Natal Under Fifty Quid in November 2010

Five million units for the first day.

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Natal Under Fifty Quid in November 2010
Remember when rumours abounded that Natal would cost 'as much as an Xbox 360 Elite' and we cast doubt on that? Well, it now appears that the following is the reality.

Pithily, MCV's Michael French reports the details as: "November 2010 release, 5m units global ship, 14 games, and super-low sub-50 price."

Apparently, the news comes following a "behind-closed-doors Microsoft tour of UK publishers and studios". The device will appear both as a standalone item and bundled with a console and, we presume, games.

According to the report, "The device should cost under 50 when sold solo. One publishing source says Microsoft is 'trying to get as close as possible to 'impulse buy''. Another even says the camera could even retail for just 30."

Given that this is all true, ou've got the give it to Michael Pachter for once as well, he did indeed call the price, or thereabouts. Pachter's opinion is that the PS3 motion controller will clock in a at a substantially higher price.

THQ's CEO Brian Farrell also nailed the release window.


h8 11 Nov 2009 11:26
Massive fail.
PaulRayment 11 Nov 2009 12:16
I'd pay triple that so nice work (if true).

But Novermber next year? That seems so far off. I assume this is for software as the hardware seems pretty tied up.

I wonder what else will be going on in a year, especially with regards to the Wii.

Will there be a new SKU with Blue Ray?

Do punters want Blue Ray more than Natal?

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Joji 11 Nov 2009 12:54
Natal is ready for sale, I just think MS need time, for devs to build some cool games to help push it. To put it out there to soon could create another failed device. Smart move, and I'm prepared to wait, even at that reasonable price. They'll want something as strong as Wii Fit, to help Natal sell, something which I'm sure MS won't make themselves.

Now if MS could lower their hard drive prices, and everything would be cool.
Way 23 Nov 2009 01:24
Right pricing. Wish they could offer 360 arcade so that you can use USB memory stick (and SD card slot) as storage, or at least have space for a user installed drive.
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