Xbox 2 GDC claims finally debunked

E3 splash replaces solo sneak

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Xbox 2 GDC claims finally debunked
Following almost a year of intense speculation, it has come to light that the Xbox 2 or Xenon will not be seen at this year’s Games Developers Conference, due to take place in San Jose in March of this year.

Microsoft reps have moved to debunk the escalating chatter, which followed claims from some media corners of absolute proof that the second generation Microsoft home machine would make a show-stopping appearance.

It would seem that, complete with its more advanced hardware development, software line-up and enhanced online services, all of which are ready to launch later this year, the Redmond Windows company believes its superior levels of tangibility will simply overpower the competition.

For reference, the Xbox 2 is set to be shown to a whooping public at this year’s E3 conference, slated for May.



config 2 Feb 2005 14:10
"Microsoft reps have moved to debunk the escalating chatter" ...

So the Xenon WILL be at GDC, then!

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