Bungie in Creepy Cold Storage Giveaway

Legendary map pack gets price cut

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Bungie in Creepy Cold Storage Giveaway
It's July 7th, that makes it Bungie Day. Bungie Day means free stuff. The free stuff in question this year is a new multi-player map for Halo 3, along with a couple of other tidbits.

The map on offer this year is 'Cold Storage'. It's inspired by 'Chill Out', which was originally found in Halo: Combat Evolved. Here's how Bungie describes it - "The Cold Storage facility was once a vibrant, active research center on Installation 05. An accidental contamination resulted in an unforeseen outbreak, which compromised the Forerunner center. Now, emptied and silent, watched only by a local caretaker, the abandoned structure serves as a reminder of how something as powerful as science is ultimately beholden to nature." Creepy stuff. More to the point, it's free creepy stuff.

Also on offer are seven new gamerpics and a Bungie Day theme for your dashboard. All that's free, too. If you didn't get the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack already, the price has been dropped to 600 Microsoft Points to celebrate this most elastic of days.

So what, exactly, makes this Bungie Day? It's the number '7'. It has a tendency to crop up in the Halo series (seven Halo rings, Master Chief is Spartan 117 - you get the picture). July 7th, of course, is '07/07'. As such - Bungie Day!

You can read more about Halo 3 on SPOnG's dedicated game page.


deleted 7 Jul 2008 13:08
I love halo3, no matter what game i play i always find time in the week for a bit of Online fragging.
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