Rumour: Ghost Recon Future Soldier To Be Natal-Enabled?

Controller in one hand, flailing commands with the other.

Posted by Staff
Rumour: Ghost Recon Future Soldier To Be Natal-Enabled?
Who fancies a bit of motion control with their Ghost Recon? A rumour from French website JeuxVideo suggests that Ubisoft will be implementing support for Project Natal in upcoming sequel, Future Soldier.

According to the report, the game will come with a "special game mode" that will "benefit from recognition of [player] movements." It is noted that such a mode won't be a hands-free experience, which adds weight to the idea that, if true, we may be using a spare hand to command units whilst holding an Xbox 360 pad.

Sounds plausible, but we think we'll sit on this one until it's been confirmed to some degree by either Ubisoft or Microsoft. If any time for an announcement on this is good, it's E3 though, so don't hold your breath for any near-future confirmation.


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