Rare: "We Have a Sense of Humour" on 'New' Killer Instinct

Banjo character says 'Yes'. Developers confirm nothing.

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Rare: "We Have a Sense of Humour" on 'New' Killer Instinct
The developers at Rare, cads that they are, have teased that some of their back catalogue might be making a comeback. Specifically, an utterance from L.O.G., the games master in the just-released Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, has hinted that new projects tied to Killer Instinct, Battletoads, Jet Force Gemini and Grabbed by the Ghoulies are all in the works.

You can see a screen showing the proclamation to the right of this very story. Of course, after mentioning Ghoulies 2, L.O.G. does go on to say, "Oh, you'll never believe that. I've ruined my own humorous jape." Grabbed by the Ghoulies, it must be said, failed to set the world on fire and probably isn't quite so high on fans list of Rare franchises they want to re-visit as, say, the venerable Killer Instinct.

So, what does Rare have to say on the subject? "We are Rare, we do have a sense of humour", the developer's community manager, George Kelion, told SPOnG. Is that a denial? Putting the thumbscrews on pushed him back into faceless corporo-mode. "We don't comment on rumour and speculation", came the oft-uttered phrase.

Which doesn't mean there's no hope! Gregg Mayles, the creative director on Banjo Kazooie, recently said, "If someone came up with some revolutionary idea for a new fighting game, yeah, we might think of resurrecting Killer Instinct." So, there remains a glimmer of hope...

Adding weight to the thought that we wouldn't just get an Xbox Live release, a la the first Banjo, Rare studio manager Mark Betteridge recently remarked, "There wouldn't be a halfway house," remarked Betteridge. "If we did Killer Instinct, it would look like and play like Killer Instinct coin-op. If there were a new Killer Instinct, it would be completely new".

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