Rumour: Microsoft to Unveil New Xbox at E3 2012

Oh look, it's non-committal star-gazing time.

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Rumour: Microsoft to Unveil New Xbox at E3 2012
Here we go then. Someone's dad's uncle's cousin's brother's dog has been talking about the next Microsoft console, with a report claiming that the company will be unveiling the new machine at E3 2012.

BGR has a "source with knowledge of Microsoft's plans within the company's Entertainment and Devices Division," but apparently "is not aware of Microsoft's launch plans" for the new console, which has apparently been in development since 2006. OK then.

Of course, Microsoft and Sony unveiling their next generation machines next year is pretty much a certainty, so this 'source' could really be some guy stating the bleeding obvious. But there could still be some soothsaying powers in this person yet. What do you think of the chances of a new Xbox unveil at E3 next year, readers?


captainpugwash 29 Jun 2011 20:55
Hopefully not, as I am on my 3'rd Xbox 360 and I would like to get another few years out of my slim Xbox. Nintendo might have caught Microsoft with their trousers down by announcing their new console at this years E3 and they might be trying tempt users at next years E3 with their shiny new Xbox to just wait a little while to try and stop people buying the Nintendo by saying "look at the shiny, look at the shiny, our Xbox is not just shinier, it is the shiniest"
Tone 30 Jun 2011 03:37
Motion is the big thing [apparently, wouldn't know myself] , with the wii u it does seem that nintendo has moved away slightly. kinect being less than a year old will influence when MS releases the new console, but i don't doubt a "preview" at E3. lets play "speculate its features" yay i reckon bigger hard drive [obviously] going back to white or silver and xbox controllers having built in memory so that gamers go round friends houses with their data on their controller. if that idea has not been suggested i patent it now :P
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