Japanese Xbox Back on Track as Sales Resume

Major Japanese retail chains Loax and Sakuraya have announced that they will be resuming sales of Microsoft’s Xbox console and related goods.

Posted by Staff
Japanese Xbox Back on Track as Sales Resume
Loax and Sakuraya halted Xbox sales following consumer complaints that hardware units were scratching discs. Both retailers made no comment as to why the machines have been put back on sale, though it’s likely that Microsoft’s new softly-softly approach to complaints has helped.

Without issuing a recall, Microsoft Japan stated that it would be happy to investigate, and make good, any instances of damage to software due to defective hardware.

This news will come as a welcome to break to Microsoft’s Xbox division as it heads towards its European launch this Thursday. A settled Japanese market place should act as a pacifier for any prospective European consumers that were unsettled by problems in Japan.

Stay tuned for full European coverage later this week.


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