Xbox 360 Elite to Cost £330 in UK

That’s £70 less than new PS3 bundle folks

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Xbox 360 Elite to Cost £330 in UK
Retailers HMV, Play and GAME have all agreed on a price of £330 for the Xbox 360 Elite in the UK when it releases on 24th August.

The Elite offers a 100Gb hard drive size increase up to a whopping 120Gb, with the addition of an HDMI video out port and extra video-on-demand functionality, in time for the video-on-demand 360 service launching in Europe before Christmas.

Meanwhile Sony’s new European PS3 bundle has arrived in the UK – offering two Sixaxis controllers and two additional games from Sony’s first-party offering, with online retailers Play and Amazon already having slashed the price of the bundle to under £400, throwing in a free HDMI cable or, in some cases, a free copy of Genji (we, of course think means, Genji: Days of Blade).

Let us know in the Forum if you think both or either packs represent real value for money.


deleted 18 Jul 2007 13:00
see, sony this is how you do it, see,

well done good price and it means around end of november a price drop will be in order, drop the core pack altogether, get the premium to £199.99 and get the elite to 249.99, although i wont be replacing my premium for an elite im happy enough, but i may do when my current 360 frazzles for good but i dont want it black i like white.

off subject a little we have a white one a black one and ltd halo and simpsons ones, what colour do you think is next? my money is on a crystal.
Alvis 18 Jul 2007 13:01
a whopping 120MB

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deleted 18 Jul 2007 13:07
haritori wrote:
see, sony this is how you do it, see,

just received a call from sony themselfs!

ring ring

Haritori - "hello"

Sony - "Hi are you the one who left a message on spong forum about the elite price drop and gloated about it?"

Haritori - "Yes"

Sony- "Well no one likes a gloater, do they Ken"?

Ken- "No"

Sony "Seee"

Joji 18 Jul 2007 13:26
No one would have to gloat if Sony would pull their finger out, grow some balls and drop their price to a reasonable level. Last time a console cost so much it was the bleedin Saturn. We didn't ask for Blu Ray, they shoved it in because they want to sell films.

Now its time for them to feel more pain until they learn from it. I happily rub salt n' lime in their open but self inflicted wounds, til they sort this situation out properly.

Well done MS, glad to see some are thinking reasonably. Now watch closely over the next few months as 360 and Wii sales go through the roof.
LUPOS 18 Jul 2007 14:32
haritori wrote:
off subject a little we have a white one a black one and ltd halo and simpsons ones, what colour do you think is next? my money is on a crystal.

Seeing as how just inside that nice white exterior is a big metal box with some holes in it I don't think crystal would really be terribly interesting.


is kind of cool but has replaced a great deal of metal with acrylic to make it interesting.
SuperSaiyan4 18 Jul 2007 14:57
The article is wrong.

Its not 100mb its 100GB and not 120mb its 120GB!
Bentley 18 Jul 2007 15:01
Weird that people are gloating about this so-called "great" price.

I'd much, much rather pay £400 for a 60GB PS3- which includes a blu-ray player, and is effectively tomorrow's console technology today- than £330 for a 360 Elite which is blatantly crippled by the lack of no HD disc player, and is soon to be yesterday's technology once PS3 hits full stride. £70 is not that massive a price difference when we are in that range anyway. Especially when we are talking about a console that has been out for a while and has been beset by hardware problems. Best save that £330 towards a PS3 if you have any sense of forward-thinking.
hollywooda 18 Jul 2007 15:14
Now you see Bentley, the problem is people want to buy a games console to play games on today!! not in a years time!. plus with the HD war not being won either way it could be
the blu-ray player in your PS£ thats become the redundant hardware. Until the PS3 proves itself as a games console, for me it can carry on collecting dust, I've got soooo many good games coming to my 360, i doubt i'd even have time to play a PS3.
LUPOS 18 Jul 2007 15:29
Bentley wrote:
tomorrow's console technology today

Heehehehehehehe. You've got to be kidding me. Rob Popeil everybody!
Joji 18 Jul 2007 15:46
Truth is Bentley, no one really gives a stuff about Blu Ray until it takes off convincingly at a decent price. You still need a HD set up to getnb the best of even if you have a PS3.

Another bit of truth is Sony could have left Blu Ray alone out of PS3, until people have got their fill of DVD5 and 9. Unfortunately they've now focused on a format war that doesn't have anything to do with games but films, a different freaking industry. It was fine with PS2 as that was the first step into dvd, with which many superb games are still being made.

Buy a PS3? Do that if you have the loot lad, what you fail to miss is that Sony are in third place and thus shouldn't be dictating prices to us. £330 I could buy a PS3 for, but Sony are too greedy, even some developers have said so.
ultimateassmonkey 18 Jul 2007 15:53
I'm still happy with my DVD collection of movies... I don't want to re-purchase them or anything else for that matter! They work, look good still, why upgrade now?!
RIPRAW 18 Jul 2007 21:35
It's seems like poor value to me. Just the other day you could pick up a 360 Premium + Call Of Duty 3 for £200 at Toys R' Us instore (seriously!)

I realise £330 is the RRP, and better value packs may be released at the time, but at this moment - £150 for HDMI output and a bigger hard drive seems ludicrous.

I'd buy a premium or wait for the smaller chipped 360's next year.
deleted 18 Jul 2007 22:25
maybe toysrus are doing an offer, but the SRP is 279.99 so really for HDMI & 100GB, your are paying an extra £50.00, So really its not so bad and once game and gamestation etc start to offer deals like they do now that will eventually include 2 games and extra controller for £330.00 so really its a brilliant deal.
Joji 19 Jul 2007 16:51
'Wow, what a difference, come shop at Toys R Us.'

That's a sweet ass price.
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