Xbox 360 Minus HD Cables Equals Price Cut?

What does this mean for the UK?

Posted by Staff
Image via Kotaku
Image via Kotaku
Rumour has it that the Xbox 360 Elite will be getting a price cut to better compete with the PS3 Slim, losing the inclusion of HD cables along the way.

A US Wal-Mart catalogue due for release on August 30th shows the console priced at $299, $100 less than its current price point.You can see it in the image to the left for yourself.

Given that HD cables also look to be disappearing from the box, however, it appears that the lower price point will not come without its drawbacks. GameStop employees have apparently told Kotaku that not only will the Elite not come with an HDMI cable, it won't come with component, either. You'll just get SD composite cables, meaning that buyers will have to shell out for new leads to get HD out of their machine.

Quite what this will mean for the UK is unclear, given that an Elite can already be had for 229.99 - 20 cheaper than the PS3 Slim's 249.99 asking price.


DaveBG 24 Aug 2009 16:12
Shame they decided to follow Sonys lead and leave out the HD cable.
Daz 24 Aug 2009 16:35

I guess but knocking off $100 and allowing people to buy a $5 HDMI cable I call win win on that
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