Kameo and Viva Piñata DS-bound?

“Makes a lot of sense" says Microsoft’s Shane Kim

Posted by Staff
Microsoft-owned Rare could well be bringing its recent 360 smash-hits Viva Pinata and/or Kameo to Nintendo’s DS, according to (one of) Microsoft’s (million) vice presidents, Shane Kim.

Kim told an interviewer at the D.I.C.E. conference last week that, "A Kameo or a Viva Pinata on a DS makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways from a franchise perspective… I think it's fair to say that we're going to continue to invest in (Viva Pinata)…whether that is in the form of a sequel, a product line extension or through merchandising, whatever the case may be, that's something that we're going to stick with."

Kim cheekily: "Whether you're talking about (publishing games on) mobile or the DS - you probably won't see it on the PSP, though."

Strange, yet hardly a surprising revelation, considering that Rare has recently released the N64 classic Diddy Kong Racing on the DS.

Plus, watch out for the hugely successful Viva Pinata TV show to launch in Europe sometime very soon, when the property shifts from being ‘an intriguing and charming little game for kids’ into ‘a major new phenomenon’ as it already has done Stateside.

† OK, he’s Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios.


OptimusP 13 Feb 2007 17:30
Good call, keep Rare on a N64-level technology platform. i wonder if Nintendo gets a cut from this too?
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