Win an Xbox development kit!

They really are just giving one away...

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Aw! They scrawled all over it
Aw! They scrawled all over it
Crazy old Microsoft is giving away an Xbox development kit for no apparent reason.

“This beauty is from the days before we had actual Xbox consoles to develop on, when early Xbox games were prototyped on a highly-customised PC platform,” said Jeff Henshaw, Executive Producer, XDK. “The Xbox team had these systems custom-built to match the eventual Xbox platform as closely as possible while the actual Xbox GPU and other components were still under development. Not only did this generate a true collectable from Xbox history, but a darn nice - and cool looking - computer at the same time. The system includes”

Intel 733 MHz Pentium III
Intel VC820 motherboard
NV15 with 64MB DDR (250MHz core, 183MHz memory)
20 GB HD
6x DVD drive
Intel Pro/100 MB Ethernet card
Microsoft mouse
Microsoft keyboard
Xircom USB Card
2 Game pads

Pretty cool of them to do this we think. Head over to for your chance to win!


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