Halo 3: E3 Screens Inside

E3 press barrage begins

Posted by Staff
Microsoft brings on more of its E3 goodness for your cheeky 'I should be doing some work but I'm not' pleasure. In this case we have some new screens and artwork from Halo 3.

SPOnG was remarking just two days ago how it was nice to see a bit of the Great Outdoors in Half Life 2: Episode 2 after months trudging around dingy alleys and post-apocalyptic landscapes in first person shooter land. Granted, that was never likely to be the case for Halo 3, but these woody screens give SPOnG a sense of Zen tranquility. Clearly Microsoft has been listening to us.

Also released by Microsoft was an updated Halo 3 fact sheet, which you can read here.

Using all our best Columbo moves SPOnG got ourselves a sneaky first peek at the conference floor yesterday. You can look at what we saw right here. Keep your eyes cast this way for all the latest E3 news as it happens.

You can get all the latest news and images for Halo 3 on SPOnG's dedicated game page.


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