Xbox One: Major UK Retailer Stops Day One Pre-Orders

Also no guarantees on day one standard edition

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Xbox One: Major UK Retailer Stops Day One Pre-Orders
As expected by anybody who has ever seen a new console launch, Xbox One Day One pre-orders are all done at the UK's GAME videogame chain of shops.

Basically, it's always a good idea to throttle short-term supply of new consoles in order to increase the apparent rarity in order to create the marketing golden fairy power dust that is 'Word of Mouth of Early Adopters'. It happens every single time... here's GAME's take:

Why can I no longer preorder the Xbox One Day One Edition?
Unfortunately, we have now reached our limit for Xbox One Day One Edition console preorders.

Can I still preorder an Xbox One console?
Yes, the standard edition console is still available to order, although we can no longer guarantee you will receive yours on launch day. As soon as we can confirm when the standard edition is available we’ll let you all know."

Don't worry though, we're betting that by Day Seven (the least mentioned of days) there will be loads around the place.

Source: GAME


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