Microsoft Fights its Corner over Xbox Defects

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Microsoft Fights its Corner over Xbox Defects
We brought you news last week that reports were surfacing in the US, stating that many Xbox consumers were experiencing serious technical issues with their new machines. In response to the recent Associated Press report detailing the problems encountered, Microsoft has come out fighting.

The recent complaints stem from the fact that many consumers feel let down by inadequate customer service support.

"We're very concerned with customer service," Microsoft's David Huffard said. "Anybody that buys an Xbox and thinks they have an issue with it has a quick pass to resolution." Huffard stated that the machines are fixed within 48 hours, with the entire process, picking up the machine, repairing it and delivering it back the customer, taking five to seven days.

“Only a fraction of 1 percent who have bought an Xbox alerted us to any problems, which is a relatively low number to industry averages", Huffard said. "Most of the calls that come in are related to preliminary set-up. In terms of hardware, the issues that we're primarily seeing has to do with their machines freeze up for a few minutes."

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