Microsoft's 1TB White and Disc-Free Xbox Ones

Time for Microsoft to really get those leaks out there

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Microsoft's 1TB White and Disc-Free Xbox Ones
The war between Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One keeps on giving. This time around there are 'leaks' to Neogaf and other from the Microsoft camp regarding an all new Xbox One.

First up though, a sensible notion regarding a March-targeted system update for the Xbox One. Apparently, "Party-chat problems and issues with the usability and placement of social features of Xbox Live will be improved with the update." Now for the fun stuff.

The Verge reports that, "Microsoft will release a white version of its Xbox One console in October alongside the launch of Sunset Overdrive. A 1TB version of the Xbox One is rumored for release a month later in November."

Not enough reasons not to buy a PS4 - as you'd expect this Neogaf conduited 'leak' is intended to achieve? How about:

"an Xbox One without a Blu-ray drive, a Bluetooth adapter, and launch dates for the console worldwide. While it's unclear if a disc-less Xbox One will make it to market, The Verge can also confirm Microsoft has been testing versions of its console without a Blu-ray drive."

Yes indeedy. Meanwhile, Sony sells PS4s.


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