Microsoft @ E3: New Modern Warfare 3 Stage Revealed

Submarine assaults.

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Microsoft @ E3: New Modern Warfare 3 Stage Revealed
What has just happened: Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling kicked off the Microsoft E3 press conference with a demonstration of Modern Warfare 3, previously unseen by the public. In it, underwater marines explore the depths of the ocean while dodging mines and placing mines on a stealth submarines.

The submarine surfaces, and takes two torpedo shots above ground, smashing into a cityscape not unlike New York City. Cue your squad darting up the surfaced sub and into the cabins to take out waves of nasties as alarm systems ring and water starts leaking in. After your siege, it's a race between waves and waves of battleships as you fight enemy boats and clamber back to your rendezvous point.

Svend thinks: I've never been much of a Modern Warfare fan, but I can certainly understand its appeal - and the set pieces here look as incredible as ever. The underwater effects are wonderful and there's a real sense of urgency as you race between massive battleships. For my gameplay money though, it's still looking like a linear shooting experience. It'll be fantastic for those looking for even more insane scenarios from their war games.


deleted 6 Jun 2011 20:54
Sorry but replacing Snow Mobiles(MW2) or Jeeps (Black Ops) with Boats doesn't really cut it for me, other than location I saw nothing new for the single player, but like a little lamb I am sure to follow to the stores for the on-line part...
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