Xbox Live Now – re-shuffling the beast

Now you can just drop in and chat.

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Xbox Live Now – re-shuffling the beast
Microsoft’s Xbox division has announced some key changes in the way Xbox Live will operate, as part of the firm’s ongoing push to surreptitiously convert the market-leading online gaming offering onto a media delivery and communication tool.

Carrying the title Xbox Live Now, the service will now offer a drop-in-and-chat facility. As you may be aware, until now the service has only offered voice-chat when in a game. This will now be replaced with a general chat area.

There will also be a community driving push, with Live users able to track other users via their GameTag.

Pricing for Xbox Live in the US was also revealed. The annual subscription or renewal fee will be $49.99, though a new $5.99 monthly option is available. Microsoft also announced that a complete version of Mech Assault will be bundled with the Starter Kit and Communicator.

We’ll bring you European details as they break.


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