Microsoft and EA in 'Exclusivity' Agreement for Next Xbox Rumoured

If Activision can team up with Sony then Nya, Nya, nya, nya, nyaaa!

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Microsoft and EA in 'Exclusivity' Agreement for Next Xbox Rumoured
According to rampant rumour and suspicious speculation, and the fact that Peter Moore works for the latter and used to work for the former, Microsoft and EA are to sign an 'exclusivity agreement' when Microsoft announces its next games console on April 26th or thereabouts.

This follows Activision/Blizzard cosy up with Sony over the PS4, during which various statements were made about "exclusive DLC".

Yes, we expect this EA+Microsoft Exclusivity agreement that's come from sources who spoke, probably soberly, to CVG and said that, "EA has secured a partnership with the Xbox firm, according to accounts from two sources who wished to remain anonymous. However, neither person was certain of what EA will show, nor what the terms of the exclusivity partnership will be."

Interesting that the idea is that EA "secured" the deal rather than Microsoft, which is the more logical way of seeing such a deal. Why, would a third-party publisher diminish the number of outlets available for its products without being paid to do so?

It wouldn't. We've spoken to some people too, and we reckon this will be an equivalent deal to Sony's with Activision: limited time 'exclusives' and 'exclusive' DLC.


Daz 27 Feb 2013 11:16
I wish I could care, but it's EA, they f**k up almost everything they touch.
Ergo 27 Feb 2013 15:05
It will not matter since it won't be games like Madden.
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