Now One Million Banned from Xbox Live

Where are these figures coming from?

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Now One Million Banned from Xbox Live
Given that Microsoft has told us that it doesn't comment on figures of banned users from Xbox Live, it's remarkable that the figure is now being stated as a round one million people.

This has risen from the speculative 600,000 previously quoted.

The respectable outlet, Information Week, however, states that Microsoft, "this week booted as many as 1 million players from its Xbox Live gaming service due to the company's belief that they modified their consoles to play games illegally downloaded from file sharing sites."

No actual source for the figure is cited.


AJ 12 Nov 2009 11:55
Its absurd to think that most of us would want to download games for free to play on Xbox live, but on the other hand i can see why people do it, the cost of the games has a big bearing on it, 45 is a lot of money especially when you have two or more Xbox?s in one household, and to have to bury the same game twice or three times is a little ludicrous, Microsoft should have a licence to buy multiple games for one household, keeping an eye on the IP address in Xbox live to make sure that the licence is used in the correct manor, i would pay full for the first game and then perhaps a fee of say 10 - 15 for each licence thereafter, if Microsoft did this then perhaps it would reduce the amount of downloads from sharing sites, and reduce the amount of people kicked off Xbox live.....
jason 12 Nov 2009 19:36
i'd love to play pirated games but i feel like i've been lucky enough to own only one xbo360 without it ever breaking. i especially won't be doing it if there is even a chance i could get banned.
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