Sega looks to EA, Microsoft as a way out of Sammy?

Speculation rife as merger seems increasingly unlikely.

Posted by Staff
Sega looks to EA, Microsoft as a way out of Sammy?
According to a report in the respected financial paper Asia Wall Street Journal, both Electronic Arts and Microsoft are in discussions with Sega, looking to buy the firm before the previously announced merger with Sammy can take place.

The report says that although there have been no formal discussions, talks have been taking place. What’s more, Microsoft has approached at least one investment bank asking for it to look into the best way of acquiring all or part of the firm.

Though nothing is clear at this moment, a deal with Microsoft or EA must surely be preferable to merging with Sammy, which is not the most respected company in the industry by any means.

No matter, the world’s markets saw a ray of truth in the story, with a spree of buying leaving Sega’s share up 13.9% within a day.


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