Halo Anniversary Getting Kinect Integration

It was only a matter of time.

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Halo Anniversary Getting Kinect Integration
Core gamers, watch out - your precious Halo is the next subject of Microsoft's Kinect motion sensing device. The peripheral will be integrated into the upcoming Halo Anniversary, with voice commands and gesture-based menus included for your flailing pleasure.

Developer 343 Industries outlines three distinct uses for the Kinect in the game. You'll be able to reload your weapon, throw grenades and toggle menu options using your voice; an Analyse mode will let you scan items during single-player mode that will be stored in the Library; and the Library itself is an index that can be navigated using gesture controls.

It seems that the inclusion of Kinect features only serve to be additive to the core experience, without getting in the way of traditional controller-based 'pew pew' shooty time. But how long until it does, eh? How long!?


Dixon 17 Oct 2011 13:54
Some more features aswell dudes http://www.game-modo.com/2011/10/halo-combat-evolved-anniversary.html
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