Xbox Live: Gyruss And MiniGolf Double-Team

Unfortunately, not for space-golf

Posted by Staff
This Wednesday will see the launch of 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures and Gyruss on Xbox Live Arcade.

3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures does what its super-exciting title suggests: it's mini-golf. In 3D. It comes from Wanako Games, the folk behind last year's Assault Heroes, who tell us, “In “3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures,” gamers collect over-the-top power-ups and avoid clever traps across three major theme courses including Classic Carnival, Old West and Outer Space.”

It comes with 36 holes, a four-player option via Xbox Live and the nifty inclusion of a course editor.

Gyruss from Konami is a remake of the 80's arcade classic of the same name. It chucks you into space to combat enemies, satellites, asteroids and laser beam generators. Not the most uncompromisingly original concept for a game, but SPOnG's not complaining. So long as SPOnG has lasers, SPOnG's happy.

Gyruss comes with the original version (plus a few tweaks), 23 levels and an online multiplayer option.

3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures and Gyruss are both available from 9am on Wednesday morning and have the usual 12 Achievements and 200 Gamerscore points available. 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures will set you back 800 Microsoft Points while Gyruss costs a modest 400.


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