Kinect Betas Pop Up on Xbox Live Markeplace

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Kinect Betas Pop Up on Xbox Live Markeplace
Microsoft may not be releasing the Kinect until the 10th November in the UK, but it has already released closed Betas of Dance Central and Joyride onto the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Kotaku found previews of the two motion-sensing games on the Xbox website last night, with a 1.7GB download for Joyride and 700MB file for Dance Central. Working fast to plug the gap, clicking those links now redirects you to a game information page for Viva Piņata.

As quirky as the discovery is, Kotaku seemed shocked and amazed that attempting to launch the Betas would result in an error. It's kind of forehead-slappingly obvious that the programs themselves wouldn't work unless you had exclusive access, but hey.

Photo credit: Kotaku


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