Microsoft Unleashes Wrath on Halo: Reach Players

Permanent console and Gamertag bans all around.

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Microsoft Unleashes Wrath on Halo: Reach Players
Slightly obvious fact here, but if you happen to be in possession of an illegal copy of an unreleased game it's probably not a good idea to connect to your hacked console's online service to advertise it. At least one person has done so with the now-available-on-BitTorrent Halo: Reach, and is now suffering the wrath of Microsoft.

Consoles and Gamertags are not safe from the mighty hammer with which Microsoft swings, according to MaxConsole. Anyone caught playing the leaked version of Halo: Reach will have the company come down on you like a tonne of bricks. Similar measures were put in place when Forza 3 and previous Halo titles were leaked to the public ahead of release.

One particular user has shared an email sent by Microsoft informing of the ban. It mentions a permanent suspension due to "illegitimate prerelease title play" and pre-empts any buttering up by stating that "Customer Support is not able to modify or provide any further details about your suspension."

Source: MaxConsole.


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