Truth Break: PS4 and Xbox One Overheating

Rumours of high heat next gen consoles are already leaking out. But are they true?

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Truth Break: PS4 and Xbox One Overheating
Both Sony and Microsoft release new consoles this month with the PS4 and Xbox One both competing for wallets the world over. So, the disinformation campaigns that both companies are using against each other but which both deny are also happening.

Sadly for both, rumours of over-heating consoles in the possession of developers are floating around the Internet. Rather than counter-acting each other, they have been planting doubts in the minds of consumers. Or could they be true?

Well, Dualshockers asked a few developers and came up with:

Switchblade Monkeys Creative Director Yousuf Mapara working on Secret Ponchos: "We’ve been using a bunch of dev kits. They’ve been on almost all the time, sometimes even over night. They’ve always stayed cool, never even gotten warm so It has never suggested the threat of a problem. We have had no problems with any of the dev kits throughout development."

This would confirmed by another unnamed dev who said, "None of our devkits, either PS4 or Xbox One, had any overheating problems. We have so many and we use them so much that if there was any big issue we’d have probably noticed something, but no, they all worked and still work like a charm."

Source: DualShockers


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