Japanese Video Game Chart: Remasters of the Universe

Monster Hunter dominates charts on a whole new platform.

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Japanese Video Game Chart: Remasters of the Universe
Sony launched its PSP Remaster series in Japan last week with the HD release of Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd - and it’s absolutely smashing the Japanese Video Game Software Chart (courtesy Media Create, week ending 28th August 2011) with nearly 290,000 units sold in its first few days of sale.

1 Monster Hunter Portable 3rd - HD Version – Capcom (PS3) – 287,829 / NEW
2 Black Rock Shooter - THE GAME – Image Epoch (PSP) – 105,277 / NEW
3 Mobile Suit Gundam: New Gihren’s Ambition – Namco Bandai (PSP) – 75,611 / NEW
4 Sengoku Musou 3 Empires – Tecmo Koei (PS3) – 70,254 / NEW
5 Dynasty Warriors 6 Special – Tecmo Koei (PSP) – 25,308 / NEW
6 Rhythm Heaven for Everyone – Nintendo (Wii) – 25,063
7 Monster Hunter Diary: Poke Poke Airu Village – Capcom (PSP) – 23,151
8 Atsumete! Kirby – Nintendo (DS) – 18,901
9 Super Pokemon Rumble – Nintendo (3DS) – 15,764
10 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Nintendo (3DS) – 13,423

The revamped social battler has also given the PlayStation 3 a lift in hardware sales over the last week too, which was also aided by solid sales of Tecmo Koei’s Sengoku Musou 3 Empires. The Top 10 is very much Sony territory, with the PSP getting a lot of love with Black Rock Shooter, a new Gundam game and a reworking of Dynasty Warriors 6. Because why not, eh?

In the hardware chart, the Nintendo 3DS is still sat at the top of the pile with over 60,000 units sold this week, but the Wii has seen a sharp drop of nearly 7,000 units - probably because everyone’s become a bit bored with Wii Sports Resort. Despite some healthy software representation, the PSP has also seen a dip in sales.

Hardware Chart - Home Console
PS3: 33,141 (29,666)
Wii: 11,342 (18,256)
360: 1,393 (1,427)
PS2: 1,580 (1,789)

Hardware Chart - Handheld
3DS: 60,781 (105,639)
PSP: 31,310 (40,888)
DSi LL: 3,235 (4,329)
DSi: 2,384 (3,585)
DS Lite: 110 (117)
PSP Go: 20 (13)


PaulRayment 5 Sep 2011 09:39
Sold 20 PSP Gos last week? LOL

Is it made that the 360 is out sold by the PS2 in Japan or that consumers buy the 360 in Europe? I have a 360 but that was because I went from the old Xbox up to a PS3 and it was over priced for me. But looking at the PS3 now, it really does offer a better 'experience' than the 360 - in America it's different as XBL has MUCH more to offer over there.

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