Microsoft: New Xbox Dashboard IS All About the Adverts

Xbox LIVE ads director says service will transform TV advertising.

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Microsoft: New Xbox Dashboard IS All About the Adverts
Gamers, you've been warned - Microsoft has confirmed fears that the new Xbox dashboard is designed to serve advertisements over content. And the company's senior business director for Xbox Live Advertising in Europe, Dean Carignan, has said that Xbox LIVE will be at the forefront of transforming the entire TV advertising industry.

In a column posted on, Carignan revealed that the potential for advertisers to grab eyeballs is massive, with Xbox LIVE users each spending almost 60 hours a month on the service - when you add all the users up, it amounts to 2.1 billion hours a month.

"With the launch of our new Xbox 360 experience, we’re offering advertisers two new opportunities in the form of standard 30-second spots within traditional TV content on Xbox LIVE, and Kinect-enabled branded destination experiences," Carignan said.

He also noted Microsoft's commitment to in-game ads as well as a focus on "video and display ads on the Xbox LIVE dashboard or home screen, branded destination experiences (i.e. dedicated brand pages) and sponsorship opportunities.

"We believe Xbox LIVE is poised to play a significant role in TV advertising in the future. No other network in the world can give advertisers and consumers these types of branded experiences, and we plan to bring even more groundbreaking interactive TV advertising solutions in 2012 and beyond."


PaulRayment 17 Jan 2012 11:24
I'm no businessman but this stinks. The new dash is a mess with unpromoted content a nightmare to find. Easy if you want the new MW3 maps, a pain if you want indie arcade.

Bing is also a bit s**t. Sure, it searches Zune if I say X-Men but if X-Men is also available on Sky, 4oD, and others it doesn't show them in the search. Pretty s**tty I say.

And all this (aside from Bing) is made worse by MASSIVE adverts with many not making it clear what you get - is that Forza advert a video with the developer or a link to new cars, or a video of the new cars?

I pay £40 (I think) a month and still get all this. I bet PS3 owners have a right good laugh.

Surely if MS want to bring more eyeballs they should lower the price a bit.. balance it out.
Ian Harvey 17 Jan 2012 18:06
If you pay £40 a month for xbox live you are getting majorly ripped off. Its (at most and I've never paid this) £40 a year
oh u get what u pay for huh 20 Jan 2012 19:52
all is back firing on u guys that always say ''YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, XBL IS BETTER THAN PSN HERP DERP'', now its all you who are complaining.

i stopped paying for xbl since the first dash update because i saw this coming and i tell people that xbl isnt worth the money because of all these adverts, but they laught at me and scream, '' YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR'', hell yea you get what you pay for adverts and even more adverts and it wont stop until u all come together and stop riding MS.
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