Microsoft Responds To Xbox Price Drop Rumours

Price cut not "signalled"

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Microsoft Responds To Xbox Price Drop Rumours
David Hufford, a director of Xbox product management, has responded to rumours that an Xbox 360 price drop is imminent.

Hufford, whose comments led many to believe that Microsoft is looking to get a sub-$200 360 onto the market, said, “The comment, which is accurately reported, unfortunately has now been taken way out of context and being reported as if I am signalling a price drop. I was not, I am not.”

He elaborated, saying that many are, “...inaccurately reading tea leaves that don’t exist... I spoke to Bloomberg nearly two months ago and we were talking about NPD data that had just been released, and chatting generally about price points of consoles in the market...

“With Xbox 360s selling well at their current price point, Elites selling out at $479, and an insanely great portfolio of games in the market, there’s no reason to announce any kind of price drop anytime soon. ”

You may notice, however, that Hufford at no point states that there won't be a price drop. He merely indicates that he wasn't “signalling” one. SPOnG spoke to Microsoft to find out whether there categorically will not be a price cut soon and was told (not unpredictably), “No comment.”

Source: Gamerscore Blog


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