Fable III: Natal but Not Natal

Also, no HUD will p*ss you off

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Fable III: Natal but Not Natal
The Creative Director of European Studios at Microsoft spoke about a game last night. Yes, remember that Peter Molyneux is indeed CDoES and he was indeed speaking about Fable III.

Strangely, as one of the main hucksters for Natal, Molyneux has stated that the next iteration of the Lionhead game won't be using the controller... much.

It will also have no heads-up display to speak of. While speaking to Wired he declaimed, ?Look at the screen! It?s completely clean! Why do we need the fucking health bar?"

This was apparently the revelation that was going to "piss people off". What the game has, however, is the ability to 'touch' other characters and for your character to morph depending on his or her actions.

"If you kill innocents, it will drip blood; if you use it to protect people it will glow", sums up Molyneux.

The ability to 'touch' other characters also enables you to 'bond' with them. Sounds ideal for Natal use to really get you into the bonding with no extraneous controllers to block the experience going forward.

Not so much.

"What I can say categorically is you play Fable with a controller, it?s not a Natal-based game in any way. But I?m not saying that Natal doesn?t feature in Fable", the great man (and let's face it, with his track record, PM is a great man) tells Gamespot.




Andy P 12 Feb 2010 12:00
"His track record"? Of promising awesome games and delivering average ones? The definition of "great" has slipped somewhat...
DoctorDee 14 Feb 2010 10:21
In fairness, he promises transcendent games, and delivers excellent ones. He's never delivered a real stinker, and if he displayed an overt tendency to get over enthusiastic about what he's working on, he would be perceived as truly great.

BNj 18 Jun 2010 22:35
Natal wont be required will it?
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