Microsoft announces global Xbox price slash

Huge reductions in US and Japanese asking price as global videogames price war erupts.

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Microsoft announces global Xbox price slash
Microsoft US has announced that it will be drastically reducing the price for the Xbox hardware set-up.

Picking up the gauntlet laid down by Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft has chopped a clear $100 from the US retail price, leaving the Xbox a snip at $199. The software giant also stated that Japanese price for the Xbox will be reduced by 29% to 24,800 yen, in its attempt to snag a decent share of the $20 billion videogames market.

The move mirrors the recently announced price cut for Europe, which was put into place after embarrassingly slow sales made the move a necessity. Sales have been steady in the US, but Sony’s price cut has clearly forced the change.

It is now estimated that Microsoft is losing around $200 on every Xbox it sells.

The cut in Japan will come into effect on May 22, whereas the American change is effective immediately.

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