Microsoft Readies Surface ARM Tablet - Prices Below iPad

399 for Windows RT tablet with 32GB storage.

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Microsoft Readies Surface ARM Tablet - Prices Below iPad
Microsoft is hoping to pull out a portion of the rug that currently sits underneath Apple's (metaphorical) feet this month, as it prepares to launch its Surface tablet computer at prices that would appear to undercut leading gadget, the iPad.

The starting price of its Windows RT Surface has been set at 399. For that amount of money, you get a tablet with a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 ARM-based processor and 32GB storage. A 64GB version will also be available (albeit more expensive).

Although the Surface has a smaller screen size than the iPad, it is priced more aggressively, with Apple's 32GB WiFi-only version available at 479. Unlike its rival's offering however, Microsoft does not appear to be offering a Surface tablet with 3G connectivity.

A Touch Cover will also be made available for Surface products, at 99. A version of the Touch Cover that includes a keyboard will cost you 109. Microsoft will, in the name of choice, also be releasing Surface tablets that include a 'full' version of Windows 8, on devices that do not run on ARM-based chips. Additionally, various editions of Windows 8 will be released at different prices, each offering slightly different features.

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