Games media in portable Xbox world of lies shocker!

Gates speaks, the world gets creative.

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Games media in portable Xbox world of lies shocker!
You may have noticed several sites indicating that a portable Xbox is on the cards over at Microsoft’s Xbox headquarters. We just wanted you to know that this sprang from a conversation about generic technology sizing yesterday, when Gates commented, “It'll be several years, more like three years, before you could do something like an Xbox in a portable factor.”

However, Microsoft is more than likely working on some kind of portable accompaniment to its big black box. It would be stupid not to.

Nintendo has been revelling in the monopoly it etched out for itself for some time now, and the Game Boy Advance SP is a prime example of the increased nervousness shown by the Kyoto company. It is widely believed that Sony is planning a portable PlayStation of sorts, with insiders at the firm openly confirming the existence of the project.

However, it makes the most sense for Microsoft to enter the fray. As well as having the largest cash surplus ever seen, a PDA-based console, with multimedia capabilities would be the perfect sidekick to the Xbox, essentially a multimedia PC in a box.

We are expecting something of substance to be unveiled by either Sony or Microsoft at this year’s E3.

Exciting stuff indeed.


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