Play Xbox Live Against Olivia Wilde

Posted by Staff
If you've ever wanted to beat a celebrity at a video game, then the release of TRON: Evolution might be the event for you. Hop into Xbox Live on Sunday 5th December from 11:45am and you might be playing against actress Olivia Wilde on virtual light cycles.

Why Olivia Wilde? Well, she plays as Quorra in the upcoming TRON: Legacy film, you see. Makes sense.

She won't just be offering herself willy nilly to the world, however - if you fancy your chances of playing against her, you'll need to have an Xbox Live Gold account, a copy of TRON: Evolution on Xbox 360 and to register your interest at before Saturday 4th December.

You can also use that email address to send any questions to Olivia, that she'll answer in a special 'fan Q&A' event taking place before the gaming session. Just don't make them too creepy, eh?


PaulRayment 3 Dec 2010 12:08
Wonder if they will turn on cam/kinect chat for something like this? Be a good bit of promo otherwise it could be anyone you're playing against.

And yes, yum indeed.
Lucky# 15 Dec 2010 00:49
Ah 13, we House viewers miss you. So beautiful she makes me wanna cryk
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