Microsoft Patents Automated DLC Purchases

It's not as evil as it sounds, don't worry.

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Microsoft Patents Automated DLC Purchases
Microsoft has filed a patent for the ability to automatically purchase and install downloadable content without disrupting your "Xbox Live Party experience".

Instead of interrupting whatever you're doing and heading to the Xbox Live Marketplace, the system would keep you in your Party while offering the option to buy new DLC. Of course, you don't have to.

Here's the description from the patent filing; "An automated direct transaction and delivery system for digital content ("ATDDC") provides for automated detection of missing digital content or resources required for a player or participant to participate in a multimedia application in either a single player or multiplayer environment is described.

"The ATDDC automatically detects that a player may not have installed particular required content or that a title update is required in order to participate in a media session or video game. Upon detection of missing content or resources the ATDDC provides direct bid to purchase the content or resources, provides for automatic download, installation and configuration of the content while allowing the player to remain in contact with other players within a party."

Smart, eh? According to the filing - and using a racing game as an example - Microsoft argue that the alternative to this system would be players accepting invites, seeing error messages, exiting games, locating correct DLC packs, purchasing and downloading said packs, before initiating another game invite to the same game that may have already started. Sounds like a good circumvention of hard work if you ask us.

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