Microsoft Wishes it was as Agile as Sony

But still an ongoing

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Microsoft Wishes it was as Agile as Sony
Microsoft's Neil Thompson* has said that the plan to make the Xbox 360 the "home entertainment hub" has been realised. However, he's also said that Microsoft is not as agile as Sony.

In a recent interview Thompson responded to a question as to whether the ambition to make the Xbox 360 the entertaiment hub has been realised, "I think so, yes, but it's an ongoing process - we're not stopping here.."

He also continued to press the point that hardware is no longer the pointer to the future of the Xbox, "...the evolution of consoles in the future is all going to be around software and services".

In terms of the competition from Sony's PS3, and the fact that Sony has been pushing non-game aspects such as Vidzone, movies on demand, and Home, Thompson says, "In some ways I wish we were that agile."

That said, Microsoft's console appears to have a number of 'core' strengths, "...we're just focusing on what we think are our core strengths. We think gaming is a core strength of ours, we think the breadth of our entertainment offering is a real core strength. And Live, in many ways, is just our unique value proposition."

Full interview here.

* Senior regional director for Northern Europe at Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division



UnionofSonySocialstRepubic 2 Oct 2009 09:01
MS is not as agile, but they are not as blind-followers as we are! HAIL Sony!
Don 2 Oct 2009 12:02
I hope you did not intentionally misinterpreted Neil remarks! His comment should be understood as he wished MS was that agile in reacting to any competitor action.
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Mike 2 Oct 2009 13:05
LOL. Either this was a blatant misinterpretation in the interest of gaining hits. Or a complete failure in brain function.
daddyholt 2 Oct 2009 16:09
give us iptv and a web browser then you will have an entertainment hub
Confusedcius 4 Oct 2009 06:43
@Don I honestly do not see the distinction you clearly beloieve exists between, when asked about Sony, sayng "In some ways I wish we were that agile." and them wishing to be "agile in reacting to any competitor action".

Them being as agile as Sony does not preclude them being, or wishing to be agile against any competitor. But when asked about Vidzone, Home etc their response surely does imply that Microsoft "Wishes it was as Agile as Sony" as the headline states.

What misinterpretation (intentional or not) do you perceive to have happened?
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