Xbox 360 Messes with Walmart Mojo

Demo consoles make American retailer's systems go haywire.

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Xbox 360 Messes with Walmart Mojo
According to anecdotal reports emanating from the US, the Xbox 360 is so advanced that it rebels against the very environment that tries to contain it. Many people have been excited to see the new machine imprisoned in pods at Walmart stores, but their glee soon turns to disappointment when they realise the consoles are never switched on.

The reason is - apparently - because the entertainment system somehow interferes with the handheld scanners used at the stores. So itís a sort of double-edged sword Ė if you like the 360 after playing it, you canít buy it; or you can buy it, you just canít try it first. Here in England, pods with new consoles in them never seem to work anyway: whatís all that about?

American readers, does your Walmart have functioning Xbox 360s in it? Jump in your 5.0 and get over there and look. Stop at the ĎDrive Thruí on the way if you like. Then report back here!


rob dahl 25 Oct 2005 15:40
The 360 at my wallmart does not work but it is switched on. It displays some sort of Connection error. I asumed its what pops up when the controller is unplugged or something along that lines.
brandon_r87 25 Oct 2005 23:31
the 360 at my wal-mart works fine, but the tv they put it on is utter crap. its on a widescreen "hdtv" lcd tv. the problem with it is that shows little artifacts of colors blending and fuzziness is all over, all the time. plus they put the screen about 8 feet high, facing down so you have to stand directly under it and look straight up. i played call of duty 2 demo for half a hour and my neck was almost locked upward when i left. i have better tvs at home and i don't have widescreen, or hdtv, just the old standard analog tvs.
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