Microsoft Family Fun: Sadism, Car Theft and Murder

That's what we've got coming this year.

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Fun for all the family.
Fun for all the family.
Microsoft has fed its pre-Xmas, Xbox 360 literature out into a hungry world. It's all fine and interesting stuff telling us all about "The Best Choice Entertainment this Christmas" (that's the 'The Holidays' to our American friends).

We're also told that, "the telephone is dead" and that there are 'five new ways to enjoy music with your Xbox 360".

Most interestingly, we think, we're also given the low-down on the fact that the platform is 'Best for... Playing with family". That page had us wondering exactly what family we're being shown. As you can see from the pic to the right, we've got cuddly old Banjo Kazooie, but apparently your clan might also enjoy carjacking because, "It's not a crime - it's a right. Or at least it is in GTA's anything-goes world of comedy violence. Drive fast cars and slay crooks'n'cops alike..."

All the family are over 18 then? And, apparently psychotic if the next bit of text is anything to go on, "You could be a hero if you wanted. Or you could be a twisted sadist, murdering everyone and working to make the world a worse place. That's the beauty of Fable II, it gives you the choice..."

Rrrright... well, happy Christmas all!


deleted 25 Sep 2008 22:26
me and my family like to gather round the old HDTV and shoot up some gangstas!, oh how we laugh as my daughter uses a AK47 to headshoot those LCPD Officers. ha ha ha.............
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