Japan Hardware: PS3 Torne A New One

Digital video recorder and Yakuza 4 pumps up sales.

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Japan Hardware: PS3 Torne A New One
With a little help from Kazuma Kiryu, the PlayStation 3 manages to leapfrog ahead of the Wii this week in the Japanese Hardware Charts (15th - 21st March 2010, courtesy Media Create). Of course, we say 'a little', because a lot of the attention surrounded the TV recording device Torne.

Home Console
PS3: 50,164 (26,481)
Wii: 31,101 (31,460)
360: 2,419 (2,668)
PS2: 1,711 (1,825)

PSP: 38,017 (39,125)
DSi LL: 20,765 (21,604)
DSi: 14,256 (13,581)
DS Lite: 3,953 (3,920)
PSP Go: 1,491 (1,191)

(Previous week's unit sales in brackets for comparison)

Working a bit like the UK's own PlayTV, Torne allows Japanese users to record shows onto the hard drive to watch later. And it was a surprising hit, selling 62,000 units in the same week as this chart. Although much less than the 384,000 copies of Yakuza 4, the lure of having a console as a DVR was no doubt a contributing factor to the PS3's success.

Oddly enough, the only other platform to see a sales increase this week was the floundering PSP Go, which managed to better its last number by 300 units. I guess the poor little thing was due a break one of these days.

It's a drop in sales for everything else though, with the lure of Gundam not pushing enough people to buy a PSP 3000 and Wii sales maintaining the 31,000 mark. Nintendo's announcement of a 3DS perhaps could not have come at a better time for its handheld platform, with the DS family appearing to have hit its peak some time ago.


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