Xbox One - Kinect Game Save Problem Arises

Reviews of the hardware beginning to show some cracks

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Xbox One - Kinect Game Save Problem Arises
Beware a 'good competitive' friend, the Xbox One and its Kinect if feedback on Microsoft's new console is anything to go on - we're expecting ours in the office this very week.

The Xbox One has had a troubled history - with the Don Mattrick heavy-on-TV light-on-games screw-ups to begin with and then the fact that you can't buy one without Kinect. But then this.

"If you're playing one game and switch to another one, the first game you were playing quits. There's no warning, no "You are about to quit this game, all unsaved progress will be lost. Proceed?" Nothing like that. It's unceremonious and immediate. If you want to get your roommate's goat, wait until he's about to win a race in Forza, then yell "Xbox! Go to Dead Rising 3!" The Xbox will immediately switch apps, and he'll lose all of his race progress. Yikes."

So says Kotaku at least. But they also say, "The Xbox One can recognize you, and you can set it to sign you into Xbox Live the moment it sees you. This is a terrific idea, particularly for families with multiple console users who all have different apps and saved settings.

"But in practice, the facial recognition is a touch inconsistent and sometimes annoying. Sometimes I'd have to rearrange myself in my room to get it to see me, which entirely defeats the point of an effortless, automatic sign-in. This morning, I sat down alone at my TV and for some reason the Kinect thought it saw my girlfriend somewhere in the room. She was not in the room.

"Another time, the camera recognized her when she came into the room and switched to her profile, forcing me to manually switch back in order to get access to my game-saves or pinned apps. I relayed that story to a Microsoft rep, who told me that my Xbox wasn't supposed to do that; it was a bug. So again, maybe that won't happen to anyone else. Or maybe it's a bug that'll linger for a while."



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