UK Retail CEO Angered but Confirms $149 Kinect Pricing

Believe the US pricing rumours, apparently - CEO says they're real.

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UK Retail CEO Angered but Confirms $149 Kinect Pricing
UK online retailer ShopTo has opened pre-orders for the Xbox 360 Kinect peripheral - and has urged Microsoft to lower the intended price tag.

The store lists the device at 124.86, with a Recommended Retail Price of 129.99 along with a launch date of 19th November. CEO Igor Cipolletta told Eurogamer that, while these figures are but a mere "placeholder," that Microsoft's rumoured U.S. pricing of $149 is correct and that ShopTo's prices simply reflect that.

Cipolletta said of such intended price points; "It's too high. We believe that with this current economy it should be around 70. For 140 you can buy a Wii." He adds that pre-orders for the device are "very low."

Microsoft has yet to reveal an official price for either the US or UK, but Cipolletta promised that those who pre-ordered the peripheral now will get it for the listed price, regardless of Microsoft's final trade price. That's some guarantee.

The CEO also said he did not expect Microsoft to bundle Kinects with the new Xbox 360 'S' units when the peripheral launches initially, but adds that the company could announce such a move in the future.


marUS 1 Jul 2010 03:28
Microsoft blew it! They want to compete with Nintendo, but how could they with such a high price point. One of the main reason the Wii sells so well is it's cheap introductory price. They're so cheap, I know several people that have two!
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