Six more developers sign up for the Xbox

Everyone wants an Xbox (dev-kit)

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Six more developers sign up for the Xbox
The support for Microsoft’s hot new console grows stronger by the day. These new developers are not just third parties, companies that will release titles for the Xbox, but second parties, which means the games will be published under the Microsoft label.

The new developers include Blitz, the maker of hit games such as Frogger 2 and Chicken Run.

Curly Monsters, a company whose employees are mostly ex-Psygnosis staff and have NGEN racing under their belts.

Double Fine Productions whose portfolio includes award-winning software like Grim Fandango and Full Throttle.

Radical Entertainment has developed games for Electronic Arts, Sony and Sega, and is also a new second party for Microsoft. Some of their recent titles include MTV Snowboarding, NBA Basketball 2000 and Independence Day.

Vision Scape Interactive have designed video games for next-generation platforms from Sony and Sega. Twisted Metal 3 and Everquest are both Vision games.

Yeti Interactive is the last company to be announced by Microsoft. Several of the key members of Yeti worked on the hugely successful Rayman and Rayman 2.

"These artists have ambitions of delivering games that push the bounds of what's possible in video gaming, making them a perfect fit for Xbox," said Ed Fries, vice president of Xbox games publishing at Microsoft. "As their publisher, Microsoft will support them with technical support, testing, marketing and distribution power while the artists focus on bringing their imaginations to life on Xbox."

It is more than likely that most of the aforementioned games will make a reappearance on the Xbox in form or another. The smart money is on an ‘X’ being placed after the game titles.


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