Xbox Live "Mad Mod" and the Microsoft Response

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Xbox Live "Mad Mod" and the Microsoft Response
So, apparently there's a power-crazed moderator (called The Pro) rushing around Xbox Live permbanning people and not caring if they complain as far up the chain of command as "Jesus". Well, so apparently says the video at the bottom of this story.

Or, there are some Xbox Live users with modded consoles who like to heavily edit videos of a mod coming to his rag-end and banning people... with modded consoles. This is the way that Microsoft's Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE, Stephen Toulouse would prefer to see it.

First the video, which contains some 'out of synch' audio due to the maker's capture card going 'crazy'.

Now Microsoft's Responses:
"Yes I've seen the heavily edited video of The Pro. He was policing 10th prestige MW2 modding which results in gold account and console ban."

"While I will speak to him about his tone, the audio is clearly recut to omit the threats and ToU violations the others were saying to him."

"I did enjoy the the explanation about the audio being totally off/1 sided cause his "capture card went crazy" when its clear it was edited"

"Regardless I will certainly speak to The Pro about his tone. The console banning statements he made were about 10th prestige and GS modding...

"which these kids had been doing over and over and over, which can result in bans for the gold and consoles. They left that part out. :>"

"Not going to link to the video, the person who posted it edited out how hard they were provoking The Pro so it deserves no link love/views."

"Wow tracking my @ reply stream, you guys woulda said worse! I spoke to The Pro and he's certainly regretful about the tone. (cont)...

"We try to do our job protecting the service dispassionately. His comments about console banning were out of context and referred to modding."

"Case closed, thanks for bringing it to my attention!"

So, a bunch of whiny kids editing video to show themselves in the best possible light? Or some incredibly over-the-top power-craziness from the Microsoft Mod? Or both? To the Forum please.


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