Xbox Live is dated by Microsoft

Can a dedicated broadband gaming network change the world? Yes, it probably can.

Posted by Staff
Xbox Live is, as this standfirst suggests, the world’s first dedicated broadband gaming service for home video game consoles.

It will see its first launch in the US on November 15 when Microsoft hopes to sign up all Xbox gamers with broadband access. Microsoft has stated that 5,000 retailers across the country have already placed orders for the Xbox Live Starter Kit.

The Starter Kit, costing $49.95, includes a year’s subscription to the Xbox Live network and an Xbox Communicator, the headset then enables real-time dialogue with other users, both in-game and in chat set-ups. Also included is a ‘basic game’ that will enable adopters of the technology to play online without having to immediately buy a full-price title.

Xbox live in the US will launch with six titles, namely Unreal Championship, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, NFL 2K3, NBA 2K3, Whacked! and NFL Fever 2003 with many more to follow. Microsoft will be implementing its after-market support option to all Xbox publishers, a system that will see games makers release online add-on discs for existing software.

Stay tuned for Xbox Live European details as they break.


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