There is 100% No Chance of Kinect Free Xbox One

Major Nelson himself has made the point.

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There is 100% No Chance of Kinect Free Xbox One
Let's clarify the confusion that's being slathered around the internet that conflates "you can turn off Kinect 2 with Xbox One" with "You can buy Xbox One without having to buy an Kinect 2". You can't. Well, you won't be able to in November when the console hits.

The statement has been asked: "But if Microsoft 100% believes in the Kinect, they have to show me by not releasing a Kinect-less SKU..." and there is now a response.

"We have no plans for that . We are 100% all in on Kinect," said Microsoft's Xbox spokesmouth 'Major Nelson' real name Lawrence "Larry" Hryb.

Hryb was responding to a question on Reddit

So, there you go. There will be no Kinect-Free Xbox One. Fact. We can quote them on that in future.
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DrkStr 15 Aug 2013 13:34
Is this the same Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb who said that there was no way they could turn off the online DRM check about two days before they announced that they would do?
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