PlayStation 3 to be Brought Forward as XBox Rattles Sony

The next next generation?

Posted by Staff
In a recent interview, Sony President and Chief Executive Kunitake Ando made some interesting remarks about how Sony was going to react to the Xbox entering the market place. Kunitake said that the Xbox, coming equipped with a hard-drive and Ethernet adapter as standard, could jeopardise the future viability of the PlayStation business model.

"The biggest threat to the PlayStation2 is that the Xbox changes the industry's life cycle," he said when asked his opinion of the Microsoft machine. When asked about his thoughts on the GameCube, the Sony boss seemed a little complacent. "Nintendo's GameCube has been a disappointment in Japan, they have sold only a third of what they had hoped," he said. "The PlayStation2 is viewed by gamers as the games console to own."

Kunitake Ando then confirmed something quite surprising. Development for PlayStation 3 has been brought forward. Sony has announced deals with Toshiba and IBM to create PS3 technologies, in deals worth around $400 million. It was also confirmed that the new chipset that will be used in its next console will be fundamentally different from previous consoles, and will be specially designed to deliver broadband gaming.

More PlayStation 3 news as we get it.


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