Noire not PS3 exclusive?

18 Jun 2007

Microsoft: New Xbox 360 Heatsinks 'Commonplace' Update News

Red Ring still rules them all

15 Jun 2007

Hitler 'Bunkered' By Microsoft On Xbox LIVE: Video! News

Nazi dictator does his nut!

15 Jun 2007

Microsoft: PlayStation Network Needs More Work News

Xbox Live product manager likes things slow and simple

14 Jun 2007

Gears of War Update Available Tomorrow News

Plus: Control system tightened

13 Jun 2007

Halo Precursor Heading For Xbox Live? News

Also Mad Tracks patched

13 Jun 2007

Square Enix Boss: PS3/Xbox 360 “Mismatched” To Today's Gamers News

Yoichi Wada speaks out on development choices

12 Jun 2007

Prince Of Persia Classic Scales Xbox Live News

Retro free-running goodness available tomorrow

12 Jun 2007

Microsoft Responds To Xbox Price Drop Rumours News

Price cut not "signalled"

11 Jun 2007

Something For The Weekend, Sir? This Week's Releases News

Did someone say 'Halo'?

08 Jun 2007

Microsoft Lusts After Your Mum News

Is a 360 price cut on the horizon?

08 Jun 2007

Latest News on Games for Windows LIVE News

Plus, Microsoft's E3 2007 Briefing - Details

07 Jun 2007

First New Pac-Man Mazes In 26 Years News

It says here...

06 Jun 2007

The Charts: Spider-Man 3 Comes Unstuck News

Plus: sexy lady beaten by camp pirate

05 Jun 2007

Bill Gates On New Xbox Controls News

Speaks out in “Bill and Steve Jobs Excellent Adventure”

05 Jun 2007

Wii Widens Japanese Sales Gap News

Nintendo platforms outsell Sony five to one

04 Jun 2007

Gears of War's Mark Rein Gets Story Pulled News

Gears of War on PS3 rumour “Bull****”

04 Jun 2007

Konami Unconfirms Metal Gear Solid 4 For Xbox 360 News

Killer-app still a PS3 exclusive

04 Jun 2007

Xbox 360 Hack Brings Confusion News

Firmware hack attempts invisibility

31 May 2007

Microsoft's New Hardware - Suggest A Game News

Microsoft takes it to the table

31 May 2007

Microsoft's Home Coder Comp Worth £5,000 In Kind News

Prizes up for grabs

31 May 2007

UK Gets Xbox TV Consolation Prize News

Zone of the Enders videogame-to-anime classic and new Guyver on DVD

30 May 2007

GameCube Charts Dropped In UK News

But the old stager is still being made...

30 May 2007

Mad Tracks Makes Tracks to Xbox Live Arcade News

It's XBLA Wednesday! It's a 3D party racer!

30 May 2007

Halo 3 Single Player Missions Revealed News

The hackers are at it again

29 May 2007

Microsoft's Robbie Bach: Making The Division Work News

"...PC, an Xbox, a Zune, a phone, whatever works."

28 May 2007

Japanese Charts: Hardware Sales Slipping News

Nintendo still leading the way

25 May 2007

E3 Conference Schedule Announced - Full Details Inside News

Time to feign interest

25 May 2007

Hollywood And Games Summit: Full Line-Up Announced News

Hollywood and gaming knock heads

23 May 2007

Write An Xbox Soundtrack... Now News

It's Halo Idol kids!

23 May 2007

Halo 3 Beta Updated News

New play mode and vehicle available

22 May 2007

Xbox 360 ChatPad First Looks News

It looks like it might just work

21 May 2007

Hackers Unearth Halo 3 Co-op - Apparently News

Also: Bungie's chopper revealed!

21 May 2007

Game Boy Advance Outsells PS3 In The United States News

State-side games sales up by 20%

18 May 2007

Something For The Weekend? What To Buy And Play News

This week's releases

18 May 2007

Microsoft Bans Modded 360s From Xbox Live News

Got a modded Xbox 360? Forget it, then.

18 May 2007

Peter Moore on Rare, Piss-Taking And Monty Python News

And Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Oh, and the NEW Banjo-Kazooie!

18 May 2007

Halo 3 Beta Fixed News

Bungie grants four days of extra play as an apology

17 May 2007

Halo 3 Beta Broken News

Or dare we say... 'cracked'

16 May 2007

Microsoft Wants to Make You a Popstar Sensation News

Make your dreams of stardom a reality

16 May 2007

Xbox Live Arcade Gets Solitary News

Or as solitary as multi-player Solitaire can get

16 May 2007

Microsoft's Peter Moore: On Being the Underdog News

'A working class hero is something to be'

16 May 2007

The Charts: Tiberium Wars Doesn't Quite Conquer News

Spidey's sticking around

15 May 2007

Smokin' Aces Ad-ed To Counter-Strike News

New in-game advertising announced

14 May 2007

ASDA Cuts 360 Game Prices News

£12.97 for some...

14 May 2007

Halo 3 Press Assault: New Screens! News

Microsoft comes at us like a horny gorilla

14 May 2007

Microsoft: Second Life On XBox Live? News

Microsoft working with Second Life creators

14 May 2007

XBL: Forza 2 demo, GRAW 2 Maps, Flat Out demo News

Xbox Live goes from strength to strength

10 May 2007

Halo 2 For PC: Trailer Here News

Polish off your big shiny helmet

09 May 2007

Xbox 360’s Spring Update Finally Here News

Workplace productivity down thirty percent immediately

09 May 2007

China: Games On The Rise News

Banned consoles still selling

08 May 2007

Movie Studios Will Dictate PS3 Console War Win News

So says Wedbush Morgan analyst

08 May 2007

Xbox Shooting - The Police Update SPOnG News

No mention of Xbox...

08 May 2007

Messenger On Xbox 360 This Week News

All the latest on the new spring update inside

08 May 2007

Kid Shot For Xbox 360 - Says The Sun News

Rubbish news says nowt

08 May 2007

Xbox Live - Border Controls Explained News

No more cross-border downloads in the free market

07 May 2007

Halo 2 For PC Slips News

No F'ing FPS then...

04 May 2007

Microsoft’s Robbie Bach: Brain Dump Or Dumps Brain? News

Xbox hardest piece of hardware to make. Profit next year. Wii is no good… and more…

04 May 2007

Tron For Xbox Live Arcade News

Ahhh nostalgia, it's not what it used to be

03 May 2007

Microsoft's Bach: A Bad Meeting Day News

Presentation leads to mass exit

03 May 2007

Microsoft: Get A Free Cable And Don’t Buy An Xbox Elite News

Problems and solutions already?

03 May 2007

Control Your Game Fate... With Your Mind News

More mind-bending advances....

01 May 2007

Xbox Xenos Graphic Processor To Shrink News

Size is everything

01 May 2007

Xbox 360 Elite: Same Old Problems? News

Reports emerge of 'ring of death'

30 Apr 2007

Microsoft Profits Up - Xbox Haemorrhaging Cash News

Bill Gates, erm, Steve Balmer, is happy today. News just in from Microsoft.

27 Apr 2007

Gears Of War: Xbox Live Arcade In Cheeky Cash Grab News

Live Arcade charges for freely available game guides

26 Apr 2007

Analysts Attack! Wii In Short Supply Until 2009 News

Is it still the year of the PS2?

25 Apr 2007

The Charts: Nintendo Bags First Number 1 In Four Years News

Pokemon Ranger kicks cutesy posterior

24 Apr 2007

Xbox Live: Arm-Flapping Pinball Hits Tomorrow News

Mums: watch your best china

24 Apr 2007

Develop Conference Offshoot: New Speakers Announced News

Microsoft, Epic, Evolution and Rare get involved

23 Apr 2007

Gaming A Disaster For Microsoft News

When it all comes down to the business end...

21 Apr 2007

New Games Barcodes: Sinister Or Just Selling? News

New barcodes for coming for Xbox games

20 Apr 2007

DS Stomps On US Hardware Competition News

PS3 trails at the back

20 Apr 2007

Final Forza 2 Cars Unveiled News

Microsoft changes up a gear

20 Apr 2007

Xbox 360 Elite On Sale On US eBay News

US street date broken

19 Apr 2007

Pac-Man World Championship – Details Inside News

Fancy your chances? Win a trip to NYC to meet Toru Iwatani

18 Apr 2007

SixAxis In An Xbox Controller = XboxAxis? Video Here. News

Strange, Franken-controller is created... be scared!

17 Apr 2007

The Charts: Has Imagination Finally Died? News

TMNT takes the top spot

17 Apr 2007

Xbox Live: Gyruss And MiniGolf Double-Team News

Unfortunately, not for space-golf

16 Apr 2007

Nintendo Share Price Highest In 45 Years News

Sony and Microsoft's numbers suffer in Japan

16 Apr 2007

Xbox Elite Trade-Up Rumours News

As Europe waits for November...

16 Apr 2007

Dreamcast Beats PlayStation In Review Ratings News

Good old statistics come to the rescue once again...

16 Apr 2007

Guitar Hero II: Whammy Bar Fixed, Your Xbox Jiggered News

The day the music died

16 Apr 2007

Showtime Networks Games System Imminent News

Broadband game delivery still not quite launched

16 Apr 2007

Microsoft : Guitar Hero II Track Pricing Is OK News

It's not the same as iTunes, you know

13 Apr 2007

The Charts: Where Are The PS3 Exclusives? News

Command & Conquer hangs in at the top

11 Apr 2007

Halo 3: First In-Game Footage! News

Plus: nerds at work

10 Apr 2007

Windows Live Messenger To Hit Xbox 360 News

New text-input device will complement it

10 Apr 2007

Xbox 360 Cops 'N' Robbers Ad Banned News

Mollycoddling regulator goes a bit over the top

04 Apr 2007

XBLA Weds - Guns, Puzzles And Pyramids News

Luxor 2 out tomorrow on Live Arcade

03 Apr 2007

The Charts: PS3 Knocked Off The Top News

Resistance falls

03 Apr 2007

Gears Tournament 2007 Announced News

Kill insects and then go to Prague!

30 Mar 2007

'PS3 Elite' In Works? News

80Gb PS3 looks likely

29 Mar 2007

Can PS3 Maintain Sales Momentum? News

600,000 Plus PS3s Already Sold In Europe

29 Mar 2007

Trade Your Gun For An Xbox News

Microsoft pushes to crack Mexico market

28 Mar 2007

Microsoft Doesn't Encourage Elite Purchases News

Is Microsoft about to cannibalise its own market for 'current gen' 360s

28 Mar 2007

360 Gets Video Content Boost News

New Xbox Live contributors announced

28 Mar 2007

Sony: Microsoft Has 'Got' The Hardcore Gamer News

But "Every PlayStation 3 owner should have an 'elite' experience"

28 Mar 2007

Xbox 360 Elite Finally Confirmed News

120Gb drive is also to be sold separately

28 Mar 2007

Online Video Guru Joins Microsoft News

Improvements To 360 Video Offering On The Way?

27 Mar 2007

Aopen Owner Could Pull Its Xbox Production News

Cites declining profits

27 Mar 2007

The Charts: Did PS3 Move Games Too? News

Wii's opening weekend outdone

27 Mar 2007

Xbox Elite - Production Shots Aired News

Black Xbox shots displayed on a forum

26 Mar 2007

Halo 3 Pre-Orders Open News

GAME taking Xbox 360's golden game orders

26 Mar 2007

Microsoft Confirms HDMI Output News

360 Elite looks ever more likely

26 Mar 2007

PS3 Launch Weekend - Outsold By 360? News

So much stock, so little demand?

26 Mar 2007

Xbox 360 Elite – More 'Information' News

$479, HDMI-enabled, 120GB hard drive, IPTV capability

26 Mar 2007

Xbox Live: Our Customers Deserve Better News

Microsoft owns up to Xbox Live account compromise but fudges the reason

26 Mar 2007

Jetpac Refuels On Wednesday News

Spectrum Classic On Live Arcade

26 Mar 2007

Something For The Weekend? Today's NEW Releases News

It turns out there's been a console launch...

23 Mar 2007

Microsoft Hits Back at Sony's Telly Stunt News

We don't need to give away tellies. Just lager...

23 Mar 2007

Microsoft’s Cheeky PS3 Launch Spoiler Antics News

Shouting lager, lager, lager…

23 Mar 2007

'First' Xbox Elite Pics - Confusion Reigns News

Exclusive pix of 'hot' Xbox simply PhotoShop fun... or more.

22 Mar 2007

Microsoft to Support Blu-ray - UPDATE News

Or a simple slip of the tongue?

22 Mar 2007

Has Xbox Live Been Hacked? News

Security expert says so, Microsoft says no

22 Mar 2007

Gates Gets Ass Kicked News

The world's most altruistic man loses at footy on 360

21 Mar 2007

Here We Go Again- Black 120GB Xbox 360 for £245 News

Rumour reels out again - only three days before PS3 Euro launch.

20 Mar 2007

Grand Theft Auto Ram Raids The Charts News

But only gently

20 Mar 2007

Google To Compete With Xbox Live News

Purchase of Adscape gives it patent power

19 Mar 2007

Microsoft is Not Scared of Commitment News

News from Games for Windows shindig in London

16 Mar 2007

Halo 3 - Three Versions - Price Confirmed News

Microsoft sets US pricing to retailers - announces versions.

16 Mar 2007

Euro Xbox Boss Says Downloads Don't Threaten Retail News

Chris Lewis responds to worries about Shivering Isles

16 Mar 2007

Nintendo Wii Spanks The Competition News

In the USA

16 Mar 2007

Halo 3 Packaging Unveiled News

Microsoft gears up for PS3 launch

16 Mar 2007

Robbie Emerges From Rehab On To Xbox Live News

Which market is Microsoft aiming at?

15 Mar 2007

Your PS3 Could Cost The Earth News

The eco-facists or earth-angels descend on games...

15 Mar 2007

Kill Your Console Before It Kills You News

One in three adults own consoles, says new survey

14 Mar 2007

Games for Windows LIVE - Full UK Launch Details News

Will PC gamers pay MORE to play online?

14 Mar 2007

Xbox – Core Death PLUS HDMI Birth In May News

Yes, it’s turnaround time for the Xbox

13 Mar 2007

The Charts: Final Fantasy Shot Down + GTA Shoots Up News

Advanced Warfighter... advances

13 Mar 2007

Xbox 360 To Battle PSP and Nintendo DS? News

AMD bloody well hopes so

12 Mar 2007

PlayStation Home To Launch In October News

Home details leaked

12 Mar 2007

Elder Scrolls Puts Pressure On Retailers News

Xbox Live price announced

09 Mar 2007

Sony's Harrison: PS3 Base Too Small For GTA Exclusive News

Phil Harrison speaks

09 Mar 2007

GDC: Microsoft on PS3 Home News

Chris Satchell slams Sony’s online vision

09 Mar 2007

Peter Jackson's Halo Project To Be Episodic News

Microsoft gets busy at breakfast

09 Mar 2007

Cliffy B: Gears For PC PLUS Blowing People's Heads Off News

First looks at SPOnG's interview with Gears Of War creator...

09 Mar 2007

Finally a Proper Reason To Buy Vista News

To play Geometry Wars on your PC!

08 Mar 2007

GDC: Blue Dragon Confirmed For Europe And US News

Killer RPG heads abroad

07 Mar 2007

GDC Day One: Minter Calls Microsoft Crap + PLUS Indie Game Awards News

Day one of the Games Developers Conference - our intrepid reporter smells fear...

06 Mar 2007

Europe Gets South Park HD Episode After All News

South Park. High definition. Free. Yay!

06 Mar 2007

Xbox 360 Hacked – For Real. Time For Homebrew? News

Micrsoft slow off the mark to fix security flaw...

28 Feb 2007

Play With The Stars Not With Yourself News

Microsoft's challenge for you to get it on with Scissor Sisters and Grooverider...

27 Feb 2007

Killing Bosses Is Less Than Half The Story News

Producer tells SPOnG of influences, Halo 3 demo saga and more…

27 Feb 2007

Alien Hominid Lands on XBLA Tomorrow News

The Behemoth’s side-scrolling shooter

27 Feb 2007

The Charts: A Final Fantasy! News

Despite fastest-selling console game of the year, sales are down…

26 Feb 2007

Wii In One Third Of US And Japanese Homes By 2011 News

No predictions of Europe – maybe we’ll still have GameCubes

23 Feb 2007

The PS3 Confused With Wii News

Lots of online action for pre-orders plus some hilarity!

22 Feb 2007

Xbox 360 IPTV For You To See News

Microsoft prepares to wow the masses with television out of your games box...

22 Feb 2007

Nintendo Confirms The GameCube Is Officially Dead News

Top Nintendo Executive kills it… still no Wii online... still no DVD

22 Feb 2007

Worms Live Arcade Imminent News

Worms Front Man Explains Delays To XBLA

21 Feb 2007

Microsoft Points to Surging 360 to Ease Vista Woes News

New OS ignored... Game system business strong

21 Feb 2007

Xbox Live On The Road News

Travellin' and a playin' in a civilised place...

20 Feb 2007

Classic Shooter Goes Live News

‘Casual’ boys soon to be separated from the ‘hardcore’ men

14 Feb 2007

Microsoft UK Slammed By BBC Consumer Show News

BBC’s Watchdog reports on 360 faults... updated

14 Feb 2007

Crackdown Gets Patched Up News

Fix needed before it even hits shops

13 Feb 2007

The Charts: Computer Says "Woe" News

TV tie-in tops 'tastic wolf magic.

13 Feb 2007

Kameo and Viva Piñata DS-bound? News

“Makes a lot of sense" says Microsoft’s Shane Kim

13 Feb 2007

Sony Shaken But Not Stirred News

Bond Blu-ray offering to entice half-a-million PlayStation network subscribers

12 Feb 2007

360 Is More Powerful Than PS3 Says Microsoft News

No new 360 hardware for 2007!

12 Feb 2007

120Gb Xbox To Spoil PS3 Launch News

Major Australian retail chain claims ‘deluxe 360’ due in April pushed back to March

08 Feb 2007

Wii Dominates Japanese Sales as PlayStation 3 Goes Missing News

Nothing from SCE or MS in games top ten

08 Feb 2007

Gamerscore Points Stink News

Unless you really love the smell of Old Spice that is...

07 Feb 2007

Root Beer Tapper on Live Arcade Tomorrow News

Update of Midway Arcade Classic

06 Feb 2007

PS3 Price Plummet Predicts Japanese Expert News

Rumour of the PS3's price changes gain yet more credence as Famitsu boss speaks out.

06 Feb 2007

Biggest Live Gaming Event... EVER? News

Not if you're a WoW geek - but Microsoft is shipping in celebs galore to 'big up' Xbox Live...

05 Feb 2007

Microsoft Euro Boss - We Will Not Cut Cost of 360 News

Is PS3's 'unproven tech' worth the £200 premium on the 360?

02 Feb 2007

Ten New Xbox Live Arcade Games Announced News

Castlevania, Worms, Alien Hominid, Paperboy and more

31 Jan 2007

RUMOUR ALERT: Rewards For Playing Your 360? News

The rumour mill's at it again

30 Jan 2007

Vista Launched At Gamers News

Hyperbole galore as Microsoft aims at capturing your heart and mind.

30 Jan 2007

World of Warcraft and FFXI 'Unplayable' on Vista? News

Teething troubles with two of biggest PC MMOs

30 Jan 2007

360 Shipment Forecast Cut News

Not only PS3s went unsold over Xmas - now Microsoft cries "over-stock"

26 Jan 2007

Windows Vista Bad For Games? News

Vista could be bad for small developers

26 Jan 2007

Xbox Tilt Controller – Details and Video Inside News

Will Microsoft take note?

22 Jan 2007

50% of 360 Owners New to Xbox News

Chris Satchell dissects CES.

19 Jan 2007

Microsoft: "No reason to put anything down on a hard disk" News

And Gates goes for Nintendo and Sony...

18 Jan 2007

China To Get 360 News

Microsoft sets sights on growing Chinese console market

15 Jan 2007

360 HD DVD Drive Sells Nearly 100K In US News

First reports on Microsoft's status in the DVD format wars

15 Jan 2007

CES: Zune To Play Games Within 18 Months News

Could it challenge the DS and PSP?

10 Jan 2007

Robbie Bach Talks ‘Live on Windows’ News

More from Microsoft’s CES showing in Vegas

08 Jan 2007

Bill Gates Outlines Future of Entertainment at CES News

IPTV on 360 and Live Anywhere services available this year

08 Jan 2007

Microsoft Says Thanks to Stamper Bros. News

Goodbye and ta for all the amazing staff and that

04 Jan 2007

New Gateways Into Halo 3 Beta News

Microsoft has opened the door once again

04 Jan 2007

Christmas Belongs To Microsoft News

US Xbox 360 figures beat the competition

02 Jan 2007

Top Xbox Live and Live Arcade Titles in 2006 News

Two top twenties, according to Xbox’s Major Nelson

02 Jan 2007

New Xbox 360 CPU Delayed News

65nm Xbox 360 CPUs not ready till mid-2007

29 Dec 2006

Gears of Phwoar Sells 2 Million News

Fastest selling next-gen game of 2006. Game of the year?

15 Dec 2006

Zelda Slain by Blue Dragon in Japan News

Flagship Xbox 360 game does the business

15 Dec 2006

XBLA Wednesday: ‘New Geometry Wars’ Launches Tomorrow News

Assault Heroes - full info on original XBLA game inside

12 Dec 2006

Microsoft Wants to Make You a Rich and Famous Game Developer News

Make your own 360 games now with XNA Game Studio Express

12 Dec 2006

PS3 Sales Fly Past Xbox 360 in Japan News

Total sales of the PS3 in Japan have surpassed those of the Xbox360 in just four weeks! Wii outsells everything else combined!

08 Dec 2006

10 Million+ Xbox 360s Worldwide By End Of Xmas - Official News

Find out how the word 'sold' has many meanings...

07 Dec 2006

Xbox Live Sees Traffic Surge News

Massive traffic increase in US following Gears of War release

06 Dec 2006

Biggest Console Launch Ever - One Million Wiis Sold News

The biggest console launch in history sees Nintendo's share price drop.

04 Dec 2006

360 HD DVD Drive: Out Now News

The Xbox360's HD DVD peripheral hits UK stores today

01 Dec 2006

Hot Retro Rumour: Double Dragon Heading to Xbox Live Arcade News

Save that pixelated little hottie all over again!

29 Nov 2006

Microsoft Cuts Price of 360 for Christmas? News

As mums panic and Wii pre-orders become a must

27 Nov 2006

Over £1million Worth of Xboxes Hijacked News

Videogames really are driving people to crime

24 Nov 2006

360 officially advertised at £199.99 News

Microsoft have released an advert which places the Xbox360 at a £199.99 ERP.

23 Nov 2006

Xbox’s TV on Demand Service Launches News

Only in America for now though

23 Nov 2006

80GB 360 Hard Drive Leaked News

Press days leaks enhanced mass-storage future

08 Nov 2006

Sony’s Online ‘Broken’ Claims Microsoft Staffer News

Xbox exec fires up the in-game messaging argument and adds the turbo…

07 Nov 2006

Xbox Live OD Service Stirs Sony Wrath News

TV, movies available to Premium user via XBLA

07 Nov 2006

Microsoft: '1% of 360's Bricked. Fix inside 24 Hours' News

Pledge that bug will be squashed, soon

03 Nov 2006

Latest Xbox Live Update Killing 360s. Dead. News

Fatal Error! Your 360 is now a door-stop...

02 Nov 2006

Viva Pinata Special Edition Releases in December News

Details on this season’s most-wanted stocking filler inside

01 Nov 2006

Xbox 360: Massive Dashboard Upgrade News

83 additions are released by Redmond's game-busters including : 1080p, HD-DVD and 83 more enhancements.

31 Oct 2006

Halo Movie Latest – Studios Pull Financing News

But Microsoft and Peter Jackson steam ahead regardless

23 Oct 2006

Wii Online Play IS Free Despite Sony Claims News

Sony muddying the waters regarding Wii's online costs

23 Oct 2006

Microsoft to Release 100GB Hard Drive for 360 News

Full details from X06: Korea

20 Oct 2006

Play Gears of War next week News

On a jolly green bus, courtesy of the Xbox 360 Games Tour

19 Oct 2006

Lumines Live! Hits Xbox Live Arcade News

The Mizuguchi music-puzzle magic finally arrives live!

18 Oct 2006

Xbox 360 or Wii? The Mums Decide News

Mother knows best

13 Oct 2006

Microsoft Launches Xbox ‘Safety for Children’ Campaign News

‘With success comes responsibility’

12 Oct 2006

Xbox Live Vision Camera – Full Details News

In-game face-mapping, free gesture-based game and poker.

04 Oct 2006

X06: The Games, The Glory, The Comedown News

Post-event breakdown of Microsoft’s Operation Shock and Awe.

29 Sep 2006

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive Priced News

Cheaper than many expected...

28 Sep 2006

X06 News Shower: Full Rundown News

TWO new Halo games, new Banjo-Kazooie, hefty 360 exclusives and more.

28 Sep 2006

360 Classics Range Coming Next Month News

Four of the best already?

27 Sep 2006

Xbox 360 Launches in India News

But Peter Moore refuses to show tats.

25 Sep 2006

Xbox 360 Free Repairs and Refunds. Concrete Details Here Now News

Warranty lottery revealed

21 Sep 2006

Peter Moore Goes Cold on Wii60 News

Plus! Outlines ideal 360 consumer as 23 year-old College Jock.

21 Sep 2006

Microsoft Announces New 360 PGR3 Bundle News

If you don't have a 360 yet, this might persuade you.

21 Sep 2006

TGS: Microsoft still Chasing Japan News

360 Christmas game line-up news, plus Pac-Man world championship.

20 Sep 2006

TGS: Microsoft claims 1080p for Xbox 360 News

Plus details on HD-DVD add-on, new Live Arcade games and more

20 Sep 2006

Viva Pinata Craze Starts Here News

Official website relaunches with mini-games and more

13 Sep 2006

Rumour: Microsoft Working on 360 with Internal HD-DVD News

In 2007, according to some Taiwanese techies.

13 Sep 2006

The Charts: Three 360 Exclusives in Top Five News

Record market share for Microsoft's next-gen console.

12 Sep 2006

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive - Aggressively Priced News

Retail sources indicate sub-£200 price point.

11 Sep 2006

Microsoft Seeks to Monopolise on PlayStation 3 Shortage in Japan News

Re-released 360 complete with price cut.

08 Sep 2006

Free Gold on Xbox Live News

Gratis online gaming for one week in September

07 Sep 2006

Microsoft Frees 360 from XP Media Edition Shackles News

Media Player revamp good news for gamers.

07 Sep 2006

Xbox Live Marketplace Passes Jumbo Milestone News

50 million piggies went to market.

01 Sep 2006

Xbox 360 For The Win? News

MS machine all set for Xmas. XNA Game Studio now available for download too.

31 Aug 2006

In Brief: Street Fighter II Patch News

Time out and other issues resolved.

29 Aug 2006

Sony Announces Full Playable PS3 Line-Up for TGS News

Plus Nintendo announcements next week. Finally.

24 Aug 2006

Leipzig: Both FIFA 07 and Pro Evo 6 to be 360 Exclusives News

Well, for at least twelve months...

23 Aug 2006

Leipzig Latest – Microsoft on Future of Xbox Live News

Potted history, predicted reach, ‘in-game enumeration of content’.

23 Aug 2006

360 Rumour Mill: £100 Price Drop, 100GB Premium Pack, HD-DVD Games? News

Some rumours stamped out, others left to run amok.

17 Aug 2006

Gamefest 2006 - Latest on Vista and Live Anywhere News

Plus, more on the rip-roaring successes of Marketplace and Live Arcade.

16 Aug 2006

Xbox 360 Controller S? News

Shock controller revision comment from MS

16 Aug 2006

Microsoft Announces Plans for Future of Marketplace News

Unsurprisingly they involve offering more and better content.

15 Aug 2006

Make Your Own Games – More from Microsoft News

XNA Game Studio – full info, blogs, FAQs and more inside.

15 Aug 2006

Viva Piñata TV Series Kicks Off News

Rare's massive new kids game to follow soon after

15 Aug 2006

Make Your Own Microsoft Games News

Game development for dummies courtesy of XNA Game Studio Express

14 Aug 2006

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive on Display News scoops first images

11 Aug 2006

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday: Pac-Man, Lumines Live and More News

Wakka-wakka Wednesday.

09 Aug 2006

Gears of War Launches Same Day as PS3 News

Might we see fanboy riots on Oxford Street?

04 Aug 2006

Microsoft and Nintendo Sued Over Controller Patent News

Gold-digging jokers in Texas try it on with a patent scam.

04 Aug 2006

Third-Parties Flocking to Wii. Hints at Low PS3 Ship News

Development costs attractive or scant Sony numbers?

03 Aug 2006

Nintendo Backs Leaner, Meaner E3 News

Still no word from the Microsoft or Sony camps.

02 Aug 2006

$100 Component-Driven 360 Cut Denied by Microsoft News

Taiwanese manufacturing lets slip?

27 Jul 2006

Galaga Releases on Xbox Live Arcade News

Sorry Orange, but XBLA Wednesdays are the future.

26 Jul 2006

Microsoft Zune – Full Details News

MS’s “iPod killer” – info on gaming functionality scant

24 Jul 2006

Microsoft: We'll Sell 15 million 360s by June '07 News

Still on track to reach 10 million target for 2006

21 Jul 2006

Xbox 360 Pro Bundle Rumour Flares News

Price-cut sidestepped

17 Jul 2006

Xbox 360-branded Ecstasy on Sale in UK News

Microsoft still on one long comedown in Japan.

13 Jul 2006

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday: Street Fighter, Frogger, More News

Odd but good. Weekly updates to XBLA.

12 Jul 2006

Rumour Mill: Portable Xbox Called ‘Zune’? News

Previously known as project ‘Argo’.

11 Jul 2006

Sony says e-distribution to benefit developers News

"a low risk, quick feedback environment"

07 Jul 2006

Bungie Offers Halo 3 Test Tease News

Essential Live FPS draws ever closer.

03 Jul 2006

Exclusive: Moore: 'Sony Gave us a Price Cut' News

Xbox 360 pricing likely to remain?

26 Jun 2006

X06 – Microsoft Announces Perennial Shindig News

The Glastonbury of the gaming calendar announced

22 Jun 2006

Pocket Audio Xbox. Live Music Service. Bach Courts Music Moguls News

Something small looming from Redmond

20 Jun 2006

Xbox 360 - New Backwards Compatibility Update News

Doom 3, Fatal Frame, Silent Hill 4 and more

15 Jun 2006

Microsoft: PlayStation 3 is New Betamax News

Big slam from European arm

12 Jun 2006

Xbox’s Neil Thompson – Exclusive SPOnG Interview News

European Xbox head honcho sticks it to Sony.

07 Jun 2006

Xbox 360 – Huge Live Update Today News

It’s like Christmas come way early for 360 gamers.

06 Jun 2006

Xbox 360 Believe World Cup Screenings News

Biggest projectors in the UK apparently...

05 Jun 2006

Microsoft’s Live Anywhere Adopts Another Platform News

Latest on Gates’ grand vision of gaming for everyone, everywhere.

02 Jun 2006

Portable Xbox Possible in Late 2007 News

So speaketh the analysts

31 May 2006

In-game Advertising – Worth $2 Billion by 2010 News

Online gaming opens up 'dynamic' ads.

19 May 2006

In-game advertising – gamers don’t care? News

Study indicates gamers fine with in-game ads

18 May 2006

Xbox HD-DVD drive – a bargain! News

To cost less than £130

16 May 2006

Miyamoto and Spielberg play Wii Sports News

Meanwhile, Moore gets interviewed by Space Ghost.

16 May 2006

Sony Concurs With Microsoft - Wii Will Back up PS3 News

Phil Harrison and Peter Moore - Wii agree.

16 May 2006

Too Human on 360: Hands On News

First impressions of one of 360's key titles

15 May 2006

Moore Rubbishes PS3 Pricing Strategy News

Consumers will buy Wii plus a 360 instead

11 May 2006

Microsoft - E3 2006 Media Briefing News

Bill Gates, Big Guns, GTA4, Live Anywhere

10 May 2006

E3 2006: Word from LA News

New PS3 controller, Wii outrage, Halo 3

08 May 2006

Microsoft Launches Official E3 Site News

Blanket, one-sided E3 coverage starts here.

26 Apr 2006

Xbox 360: CPU Upgrade Confirmed News

Faster, cooler, thinner, gorgeous

24 Apr 2006

E3: The Drinking Game News

Aim: not to die.

19 Apr 2006

Publishers Buying Developers - A Good Thing? News

Are consolidation and creativity mutually incompatible?

13 Apr 2006

Bejewelled Xbox 360 – worth $11k News

Teutonics bring on the bling

12 Apr 2006

Oblivion does the business News

More than 1.7 million sold

11 Apr 2006

Microsoft to Relaunch Xbox 360 in Japan News

Meeting chatter gathers pace

04 Apr 2006

Halo 3 out March 2007 News

To be called Halo Cubed

31 Mar 2006

Brand Loyalty Survey - Microsoft Faces Toughest Future News

Do you trust these brands?

30 Mar 2006

Major Xbox 360 Briefing in Japan Next Week News

Tales of and Phantasy Star to lead announcements

29 Mar 2006

Microsoft Pledges 300 per cent 360 Production Boost News

Starting this week

22 Mar 2006

Microsoft Announces Full 360 Spring Line-up News

Plus downloadable content for PGR3, Perfect Dark and Kameo

21 Mar 2006

Portable Xbox Announced on Fox News News

Must be true then

21 Mar 2006

Microsoft’s Handheld Game Console – More Details News

J Allard leading ‘PSP/iPod-killer’ project.

20 Mar 2006

Brand New Rare Game - Viva Piñata - Full Report News

Rumours confirmed as paper animal community emerges

16 Mar 2006

DS Lite sales in Japan through roof News

plus, GameCube selling more than Xboxes

14 Mar 2006

Xbox Live Videochat Soon as Camera Prepares to Launch News

Gaming options unknown

16 Feb 2006

Xbox 360 shortages soon over News

Peter Moore speaks out at DICE

13 Feb 2006

Solo Gaming like Wanking says former EA Boss News

1up play likened to ‘having a Barclays’

10 Feb 2006

Xbox 360 Userbase Splits: Football Manager HD Required News

Thing that had to happen, happens.

10 Feb 2006

This Week's Video Games Charts - DOA4 Straight in at Number One News

Need for Speed knocked off the top spot.

31 Jan 2006

Microsoft's Moore hints at Xbox handheld News

Artist's impression inside!

27 Jan 2006

Xbox 360 shortages continue News

Microsoft’s financials come in under par

27 Jan 2006

Microsoft Ups 360 Production with New Facility News

Retail shortages still a blight.

23 Jan 2006

Xbox CEO Slams Sony’s Online Offering News

Ballmer knocks PS3 strategy.

16 Jan 2006

Blu-Ray not ruled out for Xbox 360 – HDMI cable expected News

Moore comments Xbox could go either way.

11 Jan 2006

Microsoft Admits Launch Projection Unattainable News

Supply issues unlikely to ease...

10 Jan 2006

Gates on 360 – Vague on HD-DVD deployment News

Microsoft chairman drops hints on Xbox 360 future

10 Jan 2006

High Definition 360 Porn News

Xbox 360 killer app - HD titty flick

09 Jan 2006

GameStarz: SPOnG interview with new European Xbox Boss News

Head Marketing Honcho, Richard Teversham, speaks

06 Jan 2006

Shock as Gates Shows External HD-DVD Drive for Xbox 360 – Full Report News

PS3 launch spoiler bundles expected

05 Jan 2006

Xbox 360 Disc Scratch a Potential Japanese Disaster News

Reports of damage to software likely to dampen any interest.

03 Jan 2006

Nissan and Microsoft unveil 360-enabled Sportscar News

Echo boomers play games whilst driving

29 Dec 2005

Sony to sell 200 million PS3s News

Plus pigs also to fly, according to Business Week magazine

27 Dec 2005

Secret Game in Xbox 360 Advert News

Microsoft and Sky Digital unveil playable TV commercial

24 Dec 2005

Microsoft Details Live Diamond News

Free stuff to fit in with YOUR lifestyle.

23 Dec 2005

Xbox 360 supplies still low News

Retail stock barely replenished

23 Dec 2005

360 games hacked – First mod-chip 'within weeks' – Full report News

Games and extractors dumped on net

20 Dec 2005

Microsoft Claims Sony After Living Room Domination News

360 a happy go-between. Honest.

15 Dec 2005

The Mystery of the Xbox 360 Hardware Revision News

Disappearing links as new drive sneaks in.

15 Dec 2005

Xbox 360 Japanese launch bombs News

If you know someone in Tokyo, get them to courier you some 360s quick

13 Dec 2005

Moore Promises Free Girlfriend With Every 360 at Muted Japanese Launch! News

The Xbox 360 Japanese launch a resounding success say Microsoft.

12 Dec 2005

Microsoft Claims 360 More Powerful Than PlayStation 3 News

CFO fires horsepower shot at rival.

09 Dec 2005

Ex-Warner Chief Savages Sony, Follows Own Agenda, Sees Widespread Mis-reporting News

Failure of HD-DVD with Hollywood frustrates – journalists shame selves.

08 Dec 2005

The Skinny Girl and the Grassy Xbox News

Korean launch reveals strangest consoles yet.

07 Dec 2005

Bored Man Sues Microsoft Over Xbox 360 Glitch News

Class action brought.

06 Dec 2005

First Official Xbox 360 Sales Figures Emerge! News

70,000 hardware units shipped, chart entries detailed.

06 Dec 2005

Microsoft Announces Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese 360 Launch Dates News

Shock as Asian markets see release.

05 Dec 2005

Analysts Claim Massive 360 US Sales as Euro Dust Settles News

300 – 400k units sold through.

02 Dec 2005

Xbox 360 UK: Moore on Availability News

Christmas delivery not guaranteed.

30 Nov 2005

How Many Xbox 360s for Europe - Really? News

Almost 300,000 so we hear.

28 Nov 2005

Xbox 360 Faults. Full Report News

MS claims the norm, offers rapid service.

24 Nov 2005

Xbox 360 in "not very small" shocker News

But it looked so sleek

24 Nov 2005

Robbie Bach Issues Xbox 360 Shortage Statement - Promises New Supplies News

When not selling consoles is a good thing…

23 Nov 2005

Xbox 360 – The Real Cost News

Report studies expected losses per unit.

23 Nov 2005

Xbox 360 Launch Coverage – The Good and the Bad News

A look at a gaming milestone

22 Nov 2005

Gates: Xbox Live Will Become Windows Live News

Ultra Trojan revealed at last.

22 Nov 2005

Xbox 360 24 hour launch event – Massive picture feature News

From excitement to sleeping and back again

21 Nov 2005

UPDATE: US Xbox 360 Launch - Exclusive, on the Ground Coverage News

31 hours of ZERO HOUR: MS opens the hangar doors...

21 Nov 2005

See The New European Xbox 360 Ad Now! News

New footage ready to roll…

17 Nov 2005

360 Shortages Triple Bluff? News

Interesting shenanigans inside.

03 Nov 2005

Scots to get Paws on Xbox 360 First News

360 Hour Tour starts four-city tour of British mainland this week. Welsh snubbed.

31 Oct 2005

Xbox 360 Messes with Walmart Mojo News

Demo consoles make American retailer's systems go haywire.

25 Oct 2005

Geek Out: 360 Face Plates Revealed News

Jap site taking pre-orders for Xbox paraphernalia

18 Oct 2005

Xbox Live Arcade Set to Rock World News

Distant Nintendo offering dwarfed by MS Megaton downloadable game smash.

14 Oct 2005

First Download-Only Game Announced for Xbox 360 News

Will next-gen consoles answer prayers of indie developers?

10 Oct 2005

X05: Drugs, Whores, Fighting and Limited Edition 360 Hardware News

Like Diesel designs for jeans from 2003…

05 Oct 2005

Halo 3/PS3 Face-off Laid to Rest News

Robbie Bach: No Halo 3 till it's ready.

04 Oct 2005

More Weird Viral Xbox Stuff From MS News

An apple tree and some rabbits. Go figure.

26 Sep 2005

Xbox 360 controller for Windows games News

Pricing also confirmed

06 Sep 2005

Xbox 360 – World’s First Unrestricted Hardware Access – Hot Poop! News

Inside the 360 and what that picture of the PSP connecting to it actually meant...

02 Sep 2005

First Xbox 360 Sold Out claims emerge News

GAME halts pre-orders – Eyebrows raise…

25 Aug 2005

Hard Drive required for 360 backwards compatibility News

First 360 marketing brochure reproduced inside

19 Aug 2005

First Final Xbox 360 Packshot Shown News

We think…

18 Aug 2005

The Xbox 360 – Killing on the Way News

Carmack makes bold support claims – must read.

16 Aug 2005

Xbox 360 Launch Window and Available Titles Explained News

Peter Moore offers most detail to date.

12 Aug 2005

First X05 Details Emerge News

Industry drinking disaster location confirmed.

12 Aug 2005

Xbox 360 Launch Line-up Unlikely – PDZ Re-named? News

US retail shows massive launch list – debunked from the top.

11 Aug 2005

More X-Speculation! News

Week's first bout of next-gen guesswork begins.

09 Aug 2005

Peter Moore Dismisses Threat of Pricey PS3 News

MS marketing honcho preaches populist 360.

05 Aug 2005

VISA to Games Land: Courtesy of MS News

Xbox credit cards for German teens

03 Aug 2005

Half Life 360? News

MS rumour mill update: Valve, QWERTY keyboard, GTA...

02 Aug 2005

What Price Threesixty-dom? News

New console to hit gamers' pockets

01 Aug 2005

Japan welcomes PS3, shuns Xbox 360 News

1,000 people can't be wrong, can they?

14 Jul 2005

Tokyo Xbox 360 Unveiling Dated News

Note the 25th in your diary.

05 Jul 2005

Next Gen Insight From J Allard News

Microsoft's in-house guru tells it like he sees it.

23 May 2005

E3 Microsoft Booth News

Our correspondant has a gander

21 May 2005

Xbox Backwards Compatibility Explained News

Hardware issues will prevent use of existing games.

19 May 2005

Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible! News

Well, a little bit anyway...

17 May 2005

Halo 3 Release to Coincide With PS3 Launch News

Sequel in the works - cue MS thunder-stealing

16 May 2005

Exclusive: Rare Duo Confirmed for Xbox 360 Launch News

Sisters are doing it for themselves: PDZ and Kameo for day one.

25 Apr 2005

'Join our colony' News

Achingly trendy and subtle marketing campaign begins in earnest

08 Apr 2005

Xbox 360 Features Touted News

Software download, no backwards compatibility and another Halo? Welcome to the future!

08 Apr 2005

Exclusive - Xbox 360: Downloadable Demos From Day One, Wireless and more News

Revealed – massive 'try before you buy' program readied in Redmond.

31 Mar 2005

Xbox pull confirmed at retail and by publishers News

Leaked info points towards complete withdrawal

30 Mar 2005

Customisable Xbox 2 Dreams Revealed News

Per-region console options looking likely.

24 Mar 2005

Nintendo and Microsoft battle over land News

Planning tight in Redmond

17 Mar 2005

Exclusive: Xbox 2 Focus Group Names Machine, Offers Glimpse of Marketing Future News

360 now confirmed. Click to read Microsoft’s secret plans.

16 Mar 2005

Sony Addresses Past Mistakes: Ease of Use Promised for Cell News

GDC courtship battle continues apace.

10 Mar 2005

Xbox Death Cord Recall News

Sensationalist headline belies tepid lead news.

18 Feb 2005

Xbox 2 Gets Magic Wireless Controllers News

With rumble, no less…

17 Feb 2005

World Plays Catch-up. Xbox 2 to Hit Q4 This Year News

As revealed exclusively here, when was it now…?

11 Feb 2005

Xbox 2 and Xenon names debunked. The new Microsoft console is called… News

Well click the story. What are you waiting for?

04 Feb 2005

Xbox 2 GDC claims finally debunked News

E3 splash replaces solo sneak

01 Feb 2005

Microsoft stamps 5 million on Europe News

Gen one sees decent sales as successor looms

31 Jan 2005

Bill Gates: Xbox 2 Chat Trumps CES News interview fires shots.

06 Jan 2005

Review of the Year: March News

Beware the ides of March

29 Dec 2004

Free Xbox games for the persuasive News

Like a Visa scheme from the eighties!

19 Nov 2004

OXM US predicts Halo 2.5 for Xenon News

Kind of like the last Halo .5 rumour, just a bit different

18 Nov 2004

Microsoft to release three separate versions of Xbox 2? News

Impressive rumour suggests multi-option stance

11 Nov 2004

Xbox 2 backwards compatibility sees graphics card information freeze News

Row over release as conflicting reports emerge

09 Nov 2004

Latest tenuous Xbox 2 rumour News

CES showing of console predicted

19 Oct 2004

Xbox Live Arcade worryingly over-priced? $20 for a mini-game? News

Microsoft confirms Live Arcade pricing as higher than expected

07 Oct 2004

Xbox 2: Peter Moore suggests more compact, Japan-friendly form News

Has Microsoft learned from its mistakes?

06 Oct 2004

Microsoft's Japanese assault: Xbox Arcade and incredible sub £100 bundles News

Xbox to get a second chance in land of the rising sun?

04 Oct 2004

Supposed Xbox 2 Images Unconvincing - More Believable Concept Art Inside! News

Xbox 2 won't look like any of these? or will it?

15 Sep 2004

Burnout 3 Takes Down Xbox Live, EA Pulls Back Into The Pits News

EA's Live tinkering causes problems

14 Sep 2004

EA and Microsoft Kiss and Make up... A Whole New FIFA World Cup Tournament News

FIFA Interactive World Cup to kick off this October.

19 Aug 2004

Sony and Microsoft Price War Begins: Xbox Beats PS2 By A Fiver News

Microsoft pre-empts PS2 price cut with sub-£100 consoles.

18 Aug 2004

Freshly Squeezed Halo 2 Details Leak From the Beta Version News

Four players connect to Live! through single Xbox?

17 Aug 2004

Microsoft preparing to pull the plug on Xbox and usher in Next Box? News

XO4 downgraded and Xbox 2 to be unveiled in Jan 2005?

11 Aug 2004

Investors react to Gates’ off-the-cuff Nintendo dream News

Foolhardy speculators misinterpret spurious merger reports.

05 Aug 2004

Bill Gates pencils Nintendo onto his corporate shopping-list News

Very rich man expresses interest in buying successful company shocker!

04 Aug 2004

Anti-climax news! Sudeki 2 doesn't really exist at all News

Bad typing gives industry-watchers a bum-steer.

04 Aug 2004

Supreme Master Ninja Overlord's free trip to Tokyo! News

Ninja Gaiden offers fanboy compo joy

27 Jul 2004

The power of Ant and Dec revealed as a million go Live News

Online gaming consoled by numbers

16 Jul 2004

Fable Confirmed for September 14 With Pre-order Bonus Bundle News

Long awaited Xbox RPG looms ever closer.

15 Jul 2004

Microsoft: ‘We’ll Take Sony in Next-Generation!’ News

Xbox 2 to dominate market, according to maker.

15 Jul 2004

Outrun 2 US: Nothing to do with Sega News

Title confirmed – Sega not involved.

14 Jul 2004

Lionhead Studios to be bought out by publishing giants? News

Eidos, Activision and Microsoft prowl around the Lion's den

02 Jul 2004

Kameo in mystic-genetic shifting shocker! News

Elfin charms replace fairy claims...

02 Jul 2004

Xbox Live! Arcade download service takes shape News

New screenshots of Microsoft's mini-game menu

30 Jun 2004

Live! uptake in US to be boosted by Xbox game rewards News

Microsoft offers subscription referral incentives stateside

30 Jun 2004

Microsoft Explains Death of True Fantasy Live Online News

MS outlines the hazards of the MMORPG...

24 Jun 2004

Most Detailed 'Leaked' Xbox 2 Spec Emerges - Must Read! News

Another week, another spec sheet - this time with added salt.

23 Jun 2004

Microsoft Japan Announces First-Party Roster News

Japanese Xbox’s winning eleven?

18 Jun 2004

Blinx 2 Timewarps Onto Xbox News

Microsoft masters the fifth dimension?

17 Jun 2004

MS Japan reveals Xbox Video Chat kit News

First image of Xbox Video Camera inside.

17 Jun 2004

Xbox 2 Launch Uproar News

Reports tell of staggered European roll-out.

16 Jun 2004

Microsoft's Penetration of Japanese Market Still Flailing News

Only selling 82 units per day.

14 Jun 2004

Xbox Live Bulks up With Impressive Roster News

More games online for the big black box.

11 Jun 2004

Microsoft to Publish Kingdom Under Fire News

The Crusaders comes to Xbox.

04 Jun 2004

Halo 2 Limited Collectors’ Edition revealed - first images! News

A big silver box of delights!

03 Jun 2004

Phantom Dust US hopes dashed as turmoil erupts at MGS Japan News

Microsoft denies US conversion.

03 Jun 2004

Nintendo Revolution, Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 for E3 News

Next-gen showdown on the cards – the hype train steams up.

02 Jun 2004

Microsoft’s Future Console Plans Uncovered News

Is this the shape of Xbox Next and MS Handheld?

28 May 2004

Exclusive: Nintendo Vague on Rare DS Support News

NOJ reacts in a strange way indeed.

25 May 2004

Your Weekly Xbox Price Cut Rumour News

Microsoft say no, but we say "never say never."

21 May 2004

Project Gotham Racer 2 Gets a Boost News

At this price, you'd be 'in Seine' not to!

21 May 2004

Football Fever Grips as EA Claim Top Spot News

Ronaldinho may not be playing, but it seems everyone else is.

18 May 2004

E3 Round-up: South Hall shows expanding industry gulf News

Try and fight the cynicism beast with us as we enter publisher meltdown

13 May 2004

The Microsoft Masterplan - Xbox Truth Emerges - Kutaragi-mocking Shocks Industry News

The unstoppable media-converged communication tool trundles on.

13 May 2004

Halo 2 gets fixed release date News

182 days to go...

11 May 2004

EA & Microsoft Finally Get It On-line News

Corporate Giants Go Live!

11 May 2004

Xbox 2 Rumour Explosion News

Architecture revealed – unveiling and release dates touted.

27 Apr 2004

Electronic Arts go Live! at Last? News

EA/Microsoft stand-off looks like it's coming to a close.

26 Apr 2004

UK Games Industry Drinking Competition News

MCV Winners Announced.

23 Apr 2004

Xbox Live Update Completed – Full Details News

The little online gaming-only service that could...

23 Apr 2004

Xbox Suite of Tools Washes Over This Wednesday News

Not quite the tidal wave we were expecting.

19 Apr 2004

$5,000 Gotham giveaway News

Play games, win money. It's the future.

14 Apr 2004

Xbox iPod in the Works? News

If this is true...

13 Apr 2004

'Xbox sales doubled' Claims Microsoft News

US price hack sees sales surge.

08 Apr 2004

Xbox 2 Chip Production Revealed News

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co selected to partner ATi.

06 Apr 2004

FBI on Xbox Live News

Wiretap application filed for Internet voice service.

05 Apr 2004

Xbox community in shock: XSN Sports 2005 line-up canned! News

Xbox 2 now a possibility for sports titles?

30 Mar 2004

US Xbox Price Slash: Full Hardware and Software Details Inside News

Rumours true – MS confirms stance.

30 Mar 2004

Microsoft's Peter Moore Slams Japanese Games Scene! News

Hilarious Mahjong gaffe inside.

30 Mar 2004

Edinburgh Festival - Game On! News

The EIGF returns, with sponsors and dates for the Scottish shindig released this morning.

26 Mar 2004

Xbox 2 First Screenshots Revealed! Full GDC Report Inside! News

Microsoft throws down gauntlet – next-generation war looms.

25 Mar 2004

Portable Xbox? News

Or misleading headline? – you decide!

24 Mar 2004

Bargain Bundle of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Next Week News

Lamest marketing phrase? 'Gaming 24:7'? 'Fun, anyone'? No, it's gotta be 'It's good to play together'. Pass the sickbag. Pretty good deal though...

19 Mar 2004

Microsoft set to Dominate GDC - First Xbox 2 Image Revealed? News

Bach and Allard double act revealed.

15 Mar 2004

Ninja Gaiden Content Cuts – The Truth Revealed News

Censorship debacle rolls on.

12 Mar 2004

Microsoft Sniffing Out Replacement Hard Drives News

Latest fight against 'modders' unfolds.

10 Mar 2004

Xbox II GDC No-Show Looms News

Microsoft coy - spec and solid details may have to wait.

09 Mar 2004

Xbox 2 Hard Disk 'Taken Out' News

Hardware partner confirms weeks of gossip – all change for Xbox.

05 Mar 2004

Key Online Xbox RPG falters in Japan News

True Fantasy Live Online slips further from grasp

02 Mar 2004

Microsoft Plans Xbox 2 Wireless Controller Shake-up News

Button allocation and more under consideration in US.

26 Feb 2004

Apropos of Nothing, Microsoft Throw Money at You News

We've got an Xbox and we're gonna use it!

18 Feb 2004

Xbox: All Becomes Clear News

Limited edition hardware Europe bound.

04 Feb 2004

Xbox – Get Fat Quick! News

Pizza tie-in spells doom for Japanese January dieters.

03 Feb 2004

Xbox 2: Processor, graphics chip and backwards compatibility revealed News

Apparently - read on for unconfirmed chatter.

02 Feb 2004

Clear Xbox? With 20GB hard drive? What is going on...? News

Fake or fact? Another hardware image hits the web...

29 Jan 2004

Halo 2 Slips to Summer 2004 News

Fresh retail leak reveals June date.

26 Jan 2004

Key Xbox Figure Joins Phantom Project News

Bachus makes shock move.

23 Jan 2004

EA Re-ignites Battlefield 1942 for Xbox - Plans Xbox Live Support for BF and EA Sports News

EA insiders point to imminent re-think announcement.

22 Jan 2004

Super Frustrating Japan-only hardware update News

Two Xboxes and a GBA SP...

21 Jan 2004

Xbox 2 Roll-out Strategy Revealed News

Hardware and software gearing up for demos this side of summer.

16 Jan 2004

Xbox Community Reeling as Ed Fries Makes Shock Departure News

Key staffer walks – full story inside.

14 Jan 2004

Usual Suspects Rolled Out for E3 Speeches News

Lanning and Molyneux feature.

13 Jan 2004

Xbox Japan Chief Contradicts Xbox 2 US Plans News

It’s going to be smaller. Really.

13 Jan 2004

Gates Coy Over Xbox Next News

Cloak and dagger antics at CES.

08 Jan 2004

Bill Gates on Xbox: The Truth Emerges, Two Years Too Late News

Full media functionality for Xbox.

08 Jan 2004

Perfect Dark in Limbo – Xbox 2 Bound? News

Insider gossip suggests generational leap for Joanna

02 Jan 2004

Proprietary Storage Media for Xbox 2? News

Latest Internet rumour emerges.

15 Dec 2003

Another Microsoft Bundle of Joy This Christmas News

Xbox package sneaks in just in time to fill stocking.

10 Dec 2003

Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 in Easter 2004? News

Rumour mill explodes as GDC named as unveiling venue.

21 Nov 2003

nVidia Xbox Scandal Settled at Long Last News

Fines issued for insider trading.

18 Nov 2003

Xbox II Backwards Compatibility Outcry! News

Desperate gamers head online to vent digital spleen.

11 Nov 2003

Good news, good news! Counter-Strike is ready! News

Eagerly-awaited Xbox shooter goes gold.

07 Nov 2003

Record online figures announced News

Broadband services enjoy much tactical shooting.

07 Nov 2003

IBM blurts out Xbox 2 secret deal – future hardware takes shape News

Microsoft’s new machine more tangible by the week.

04 Nov 2003

World Exclusive: Xbox 2 powered by ATi News

All change as burnt bridge spells new MS provider.

04 Nov 2003

World doesn’t see new Xbox hardware as latest fakes provoke a ‘Quite good’ reaction News

Xbox 2 hardware and controller not revealed

30 Oct 2003

Exclusive: Conker’s Bad Fur Day for Xbox online News

Rudeness set to travel.

15 Oct 2003

The rumour that wouldn’t die! IBM and Microsoft in bed News

All cuddled up, making Xbox 2 babies

02 Oct 2003

Maruyama move spells Final Fantasy Xbox? Can he better bikini girls? News

Square Senior Vice-President joins Microsoft’s Eastern push.

30 Sep 2003

Microsoft: Xbox will see music and movies on demand News

Peter Moore reveals convergence dream.

19 Sep 2003

X03: Day One on the Big Brother Beach News

Announcements a-plenty but key questions remain unanswered.

17 Sep 2003

Microsoft shows strong line-up at X03 News

Games, games and more games.

17 Sep 2003

Microsoft Launches New Sports Brand News

Xbox and PC face off online

29 Aug 2003

Finally a racing game to push the Xbox News

Latest Project Gotham shots impress

26 Aug 2003

Xbox Live Now – re-shuffling the beast News

Now you can just drop in and chat.

18 Aug 2003

Aftermath Xbox 2: ATi strikes royalty agreement, avoids MS pitfall – Cash injection revealed News

Market-leader burnt, nVidia mistake to be avoided

18 Aug 2003

ATi powers Xbox 2 - confirmed at last News

We told you so.

14 Aug 2003

Rare deal shows Sony is common enemy News

Big players in back-scratch-a-thon

13 Aug 2003

Sudeki slips News

But the Japanese will still love it. Honest

12 Aug 2003

Dashing new Xbox Live interface News

For enhanced online action.

08 Aug 2003

KOTOR flies off US shelves. News

Fastest selling Xbox game yet.

05 Aug 2003

Xbox forced to feedback millions News

Shaky-hand case settled

30 Jul 2003

Diddy Kong booted in favour of Banjo News

Ties cut as DKP makes way for Microsoft

25 Jul 2003

Bach: Price cut not the power behind upped Xbox sales News

8% revenue gains for HED.

18 Jul 2003

Xbox employee swindles $6 million! News

Robin's going down! For robbing!

17 Jul 2003

X03 location and dates News

You forgot to ask!

15 Jul 2003

Xbox 2 named News

Development codename revealed.

14 Jul 2003

GameCube 2 internal codename News

Developer sewing circle throws up goodies.

12 Jul 2003

Half-Year Xbox sales disastrous for Microsoft News

Shocking figures revealed in Japan

10 Jul 2003

SideWound up – no more Microsoft controllers News

Microsoft ends production of range.

02 Jul 2003

Microsoft poised to move key driving sim away from Sega News

Kudos and history not enough to challenge Polyphony.

01 Jul 2003

Microsoft to beat Sony into Taiwan News

Resurgent economy and online savvy, Taiwan sought by console manufacturers.

27 Jun 2003

ATi sees $18m contract pre-payment. Is this Xbox Next? News

Mystery payment points towards MS production run

27 Jun 2003

Xbox 2 in 2006 retracted News

Japanese misprint or Ballmer blurt cover-up? You decide.

23 Jun 2003

Microsoft’s Peter Moore shows alarming naivety News

Keynote speech misses point of social gaming.

20 Jun 2003

Microsoft closes door on Sega News

Ballmer again in talking mood.

20 Jun 2003

Xbox 2 dated – MS places banana skin for Sony News

Ballmer makes launch commitment.

19 Jun 2003

Xbox job specs cause sniggers News

Fancy working yourself to death? Apply here!

17 Jun 2003

Flight Sim 2004 screens News

Super powered graphics cards at the ready!

12 Jun 2003

Microsoft talks of 'bigger play' in Xbox lifecycle as convergence ruse becomes unbelievable News

It's only going to be a games machine. Honest.

09 Jun 2003

Leaked email sees Microsoft's Linux fear as massive Xbox price rethink looms News

Ballmer: Linux presents 'competitive challenge'.

09 Jun 2003

Xbox download-a-thon begins News

Wolfenstein map released onto Live.

06 Jun 2003

Xbox 1.5 to launch alongside True Fantasy Live Online News

Microsoft gears up for Japan-friendly push.

04 Jun 2003

Xbox gets video quality enhancements. Or is this a sneaky Xbox 2 deal? News

New deal announced, new speculation arises.

29 May 2003

Sony set to miss next generation console phase as ‘filler’ machine rocks world News

PSX is PlayStation 2 with knobs on as Sony flounders in technology hell.

28 May 2003

Microsoft talks of Xbox music, TV, movies, snubs portable gaming News

Robbie Bach: ‘I meet with Bill all the time.’

27 May 2003

A Smorgasbord of Our Wacky European Cousins Goes Live News

Microsoft broadband program rolled out as far as Finland

20 May 2003

Price Cuts And Politics News

News from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

16 May 2003

Rare Treats For Xbox News

The latest info on Rare's Xbox exclusives.

14 May 2003

Xbox Lives News

Details of Digital Entertainment Lifestyle initiative emerge.

13 May 2003

Exclusive: Cut-down Xbox at E3 News

Boil wash planned for console giant

12 May 2003

Financial world queues up to kick Sega – EA rumour rides again News

Mismanagement blamed for merger fall-through.

09 May 2003

Xbox gamers make their most important decision to date News

Crucial controller colour quandary completed.

07 May 2003

Xbox Media2Go content delivery tools to be shown at E3 News

Smoke-to-fire ratio points at portable player

06 May 2003

Half-Life 2 Xbox talk News

German leaks plugged by Valve.

02 May 2003

Microsoft gives official line on ‘’Xbox 2’’ set top box thing News

"Pure speculation" we are assured.

01 May 2003

Rare takes receipt of first Xbox 2? News

Insider rumblings combine with recruitment ad to make compelling case.

01 May 2003

Exclusive: Vapourware Xbox 2 exists! News

The hunt begins.

01 May 2003

Xbox 2 in world of lies shocker! News


01 May 2003

ATI to supply Xbox 2 graphics chipset? News

Rumour mounts as firm takes hold of console market. Plus – Exclusive Xbox 2 component details revealed inside.

01 May 2003

Microsoft bravado undermined News

Message to manufacturers contradicts sales statements as Xbox 2 shadow lengthens.

01 May 2003

The big Xbox 2 gamble News

Battle of ‘you go first’ consumes ATI, nVidia.

01 May 2003

Xbox 2 pipe News

Yadda, yadda, it’s the Xbox 2!

01 May 2003

ATI confirms Xbox 2 and GameCube 2 talks News

New processor could be shared?

01 May 2003

Next Nintendo home machine to jump the gun? 2005 rumours spew forth News

It's everyone's favourite 'next-gen console race' story!

01 May 2003

Xbox 2 before 2005 News

J Allard promises Xbox 2 before PlayStation 3.

01 May 2003

Ohura contradicts Allard on Xbox II release date News

Development delay or miscommunication?

01 May 2003

PlayStation 3 to be Brought Forward as XBox Rattles Sony News

The next next generation?

01 May 2003

Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube price cuts News

Rumour from the East hints at new wave in price war.

30 Apr 2003

Microsoft Xbox goes green News

A new flavour of Xbox.

22 Apr 2003

After three years of Microsoft denials, Xbox keyboard is confirmed News

TV-PC chatter reaches fever pitch.

14 Apr 2003

More hints that Rare canned Tork News

Schedule balance given as reason in world’s most amicable split.

11 Apr 2003

Xbox price drop confirmed News

Xbox “number two”, says Moore. You there, at the back - stop sniggering!

10 Apr 2003

Xbox price drops again News

Big black box for the list price of a GameCube.

10 Apr 2003

Xbox mod chip man gets a hefty sentence News

No punishment too severe.

10 Apr 2003

Sega GT Online Xbox exclusive game of glory! News

Not a surprise, but hugely warming. Like a birthday. Or something.

08 Apr 2003

Has Rare forced MS to can Tork? Amazing Xbox news inside! News

Microsoft turns down Tiwak-developed platformer .

07 Apr 2003

EA’s Bond delivers $100,000 penguin to Xbox hacker News

Xbox Linux a reality.

01 Apr 2003

Xbox to be pulled? News

Terrible sales in Korea lead to widespread confidence crash.

27 Mar 2003

New version of DirectX released! News

Version 9.0a to make games work.

26 Mar 2003

Xbox lies News

Internet rumour mill overplays cuts.

26 Mar 2003

Cheap Xbox games for the UK! News

Classics range about to launch.

25 Mar 2003

MechWarrior 5 suspended News

No more massive angry robots for PC - at least for a while.

24 Mar 2003

Xbox controller colour – you decide News

More “Microsoft listens to gamers” stuff.

18 Mar 2003

Microsoft in control. News

Eidos and EA not too keen.

14 Mar 2003

Lleyton Hewitt signs with Microsoft News

Truck full of cash sees Hewitt make gushing statement.

11 Mar 2003

GameCube takes second place, beating software void News

Warding off Live, Nintendo makes a strong return.

11 Mar 2003

Halo 2 rush fears emerge as game slips out of 2003 News

Bungie still determined not to be pushed – key Xbox release slips.

10 Mar 2003

Online console gaming: claims, counter-claims, and a world of lies News

Sony picks latest numbers fight with Microsoft.

06 Mar 2003

Xbox Live attracts 350,000 users! News

First online console result goes to Microsoft.

06 Mar 2003

Electronic Arts: ‘We expect hardware price cuts at E3’ News

Balanced speculation or insider knowledge?

05 Mar 2003

Sega looks to EA, Microsoft as a way out of Sammy? News

Speculation rife as merger seems increasingly unlikely.

28 Feb 2003

Microsoft and nVidia make up News

Arbitration ends – big hugs all round.

28 Feb 2003

Xbox Live European line up revealed News

Euro console online gaming comes of age.

26 Feb 2003

First wave of MechAssault downloadable content ready for action News

Microsoft today announced that the first batch of new downloadable content is now available for MechAssault via Xbox Live

21 Feb 2003

Lightning-proof your Xbox! News

Have a harder Xbox than your mates.

19 Feb 2003

Xbox comes of age News

With the help of the DOA girls – Japanese charts show GameCube outsell shock.

18 Feb 2003

Xbox Platinum Hits ramped up News

Price war escalates to software as MS makes unprecedented move.

12 Feb 2003

Price cuts in the offing? News

All-formats retail restructure looms.

07 Feb 2003

Kakuto Chojin recalled in Japan! News

Plot thickens as Kung Fu game sparks religious concerns.

07 Feb 2003

World Exclusive - Kakuto Chojin cancelled for Europe News

Kung Fu masterclass goes AWOL.

05 Feb 2003

Sega bucks Xbox Live News

PSO to cost extra, revenue model rejected.

04 Feb 2003

Xbox losses almost double News

Massive investment programme still underway.

03 Feb 2003

Vivendi sell-off chatter emerges again News

Will it ever end...?

29 Jan 2003

Xbox Platinum Hits range causes deja vu News

MS budget range revealed!

28 Jan 2003

Microsoft-Sega buy-out rears again News

VIP tours, with posh water and everything.

28 Jan 2003

Microsoft to buy Lamborghini News

Rage bone picking begins in earnest

24 Jan 2003

Microsoft to buy Vivendi? News

Absolute nonsense!

23 Jan 2003

Dumptruck full of cash, Peter? News

Don’t mind if I do! - Moore joins Microsoft!

21 Jan 2003

Rare in "giant Xbox-themed butt" shocker News

Really, Rare has posted a big Xbox arse!

21 Jan 2003

Xbox piracy crackdown begins News

Far East culture clash as Wen-Ying gets serious.

21 Jan 2003

Kameo the only game in development for Xbox at Rare? News

Disarray as indecision seems rife.

20 Jan 2003

Xbox sneaking up on Sony News

20% of PS2’s installed base within months.

20 Jan 2003

Xbox Live Japanese launch in full swing News

Can groundbreaking service tempt eastern gamers?

17 Jan 2003

Xbox game patched News

Unreal Championship to get the fix. Is this the shape of things to come?

14 Jan 2003

Games media in portable Xbox world of lies shocker! News

Gates speaks, the world gets creative.

10 Jan 2003

Media2go Xbox truth revealed! News

‘It’s only a games machine, honest’ sham collapses.

10 Jan 2003

Xbox 1.5 and portable GameCube chatter emerges News

Respected News source in E3 prediction surprise

03 Jan 2003

Microsoft adamant about Xbox success News

Company willing to double their spending if necessary.

28 Dec 2002

Spread the word! News

Xbox gets mediocre Dreamcast ports.

28 Dec 2002

Sega and Microsoft move to quash buy-out rumours News

Sonic remains independent despite parental distancing.

28 Dec 2002

Show me the money! News

Microsoft to publish ToeJam and Earl plus Shenmue 2.

20 Dec 2002

New Blinx and Quantum Redshift unearthed News

Microsoft sequels in the pipeline.

28 Nov 2002

Xbox outselling GameCube in the UK News

Discount powerhouse irresistible in Blighty.

28 Nov 2002

Future of Shenmue hangs on US Xbox success News

Already released in Europe, Shenmue 2 sales are vital for series.

28 Nov 2002

Xbox Live storms US News

Seminal online gaming service sees online console gaming proper.

25 Nov 2002

Robbie Williams speaks out on Xbox News

Cynical? Us? Pah!

20 Nov 2002

Mixed-breed carnivore mayhem unleashed! News

Hands-on with Impossible Creatures.

20 Nov 2002

Microsoft commits fan-boy suicide News

Overpriced and overrated, Robbie Williams tour sponsored by Microsoft.

19 Nov 2002

Xbox Loft Report News

Microsoft invite us to a taster of what's to come next year.

13 Nov 2002

Rare publishes hilarious hate-mail News

And responds to it - essential reading inside!

08 Nov 2002

Microsoft and BT jump into bed News

It’s like it was always meant to be.

07 Nov 2002

Tecmo chief talks of flagging Japanese Xbox News

Are those teethmarks in the hand that feeds?

29 Oct 2002

Rare MMORPG in the works News

New Xbox partner wastes no time.

28 Oct 2002

Sega-powered Xbox now surely irresistible News

Bundle confirmed for Europe at £160!

28 Oct 2002

Controller S dated for Europe News

Plus: bumper Xbox US bundle revealed.

28 Oct 2002

Microsoft shuts down Lik-Sang News

Chipping war steps up a gear.

28 Oct 2002

Latest Japanese hardware sales figures News

Sony dominance ever-present as Xbox leaps.

28 Oct 2002

Healthy Mario sales not enough to fend off Bill News

Sunshine sales bonanza, yet the ‘Cube still slips.

24 Oct 2002

Ballmer withdraws Australia statement News

Xbox safe in Oz as brash comment causes internal uproar.

23 Oct 2002

White Xbox announced! News

Hopes of a Western release swell.

22 Oct 2002

ToeJam and Earl to feature spanky online features! News

But not gameplay. Interesting twist inside.

22 Oct 2002

MS bundle sees Sega share nose-dive News

Bad news for Sega and Microsoft as bundle interpreted as desperation

21 Oct 2002

Mod-chip law sees Microsoft Australia exit? News

Ballmer hints at withdrawal from Oz.

18 Oct 2002

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo show united front against mod-chip plague News

Nowhere left to hide as retailer busted.

16 Oct 2002

Original Xbox controller bites the dust News

From gamer's burden to collectors item in a day!

14 Oct 2002

Bachus/Blackley hole filled? News

Xbox gets Mac exec.

14 Oct 2002

Xbox bundle for Christmas? News

That’ll be around £160, please.

10 Oct 2002

Sega classics loom for Xbox News

When Bill got there, the cupboard was far from bare.

09 Oct 2002

Shift in release scheduling or allegiance? News

MGS 2 Substance goes AWOL.

30 Sep 2002

Microsoft clarifies Rare buy-out News

MS spills beans, deal confirmed

28 Sep 2002

If you can’t beat ‘em, put ‘em on the payroll News

MS seeks Xbox hackers.

28 Sep 2002

Japanese Xbox Live beta testing kicks off today News

Recruitment gets underway.

28 Sep 2002

New Xbox manufacturer found News

Taiwanese firm shifts production to China.

28 Sep 2002

Capcom losses spell Microsoft buy-out News

Dire losses spark acquisition frenzy.

27 Sep 2002

Microsoft commits to Korea and Taiwan News

Localisation begins for ‘undesirable’ regions.

27 Sep 2002

Joanna Dark, Conker and Kameo confirmed by Microsoft News

Rare reassurances.

26 Sep 2002

J Allard Exclusive interview News

Overlord Uncle J on all things Xbox.

26 Sep 2002

Xbox Live gets Moto GP News

THQ’s US division has announced the release of a trial demo to ship with the Microsoft Xbox Live Starter Kit in November.

26 Sep 2002

XBox Live launch. Not this year! News

EXCLUSIVE: As we tried to tell you over a month ago...

24 Sep 2002

Sega unleashes the dragon News

Panzer to make 2002 in Japan.

24 Sep 2002

Xbox Live Japanese details emerge News

Eastern gamers wait until 2003 for online joy.

24 Sep 2002

New Dead or Alive game revealed News

Team Ninja and Microsoft cement relationship with Xboxclusive.

23 Sep 2002

JAMMA Show report News

Chihiro, TriForce and Naomi 3 in Japan.

20 Sep 2002

X02 coming soon News

MS to reveal all in orange-land.

19 Sep 2002

Latest Japanese hardware sales figures emerge News

PlayStation 2 still spanking competition.

18 Sep 2002

Xbox arcade hardware looms News

Sega to co-develop MS coin-op: It's a funny old game...

17 Sep 2002

New Japanese game show emerges News

Osaka to see consumer event

16 Sep 2002

Arbitration sees nVidia ordered to continue Xbox production News

Despite losses and failing relationship

16 Sep 2002

Nintendo makes Rare comment News

Official statement: ‘No More Rare GameCube games’.

13 Sep 2002

Rare sold: Official News

X02 announcement in the pipeline, Rare makes first comment

12 Sep 2002

Tokyo Game Show titles revealed News

See what our sushi-loving gaming brethren will be playing!

10 Sep 2002

Microsoft backtrack sees Xbox Live hunt for chipped consoles News

MS to track mod-chips, suspend play

06 Sep 2002

World Exclusive: Microsoft to buy Rare News

Perhaps the biggest story in the industry's history unfolds inside

03 Sep 2002

Microsoft to offer Internet cafe Xperience News

Software giant announces next phase of assault.

30 Aug 2002

Sony and Microsoft go to war News

PlayStation 2 drops to £169.99, Xbox to £159.99.

28 Aug 2002

Halo 2, first screenshots! News

Check out the game all Xbox fans are waiting for. Plus: Project Gotham 2 announced, screens included.

28 Aug 2002

Latest Japanese sales figures make for an interesting read News

All consoles see massive spike, except Xbox.

28 Aug 2002

Free DVD kit for US Xbox buyers News

The Xbox as it always should have been.

27 Aug 2002

Cost-cutting exercise sees new Xbox graphical innards News

MS performs heart bypass

22 Aug 2002

Perfect Dark heads to Xbox News

What’s going on at Rare?

21 Aug 2002

Xbox Live Dashboard screens released News

It’s big, green and online. Yes!

19 Aug 2002

Shenmue the Movie to be freebie with Xbox News

Thanks Bill!

19 Aug 2002

nVidia takes Xbox write-off on the chin News

Slow Xbox sales further compound MS disagreement

19 Aug 2002

Slow Xbox sales to trigger further Japanese price cut? News

Latest sales figures and rumours inside.

14 Aug 2002

Xbox Live is dated by Microsoft News

Can a dedicated broadband gaming network change the world? Yes, it probably can.

13 Aug 2002

Xbox live status confirmed for Amusement Vision’s latest title News

Colossal online rumble planned for Xbox.

30 Jul 2002

Latest Panzer Dragoon shots released News

Smilebit dragon shooter the best-looking Xbox game yet.

29 Jul 2002

Video game slump in Japan News

The industry’s summer drought bites hard.

28 Jul 2002

Virtua Fighter on the Xbox? News

What’s the deal?

24 Jul 2002

Microsoft branches out into new gaming territories News

Global push begins in earnest.

24 Jul 2002

Microsoft in SquareSoft buy-out yarn News

Listen. Can you hear echoes of the Sega saga?

23 Jul 2002

Microsoft makes revised Xbox sales projection News

Strong showing in the US balances apathy in Japan and Europe.

22 Jul 2002

Latest Japanese hardware sales figures News

More interesting reading from crucial Japanese market.

19 Jul 2002

Xbox in China and Taiwan before the year is out News

Microsoft enters the land of piracy with eyes wide open.

15 Jul 2002

MS offers up $1 million for virtual gold champ! News

Ahh, to have more money than God.

11 Jul 2002

First-Party Xbox titles suffer slippage News

Microsoft takes the console punishment.

11 Jul 2002

All-in-one TV Xbox hybrid confirmed! News

Tomson and Microsoft ink deal.

28 Jun 2002

Microsoft makes first real attack on Xbox mod-chips News

Sony's lead inspires back-up shutdown.

28 Jun 2002

More Xbox figures from Japan News

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The continuing story of Microsoft's Japanese misadventures.

27 Jun 2002

Game Boy Advance Munches Xbox News

Shocking news sees THQ bring Xbox games to Nintendo portable!

26 Jun 2002

Life is Short News

Especially for this advert... New court-case looms.

25 Jun 2002

Halo sequel confirmed News


21 Jun 2002

Microsoft gifts you a fiver News

Price-snip announced for Xbox games

14 Jun 2002

Xbox Live will launch with 47 online titles News

What’s going on? Online console gaming just got serious

11 Jun 2002

Price-cut sees Xbox resurgent in Japan News

Microsoft outstrips GameCube as yen bites

10 Jun 2002

E3 award nominations revealed News

Let the arguments commence!

07 Jun 2002

Grave Man laid to rest News

Microsoft sees best games advert ever banned.

06 Jun 2002

Japanese Xbox sales slip below a thousand News

With Halo snubbed, can Sega rescue MS?

05 Jun 2002

HomeStation doesn’t exist News

But NewPC does! First details of piggyback home entertainment Xbox middleware inside.

30 May 2002

Exclusive: Microsoft reacts to first Xbox mod-chip News

Will the industry ever be safe from pirates?

29 May 2002

Euro Xbox resurgent News

What a difference a ton makes…

28 May 2002

Japanese Xbox price hack looms News

Swallowing pride makes room at table for Xbox.

28 May 2002

Coming soon from Microsoft News

Hey, you with the bulging booth at E3! Show me what you got!

23 May 2002

Shenmue 2 Xbox details News

New screens for super Japanese Sega sequel.

23 May 2002

Exclusive pre-E3 J Allard interview News

The nice man of Microsoft talks only to us.

22 May 2002

Microsoft heads off to China News

Cost-cutting drive swings into full effect.

16 May 2002

Microsoft announces global Xbox price slash News

Huge reductions in US and Japanese asking price as global videogames price war erupts.

15 May 2002

Exclusive: ‘Second generation’ Xbox model looms News

Amazing news sees Microsoft poised to release new Xbox.

14 May 2002

Microsoft readies retail for Xbox price hack News

First concrete sign of looming US cut.

13 May 2002

GameCube rampant in UK software sales News

More GameCube games shifted than anything else.

10 May 2002

More US price-cut talk News

US to follow Euro lead?

08 May 2002

Japanese Microsoft chief on Eastern Xbox News

Can Xbox survive in Japan? Square support discussed.

08 May 2002

Another Xbox title shifts a million News

So, is the Xbox Dead or Alive?

07 May 2002

ToeJam and Earl! Bring it on baby! News

Polymorphous duo sent back to funk you up!

02 May 2002

Panzer Dragoon screens emerge! News

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!

02 May 2002

nVidia clashes with Microsoft over Xbox chip pricing News

Slowing Xbox sales start straining ‘wonderful relationship.’

30 Apr 2002

Nintendo confirms Microsoft buy-out attempt News

How the GameCube was nearly an Xbox…

29 Apr 2002

Japanese Xbox sales figures spell end for Eastern push? News

Can Microsoft’s console recover from such a poor start in Japan?

28 Apr 2002

Xbox up against it as new sales figures emerge News

Is there room in the market for the MS behemoth?

26 Apr 2002

Two Japanese Xbox games delayed News

Cautious approach to Xbox releases begins.

24 Apr 2002

Blackley speaks out on his departure from Microsoft and the future News

Machiavellian Madness as Blackley and Bachus team up.

24 Apr 2002

Sony refuses PlayStation 2 price cut pressure, denies end of PSone News

The midget survives as big brother keeps his wedge.

24 Apr 2002

Xbox co-designer quits Microsoft News

How many direct hits can the good ship Microsoft take?

23 Apr 2002

Microsoft slashes Xbox projections – Knock-on effects detailed News

nVidia shares tumble as Japanese and European markets prove hard to crack.

22 Apr 2002

Xbox goes cheap down under News

Australia is the next territory to benefit from slow Xbox sales.

19 Apr 2002

Exclusive Microsoft interview News

Microsoft admits GameCube launch triggers price cut. Plus: E3 to see price cut for Japan and USA?

19 Apr 2002

Xbox to see £100 price slash throughout Europe! News

Incredible Euro Xbox u-turn details inside. Plus: How Microsoft plans to reimburse launch buyers.

18 Apr 2002

So what’s the deal with Metal Gear X? Special exclusive report News

Microsoft says yes, Konami says no (comment).

18 Apr 2002

Stunning Japanese sales figures see the Dreamcast outsell the Xbox News

Can Microsoft continue to support its debut console in Japan?

17 Apr 2002

Microsoft Struggles at Home News

Xbox still striving to sink its teeth into the American pie chart.

12 Apr 2002

Halo goes Platinum News

Good news for Microsoft as killer app sells a million in Xbox home territory.

12 Apr 2002

Xbox chief Robbie Bach speaks out on the state of Xbox in Japan News

And to his credit, finds some positive points.

09 Apr 2002

Microsoft Japan sends in Halo News

Will Microsoft's killer app boost Japanese opinion?

05 Apr 2002

Microsoft to cut Japanese Xbox price? News

Following disastrous Easter sales, Microsoft is under intense pressure to reduce the price of the Xbox in Japan.

04 Apr 2002

Xbox Chief Steps Down News

Belluzzo calls it a day.

04 Apr 2002

Slow Japanese and European Xbox sales threaten MS Projections News

Not exactly a thumbs down, but it's not looking good either.

28 Mar 2002

Control your Xbox using only your Brain! News

Science fiction or science fact?

27 Mar 2002

Xbox to Host Sega Classics News

Microsoft's new machine is the next piece in the jigsaw for old Sega titles - now everyone can play!

26 Mar 2002

Xbox to Snap up Doom 3 and Quake 4? News

Electronic Gaming Monthly is reporting that the hugely anticipated FPS duo of Doom 3 and Quake 4 from id Software may end up as Xbox exclusives.

25 Mar 2002

Britney Spears Admits she’s Jealous of Xbox! News

Is this the reason that pop's most famous couple have split up? And have they really split up? Do you really care?

22 Mar 2002

UK Xbox Sales Figures Revealed News

Microsoft has confirmed to us that it has managed to sell 48,000 Xbox hardware units to the UK in the first three days of the machine going on sale.

20 Mar 2002

Xbox Online Subscription Model Remains Uncertain News

Infogrames’ Unreal Championship has been confirmed as a pay-to-play game, making it the first FPS to have such a revenue model.

20 Mar 2002

Huge Bout of Girliness Overshadows CeBIT News

Handbags at ten paces at German trade show.

19 Mar 2002

Xbox Performs well at European Launch News

As the chart data is picked over by the industry, almost all readers will agree that the Xbox has performed well in the all-formats listings.

19 Mar 2002

Interview with Michel Cassius Reveals Microsoft Dialogue with SquareSoft and MGS for Xbox News

We spoke to Michel on the day of the Xbox launch party. Here's what he had to say.

15 Mar 2002

Exclusive: Xbox Controller S confirmed for Europe! News

Little people cheer!

15 Mar 2002

Microsoft makes statement on disc-scratching issue News

Will this be enough to appease the Japanese gaming community?

14 Mar 2002

Xbox sales suspended in Japan: Microsoft wound-licking starts in earnest News

Shocking news from Japan - Is the Xbox doomed?

14 Mar 2002

Exclusive: Lorne Lanning Interview News

We asked the questions, he answered them. It was that simple!

14 Mar 2002

Xbox Launch Tomorrow! Full Coverage and Oddworld Interview to Follow! News

We're going to a party tonight.

13 Mar 2002

Exclusive new Nintendo Final Fantasy details arrive! News

So, does the 'N' stand for new?

12 Mar 2002

Japanese Xbox Back on Track as Sales Resume News

Major Japanese retail chains Loax and Sakuraya have announced that they will be resuming sales of Microsoft’s Xbox console and related goods.

11 Mar 2002

Microsoft Clarifies Recall Issue News

Following a media storm claiming that Microsoft had recalled the Xbox in Japan, the company has made a statement to clarify the issue.

11 Mar 2002

Microsoft crumbles under Japanese recall pressure News

Disc scratching causes MS U-turn

07 Mar 2002

First look at New Xbox pad for the West! News

Here it is!

07 Mar 2002

Microsoft releases new controller in the States News

People without giant hands rejoice!

05 Mar 2002

Self-scratching Xbox won’t force recall in Japan News

Uncertainty over scratched discs row flares

04 Mar 2002

Official Xbox Japanese Launch Figures Revealed: Oh dear! News

Week one, and the worst next-generation console sales yet seen. Unconfirmed reports of Sony and Nintendo laughing up sleeves.

01 Mar 2002

Microsoft confirms UK launch plans: Full game-list inside! News

Microsoft has finally put the cap on its plans for the launch of the Xbox in the UK.

28 Feb 2002

Xbox Controller Regional lock-out Update News

The truth is in here.

27 Feb 2002

nVidia in ‘Dumped by Microsoft’ storm News

What have they done to deserve this?

26 Feb 2002

XBox Controllers Region Locked? News

Thinking about importing a sexy Japanese Xbox pad? Read This.

21 Feb 2002

Xbox prepares to go Japanese News

Big bad Japanese launch feature inside - Essential reading

19 Feb 2002

Strange, Violent Golf Game with Strippers Announced for Xbox News

Insert your own 'Club Swingers' joke here.

12 Feb 2002

Fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards Nominees Revealed News

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) has revealed the nominees for the fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

11 Feb 2002

Xbox to run rampant in Japan? News

Huge Xbox Japan update inside

08 Feb 2002

It's only been out for a couple of months and it's already won an award News

Atari's breakout hit, Transworld Surf for Xbox, wins Best Video Game award at the second annual X-Dance Action Sports Film and Video Game Festival.

05 Feb 2002

Enhanced Crash coming to Xbox News

Marsupial dude broadens his horizons

31 Jan 2002

Microsoft Fights its Corner over Xbox Defects News

Keep your warranty in a safe place.

28 Jan 2002

Xbox, eh? Take a Closer Look! News

But, much does it weigh?

22 Jan 2002

Microsoft announces Japanese Xbox launch availability News

Microsoft’s Japanese Xbox division has announced that it will have 300,000 console units available for the machine’s launch on February 22.

21 Jan 2002

Microsoft Courts Square for Further Development Opportunities News

Just how big a role will Xbox play at Japanese launch, February 22?

18 Jan 2002

Microsoft to set up new Xbox production plant in Asia News

Demand at launch forces upturn in Xbox numbers

15 Jan 2002

Xbox problems emerge News

Not widespread says Microsoft

02 Jan 2002

Sega GT 2002 delay update News

Still no release date. Playable build promised this month

02 Jan 2002

Microsoft readies Xbox Euro roll-out with production plant might News

Bill's European minions set to feed our Hungar (sic).

28 Dec 2001

Xbox first party line-up News

First person shooters first personified by Halo

24 Dec 2001

Microsoft continues Japanese goodwill tour, confirming plans for region News

Pricing, launch details and everything due soon!

17 Dec 2001

Xbox Online Projections – Microsoft Announces Plan News

Looks like the middle of 2002 for Xbox broadband.

14 Dec 2001

Internal Microsoft confusion causes Xbox delay mishap News

Console still set for Japanese launch on time

13 Dec 2001

Xbox delayed in Japan News

Euro date now set to clash

12 Dec 2001

1.1 Million Xbox consoles shipped News

More due by end of month

11 Dec 2001

Microsoft reaction to Penguin online Xbox shenanigans News

It's not what you think!

05 Dec 2001

Microsoft Still Refuses to Clarify Launch Figures News

Looks like the Xbox is going to sell out quicker than the US first thought. Half the originally forecast number of units ready to go? Surely not.

28 Nov 2001

New Xbox Arcade Stick Bodes Well for Fighting Game Fans News

Hertfordshire-based Radica UK has unveiled several peripherals for Xbox, following the company inking a deal with Microsoft earlier this year.

28 Nov 2001

Sega-Microsoft merger talks confirmed! News

We've heard plenty from Peter Moore recently. He's an interesting fellow, so here's some more news about him.

28 Nov 2001

China piracy boycott update: Sony and Microsoft speak News

Hardware wary of China - The players give their side

23 Nov 2001

Xbox sleaze scandal emerges News

nVidia in the dock as Microsoft stays clean. Insider trader row boils over

20 Nov 2001

Microsoft fears piracy, withholds Xbox from China? News

Does this mean the Xbox is easy to crack? Piracy again blights games industry

19 Nov 2001

More Microsoft Versus Nintendo Gubbins News

Xbox success will not harm GameCube launch, say experts.

16 Nov 2001

Xbox (nearly) Sells Out on Day One News

The cupboard marked 'X' is bare.

16 Nov 2001

Times Square sees Triumphant XBox Roll-Out! News

Mister Gates to the checkout please, Mister Gates to the checkout.

15 Nov 2001

Xbox sets sights beyond gaming and plans to take over all entertainment News

A communications hub for the home planned?

13 Nov 2001

Gates speaks on the eve of Xday News

Big Bill on the future of Microsoft gaming

13 Nov 2001

American Xbox launch line-up finalised! News

It's thumbs up as first gen titles step up

09 Nov 2001

When money doesn’t matter anymore: Xbox financials - a unique tale News

Microsoft's Xbox financial come under fire

09 Nov 2001

Become a Zombie and appear in House of the Dead 3 News

Sega and Microsoft are offering you immortality, giving you the chance to become a character in the forthcoming Xbox title, HotD3.

26 Oct 2001

Microsoft begins marketing marathon as Nintendo stockpiles The Cube News

Game on as rivals prepare to lock horns

24 Oct 2001

UK Xbox Release Date Confirmed News

So come on Nintendo, when’s the GameCube coming out?

17 Oct 2001

Next Spring Golden for Xbox as Sega Concretes Dates for Killer Apps News

Sega of Japan has today given the first indication of when its hotly anticipated Xbox titles will be complete and ready for release.

16 Oct 2001

Microsoft Unstoppable as Arcade Plans are Revealed News

Microsoft and Sega have jointly announced that they will be producing a new arcade system to be released at some point next year.

15 Oct 2001

Microsoft reneges on HD size, reclaiming 2 Gig News

From eight, to ten and back down to eight. A killer blow as Sony readies 40GB beast?

12 Oct 2001

Xbox to feature parental control as standard News

No violence and sex for kids as Microsoft takes initiative to win over parents

05 Oct 2001

Toca for Xbox first look as Codies confirms four for Microsoft! News

Big Mike the ear-chewer and a car... What more could you want?

04 Oct 2001

Microsoft outlines Tokyo plans revealing four new first party titles News

Must not get laughed out of TGS again, must not get laughed out of TGS again, must not get lau...

04 Oct 2001

Japanese Xbox marketing campaign shapes up News

Please love us... Please!!

02 Oct 2001

Xbox Tokyo Game Show strategy revealed News

Tempting Japan... a hard lesson to learn.

27 Sep 2001

X01 is back on track! News

Euro Xbox feature event relocated with new date

27 Sep 2001

American Retailers request more GameCubes. News

Microsoft makes tactical error.

25 Sep 2001

Xbox Delayed News

But just a little bit.

24 Sep 2001

Microsoft to release new USB version of the SideWinder News

For all of you control freaks.

21 Sep 2001

Chocolate Salty Balls, Anyone? News

Cooking love simulation announced for Xbox. The world is now officially a dangerous place.

19 Sep 2001

Microsoft removes World Trade Centre from flight sim News

But fails to respond to being named in news

17 Sep 2001

Namco Lets Slip the Extent of its Xclusivity News

Support for Xbox swells as Japanese giant confirms two exclusive upcomers.

30 Aug 2001

Sega confirms online development plans with Microsoft News

Sega's knowledge put to the test by Xbox creators

29 Aug 2001

Konami confirms details of Silent Hill for Xbox News

The best horror title in the world lines up for Xbox. New play details inside

29 Aug 2001

Xbox takes its time in the East – Japan date announced News

Is this a terminal blow or will Microsoft triumph in Japan against all odds?

28 Aug 2001

Namco treads carefully with Xbox announcing a deal much heralded by the US giant News

A vote of confidence or lip service for cash?

28 Aug 2001

Xbox to headline at SpaceWorld 2001? Upstaging antics in the East News

The two new kids on the block fight for attention in Japan. This could be one of the most shortsighted marketing ploys in the history of the industry

21 Aug 2001

Microsoft Kicks at Motherboard Fault Issues. It Doesn’t Matter Anyway News

Microsoft has today denied allegations that its Xbox console may be delayed due to problems with the machine’s motherboard.

16 Aug 2001

Xbox Game Prices Announced In The US News

Microsoft Corp has released fresh information relating to the upcoming American release of its Xbox console.

16 Aug 2001

Crave announces Xboxclusive Kabuki Warriors News

New beat 'em up confimed for Xbox only

14 Aug 2001

Tokyo Game Show Update: X marks the spot News

Microsoft prepares to try again in Japan

13 Aug 2001

New stunning Dead or Alive 3 Xbox shots released News

Team Ninja's latest screens!

13 Aug 2001

More unimpressive Xbox shots released. Great! News

Cartoon racer first look. Xbox still without killer app.

09 Aug 2001

Microsoft gets cool with the kids and sponsors Vans skate shoes News

Radical dude, that Xbox is like, whoah...

27 Jul 2001

Big plans for Xbox Microsoft has. This is not Star Wars related News

Honestly, it's quite boring sale figure predictions. Sorry. May the Force be... Never mind. It's just that we like the way Yoda talks. Again, sorry.

24 Jul 2001

Xbox Voice Recognition Deal Finalised News

'Your voice is your password'.

19 Jul 2001

Microsoft Advertise in Japan illustrating evolution from toaster to erm… News

Half a billion dollars gets you a scrumpled piece of paper?

18 Jul 2001

Konami in dirty tricks against Microsoft? News

Is Konami trying to thwart the chances of the Xbox Stateside? Read on and see what you think

17 Jul 2001

How the Xbox works, first screens! News

What the Xbox will look like when it's on

28 Jun 2001

Infogrames confirms seven for Xbox – drops one News

Infogrames Xbox line-up confirmed

20 Jun 2001

Xbox trademark dispute resolved News

A truck full of cash always help in this kind of situation!

19 Jun 2001

Project Gotham will feature car damage! News

At last, we can wreck expensive cars!

14 Jun 2001

European Xbox date finalised? News

Has Microsoft finalised the Xbox Euro date?

11 Jun 2001

Sony Declares That Microsoft Has Blown It. Well Duh! News

Sony attacks Xbox.

31 May 2001

Tokyo Game Show Delayed News

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will have to wait an extra month to battle it out.

31 May 2001

J Allard speaks on the GameCube and other stuff News

Allard is under the cosh. Find out what he thinks

30 May 2001

Surely, It's a Home Banker News

Microsoft at E3. Oh dear!

21 May 2001

There's A Racing Game Coming To The Xbox... News

...and you may have seen it before.

21 May 2001

All Quiet On The Eastern Front News

Nintendo stand is peaceful Yin to Microsoft's chaotic Yang at E3.

18 May 2001

Xbox At E3, or Not As The Case May Be News

Running console mysteriously absent from LA exhibition.

18 May 2001

Nintendo talks about royalties whilst thanking Microsoft… Read on News

Microsoft pays for GameCube development

07 May 2001

Win an Xbox development kit! News

They really are just giving one away...

07 May 2001

Microsoft comes out fighting over missing Dev Kits News

Xbox to be on time is the word

28 Apr 2001

Microsoft fails to deliver new development kits News

Developers left clueless as dev kits fail to materialise

28 Apr 2001

Xbox Wins Praise at the Tokyo Games Show? News

Xbox debuts in Japan, how did it go?

28 Apr 2001

Xbox to sound better than anything else News

Dolby magic for Xbox!

23 Apr 2001

Japanese developers queue up to kick Xbox News

Why do the Japanese hate Xbox so much?

06 Apr 2001

Sega teams up with Microsoft. Titles confirmed News

Massive news from the Tokyo Game Show as Bill teams up with Sonic

29 Mar 2001

Microsoft Upgrades Xbox HD spec again News

More space in your Xbox. This thing just gets better.

28 Mar 2001

Xbox prepares to flex in Japan as Bill Gates thanks Japanese moguls – Watch it live News

Big bill warms his lips in preparation to woo Japanese gamers

28 Mar 2001

Six more developers sign up for the Xbox News

Everyone wants an Xbox (dev-kit)

28 Mar 2001

Microsoft denies delay rumours News

Xbox will be on time assures Bill

28 Mar 2001

Microsoft admits Xbox shots were doctored News

Just as we coming around to trust Microsoft

20 Mar 2001

Xbox MSR Gets a Name as Microsoft Showcases Six New Games News

All thing Xbox revealed by Microsoft

14 Mar 2001

Microsoft affords itself a snub to Xbox unprofitability rumours… and why not? News

When you're rich enough to afford to lose billions, why care what anyone says

12 Mar 2001

American Xbox release dates leaked: New games revealed! News

Can Microsoft be this well organised?

07 Mar 2001

Microsoft proudly parades Munch. In your face, Sony! News

Sony still sore over Oddworld turn-around

28 Feb 2001

Xbox will ship despite trademark dispute News

Microsoft were never ones to let the law of the land stand in the way of making a buck

28 Feb 2001

Xbox could face delay due to trademark row News

It's handbags at ten paces as Florida based games company puts the squeeze on Bill

28 Feb 2001

Xpectation Grows For Microsoft’s New Baby News

nVidia powered beast wows all

20 Feb 2001

Expected price of the Xbox, Microsoft to lose money News

Are you wondering how much cash to save up for the rainy Xbox day?

16 Feb 2001

Xbox Chips Ready To Go News

nVidia today announced that the development for two critical Xbox chips has been completed and are now ready for mass production.

15 Feb 2001

Xbox rumour update News

What's going on in the land of the giants?

07 Feb 2001

Microsoft unveils final design of the Xbox live on the Internet News

It was a proud day for Microsoft last Saturday as they finally unveiled the design of the Xbox.

28 Jan 2001

Xbox will not include DVD playing software as standard News

"Developer convenience" blamed by Microsoft for Xbox' falure to play DVDs

28 Jan 2001

Xbox to play DVD movies News

Industry-leading Cinemaster software to power Xbox DVD playback

28 Jan 2001

Dreamcast/Xbox hybrid? Surely not! News

Apparently, the Dreamcast is going to be welded to a PIII chip

26 Jan 2001

The Xbox will be a games machine! News

Why do Microsoft seem content to release a pure games console when it could be so much more?

15 Jan 2001

Colin “King of Rally Games” McRae heading to Xbox News

Microsoft and Codemasters forget to talk to each other

11 Jan 2001

Alarm bells ring at Microsoft towers at the mention of regionalised software News

As it transpires, we were the first to call Microsoft’s UK press office regarding the issue of regionalising software and did we kick up a stink!?

10 Jan 2001

Microsoft learns from Sony’s mistakes News

Multiple production plants to make sure Xbox is in plentiful supply at launch.

09 Jan 2001

Xbox down-specced? News

Faster CPU, but slower graphics chip means Xbox likely to push fewer polys per second

08 Jan 2001

First look at the final design of the Xbox News

US magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly break Microsoft Embargo, and release Xbox pics early. Microsoft makes usual unconvincing denials

07 Jan 2001

Microsoft and Sony to attend Australian show in November News

Australian developer show attracts the big guns

28 Oct 2000

ECTS Award Winners Announced News

The winners of the most prestigious awards in the European interactive entertainment industry were announced in London yesterday at ECTS.

05 Sep 2000

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