Game Boy Advance Munches Xbox

Shocking news sees THQ bring Xbox games to Nintendo portable!

Posted by Staff
Game Boy Advance Munches Xbox
We can reveal that THQ will publish several Xbox games in portable form for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.

This amazing news sees the first cross-manufacturer publishing deal ever in the games industry. THQ will publish Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Monster Truck Madness 2.0, both of which are solely owned by Microsoft Game Studios. Other, as yet undisclosed, titles will follow.

"We always look for expansion opportunities for our games, and handheld platforms provide a great opportunity to capture a new worldwide audience," said Ed Ventura, Director of PC Business Development at Microsoft Game Studios. "By working with THQ, we introduce Game Boy Advance into the platform mix for our titles, giving consumers another opportunity to experience our award-winning products and franchises."

"We have a first call on any intellectual property that Microsoft does an Xbox or a PC game for," said Brian Farrell, CEO at THQ. "I have not yet spoken with Nintendo, but we think they're going to be very excited about it because it extends their platform too."

Nintendo is likely to be very pleased with this announcement. Taking some of Microsoft's most valuable unique selling points and making them available for its own platform is surely a dream come true for the Japanese grandaddy of gaming.


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