Microsoft Still Refuses to Clarify Launch Figures

Looks like the Xbox is going to sell out quicker than the US first thought. Half the originally forecast number of units ready to go? Surely not.

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Microsoft Still Refuses to Clarify Launch Figures
In what must be seen as one of the strangest decisions in videogame history, Microsoft is still refusing to state how many Xbox consoles it will have available for American launch.

With the launch a little over a week away, Microsoft initially promised between 600,000 and 800,000 units when it unveiled the console earlier this year. Microsoft then announced that it would be reviewing the figure and would make another announcement about initial shipping figures. This never happened.

This has fuelled speculation that as little as 300,000 will be ready on time. Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft said, “The important number is not how many units will be available on one particular day, but how many will be available to gamers and retailers throughout the holiday season. With its manufacturing facility in Guadalajara, Flextronics is able to produce 100,000 units per week at full speed, and there will be between 1 and 1.5 million Xbox units available this holiday season."

Evasive stuff we are sure you will agree! We’ll bring you full coverage of the Xbox US launch next week.


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