Peter Moore has a Rare Squirm

Tries to make nice with Microsoft

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Peter Moore
Peter Moore
Following an epic news week for Peter Moore, the EA Sports head has written an 'epilogue' for an interview he did with Keith Stuart of The Guardian - which was widely read in the industry. The epilogue reads very much like three chunky paragraphs wrapping one positive comment regarding UK devs, Rare. A justification of his previous comments in the interview that Rare was past its sell-by date when Microsoft purchased it.

The comments were included in a five-part interview published by The Guardian - one that saw Moore grabbing headlines across the gaming press. In his squirmy 'epilogue' Moore basically goes on for three paragraphs about how great Microsoft is (etc, etc, etc) and slips in the words, "I worked with a team of people so special and so near and dear to my heart, that not a day goes by where I don't miss them in some way. Same with our studios the flair and creativity of Rare..."

EA and Moore apparently didn't know the interview would be published in full. Keith Stuart, notes, "EA have reacted very favourably and with considerable understanding. However, Peter has asked if I run a final word from him, which I think - under the circumstances - is entirely fair." Translation - 'EA was barely mentioned, so it didn't care, but one of the most important men in gaming kicked my ass so I had to let him publish this.''

Throughout the interview, Moore was largely favourable about the majority of Microsoft, which makes it look very much like he wanted to cover himself over the Rare comments. The digest of those original comments goes as follows - "we were trying all kinds of classic Rare stuff and unfortunately I think the industry had passed Rare by it's a strong statement but what they were good at, new consumers didn't care about anymore... Great people. But their skillsets were from a different time and a different place and were not applicable in today's market.

Oopsie! Looks like having to face getting 'rolled over' by handlers if he said the wrong thing while he was at Microsoft had some advantages...

Source: The Guardian


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