Xbox Live Integrated into Windows 8

Will run on tablets and PCs.

Posted by Staff
Xbox Live Integrated into Windows 8
Well Games for Windows didn't quite work, did it? Luckily for PC owners, Microsoft is giving it another go - and properly this time, as Xbox Live will be integrated into the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

The news came via the blog of Microsoft mouthpiece Larry Hryb, and naturally everyone at the team is "very excited" about the prospect. You should be, too. It's all part of bringing "your games, music, movies and TV shows to your favourite Microsoft and Windows devices," don't you know.

No concrete details were given as to how the integration would work, but if we were betting men we would hazard a guess that it would be slapped into Windows 8's tablet-friendly interface. Xbox 360s will be getting a system update soon that will transform the console's dashboard into a selection of boxes, akin to the current style of Windows Phone 7.


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